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  • Patty Tozi on Jeremiah 10
    To Love your Father completely in Heaven is to glorify His word daily to others in need. I Love my Father. He guides me every day to others in need. Oh what a wonder He is--as He helps us in His Strength when we are down and out. He guides me to open my eyes and see the truth of this evil world of self. No kindness is found much. When l see some l know He is showing His Love to Me! PRAISE HIM!!!
  • Mawuli on Genesis 1
    In deed God made it so great. It is a far thought from the human imagination if we think of understanding God- how was it the world before God created things we can see, where did God come from, and, what man can think of? God is wonderful.
  • Anita on Genesis 1
    Agree, God was, God is, God has always been and will be no man will know the fullness of GOD's Grandeur...we as human's do not have the ability to comprehend HIS ways...HIS being. We were not meant to know everything...that time is coming soon!
  • COD on Genesis 1
    yes! God is wonderful. He has always been God.
  • Nqobani Sibanda on Genesis 11
    The Lord is good all the time. He is the author and finisher of all things. Glory be to Him The Almighty living God
  • Hazel Carty on Mark 15
    Must Jesus bear the cross aloan and all the world go in virse 21 of Mark 15 the soldiers forced Simon to carry Jesus cross. we too must carry our cross praise be to God for salvation full and free my Jesus Ross to give me life,AMEN
  • Sunday Oladimeji on 1 Kings 16
    Whether we believe it or not, we are all writing the history of the lives we are living on this side earth in the "Chronicles" of God and we are going to give an account of that history before God one day in the day of judgment. After the account come rewards accordingly as stewards of God. Furthermore, compare this fact with Matthew 12:36,2Corinthians5:10, Galatians 6:7,Revelation 22:11-12.
  • Alisa Williford on Psalms 91
    Powerful words from the heart of God to protect HIS creation! These precious words are a shield and buckler to those who speak and believe in HIS word!
  • Jesuschrist on 1 Samuel 25
    true reality
  • REMILEKUN OJUMU on Psalms 129
    I love to read the word of God
  • Patty Tozi on Jeremiah 10
    For this l have lived all my life with Love-- and doing for others before myself. In Corinthians 13:8- Love never Fails. In John 15:13- Greater Love has no one than this-- to lay down one's Life for one's Friends. So to anyone who reads this, Know "Love"for one another is what GOD'S Word is all about: If you have Love and Compassion for others, than you know God's Love for you! His Son showed you:
  • Sunday Oladimeji on 1 Kings 15
    The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart v.14 . This is very crucial because Jeremiah 17:9 says: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? " except God. Therefore, God is still calling everybody even till today to come to Him through the Lord Jesus Christ for a new heart today.
  • Kevin Mack on 2 Timothy 3
    As I read the news, look at utube ,and watch the democrats trying to impeach a sitting President for their own personal gain who's innocent of all their false charges. Plus trying to over throw the UNITED States for the Chinese government these scriptures become very real and prophetic.
  • Warren on 2 Timothy 3
    You are so right, but I think you have it twisted. While you are reading I pray God opens your eyes.
  • Chris c,oke on Isaiah 49
    Is 49:24-26,our faith in fire,with hope ,patience Jahovah words of deliverence will be fulfilled in our chrristian life.Be blesed for your good work of faith.
  • Chris c,oke on Acts 17
    Act 17,taught us to preach to world without fear and there is oppositions to word of God always.
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 53
    Thank be to God for this psalms The fool said in the Hart there is no God but woo onto them, when God brings back the captivity of his people Israel shall be glad and Jacob will rejoice.for the Lord is mighty is all powerful and rain over all.
  • Sunday Oladimeji on 1 Kings 14
    The antidote of evil not to befall us as individuals and nations is to follow God as revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ verses 7-10 .
  • Nekents
    Could you please explain Psalm Chapter 2:4-10. To whom does Psalm 2:7 refer to? Who is talking? Thank you..
  • GHI CynthiaM
    Many people do not understand that the book of Psalm is prophetic prayers of Christ His only begotten Son. the "Trinity" is one of many lies Christ was not only in the beginning with the Father through creation, the Angel that was sent many times throughout the Bible. Vs 6-8 is Christ. Other verses are the adversaries against Him and the Heavenly Father. Christ is the judge in the end.
  • Kathleen White
    I was rape at the age of 13 and had a baby. She is now 51 year old and is a Pastor of a Church Is a Great blessing and I cound not thing of not having her in my life. Were in the Bibe does it say that A thing from the DEVIL can turn out WONDERFUL ?
  • Tess
    Blessings to you. Satan works overtime trying to get us to hate each other as well as our selves....God blessed you when you saw the good of the bad. We could have never met Grace had Christ not died for us....and to think, Satan thought he won that one too. Blessings, Sister
  • Alex
    kathleen White your testimony touched me GBU, Joseph 10 brothers were like demons but what they meant for evil God meant for good God can turn things around and bless us beyond what we can even imagine. WHAT A TESTIMONY YOU HAVE.
  • Huey
    Lazy, selfish need a Bible study on this topic
  • Spencer Caldwell
    Try the arguments the disciples had on their journey to Capernaum misspelled on who would sit next to Christ in Heaven. How is that for a study in selfishness
  • Chase Marriage on Genesis 30
    Four..Jacob had sex with four different women in this chapter
  • Rosiland
    who is soloman speaking to in song of soloman chapter 8
  • Patty Tozi on Jeremiah 10
    My God-- l give you this day. Many hurting people am helping. Can't do it myself. Am over burden-- yet calm, as l seek You leading me. Sadness what it might be--is far from me. For l give it all to Thee. Stay close to me...... I need your Strength now!!!
  • Cindy Garreau on Psalms 82
    This verse is regarding fallen Angels! It's time for the truth. Horrible shame that God's people have been so blinded and not taught the truth. Just horrible! God's people perish for lack of knowledge. Now, the truth is being revealed! Fallen Angels!
  • Sunday Oladimeji on Leviticus 5
    We Christians should genuinely and continuously appreciate what Jesus Christ did for us by shedding His blood at Calvary for the remission of our sins. After confessing, asking for forgiveness and cleansing of our sins by the blood of Jesus Christ, and forsaking them through the enablement of the Holy Spirit - we should not be toiling with the sins again because the blood of Jesus is precious.

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