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  • Stephen B on Revelation 21
    Roger Austin, you will indeed know your loved ones by name! And you will know all of the saints by name. Peter knew Moses and Elijah. Even the rich man knew Lazarus and 'father Abraham' though at that time there was a 'great gulf fixed' and he could not pass to them.
  • Adrian on Genesis 8
    So the next time god punishes the earth will be with what?
  • Adrian on Genesis 7
    So what happened to cain?
  • Brigida solis on Ezekiel 15
    Jesus Christ is the true vine, my vine. If I could be a branch, leaf,stem or any part of His vine would be totally awesome! Thank you Jesus, Lord for dying and saving me. Help me be part of the True Vine!
  • Jef on Genesis 1
    @ Jan, Verse 30 says that the green herbs are food for the animals.
    "And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat"
    So... herb bearing seed and fruit from seed bearing trees for the human and green herbs for the animals.
  • Dewey J on Luke 16
    Mary, no it doesn't. The point is the negotiated settlement with his master's debtors which put money or assets immediately in his hands he didn't falsify the bills he merely made a better deal for his master and his debtors after he had stolen from him. Jesus is encouraging Christians to imitate the wisdom of the steward working with the people to get his master some assets back v8. Glorify God!
  • James on Isaiah 61
    In v. 3 we see the blessings that God has appointed the Messiah to bestow upon those who mourn. These blessing replace the results of sin in their lives. 1) Beauty to replace the ashes that like a house fire, has left them desolate and deprived. 2) Joy to replace the heartbreak of their lost due to sin's destruction. 3) Praise replacing the depressing spirit sin leaves behind. Jesus saves
  • ELDRIDGE MOBLEY on 1 Maccabees 1
    But are the Real news, surely not amalets in Israel, revelation 2:9. The holy spirit will unleash the truth to you
  • Brigida Solis on Ezekiel 14
    Ezekiel 14:14 we are responsible for our own sins we will be judged for our own sins however we must continue to profess and preach the salvation of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST to family ,friends and foe! Praise GOD
  • Rev Autrey on Psalms 18
    Ps 18:31 reads:"For who is God except our Lord? Who but he is a rock?" Most people say this is speaking of God the Father, but in Romans 10:9 Paul applies this Scripture to Jesus when he says that "Jesus is Lord" or "Jesus is the Lord." In other words, he is saying that Jesus is the God of the OT and not the Father. I know this is new information to many but it is true. Amen
  • Joseph Gugu on Job 30
    what troubles us much when we are passing through hardship is reason why God allow this to us
  • Vanessa on Psalms 34
    when your crosses are hard to bare remember God is with you , I need to be reminded sometimes, praise God, Hallelujah!! Amen
  • ANNETTE on Ezekiel 34
    This Chapter of Ezekiel 34 is absolutely beautiful. I will copy this and pass it out to people. Everyone needs to read this 34th Chapter of Ezekiel. The church leaders clergy will answer to Great God Of Israel. They will not be able to hide. HalleluYAH!
  • Scott price on Prayer of Manasseh 1
    The prayer of Manasseh is very powerful ,this tells us that nobody is beyond Gods Grace, not even King Manasseh!
  • James on Isaiah 61
    Consider in vs 1-3 the 9-fold ministry of the Christ and current extension of it through his Church. as He (God) hath sent me to:....1) Preach the good news 2) Bind up broken hearts 3) Proclaim freedom to those held captive by sin 4) Open their prison doors 5) Proclaim the time of God's favor 6) Proclaim the coming judgement 7) Comfort them that mourn 8) Appoint blessings 9) Give blessings of Jesus
  • Mark on Ephesians 1
    Jewell, Being Saved always means always saved. People fall away...true...but the consequence for doing so is loss of rewards...NEVER loss of Salvation. Our faith is built on The Rock of Jesus Christ and is a solid foundation. Any other faith is built on sand. Jesus uses words like EVERLASTING, FOREVER, ETERNAL, EVER AND EVER, Shall be SAVED, etc. None of these words are provisional. No guess work.
  • Joyce on Philippians 3
    If we be in Christ then who can deny us but Christ the kingdom of Heaven. Once we have died, our bodies are only a shell left after our spirit has left either in rest or in Hades. It is not for us to say. The bible does not speak against cremation. Are we to be rotted flesh or ashes to be brought back together for judgement day? Does the body really mater or is it our souls that he wants?
  • James on Isaiah 61
    The ministry of Jesus is wonderfully described here. And we, the Church, share this ministry with him. His body: his eyes, to see the needs of the lost. His feet, to go to them. His hands, to reach out and touch them. His mouth, to speak words of God’s love to them. His heart, to truly care about them. Note all three members of the trinity: The Spirit, Lord, God. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 🌈 Jesus
  • Funmilayo adegbasote on Genesis 1
    Am confuse the bible said GOD said not JESUS were was him
  • Kimberley Pitts on Mark 14
    Question 3 asked who Jesus called himself; I answered none of the above. You said the correct answer was high priest. I disagree, because Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. The name high priest is referenced in 14, but referring to the high priest of the temple who took Jesus.
  • Angela on Ephesians 1
    Being a person who feels abandoned and discouraged, it's good to learn about the relationship
    with God and much he loves me. The book of Ephesians is surely good news.
  • Sharon Carter-Crist on Nahum 1
    God shouldn't have to keep reminding us that all sins is displeasing to him. We have the right to honor Him
  • Pastor Pjewole Philip on Proverbs 23
    The Bible Proverbs 23:4 doesn't oppose hardwork. It rather wisely advice us not to stretch ourselves beyond limit in quest for wealthy else, one may worn out, becomes greedy, a miser, and above all one may have little or no time for God. It's important to note that it's not hardwork though it's a requirement that brings riches, but God's favour and opportunities Ecclesistes 9:11 .
  • Joseph on Proverbs 23
    Amen Amen Amen
  • Trisha Tsoukalas on 2 Chronicles 20
    I am blessed by the Word of God daily as it is the way by which we are established in Christ Jesus as his Disciples, searching and being lead to the Bread of Life that sustains us during these trying times when the enemy surrounds us on every side, attacking our homes, our finances the very foundation the church. We stand strong in the Lord and the power of His might for the battle is not ours
  • Daughter of God on 1 Timothy 1
    Seeking sources to prove to individuals that:
    1. Being questioned if Jesus Christ son of God is God - part of the God Head - Trinity. Where to find scriptures to respond.
  • Gayla777 on Romans 3
    For the believer, circumcision or the lack of it was a matter of total indifference. What really counted was the faith and obedience that have always characterized covenants between God and humankind.
  • Mohan Ram on Psalms 23
    The Lord is my Shepherd John 10:11 Jesus said I am the Good Shepherd: the Good Shepherd lays down his life for his friends. Jesus said I lay down my life that may take up again. Jesus said it and He did it; that is why the tomb of our Lord is an International Tourist Attraction because the Tomb of my Jesus is empty. The wages of sin is death. Jesus was sinless that is why on 3rd He rose again.
  • Anthony Terry on Matthew 6
    Our Lord was speaking to those that followed Him.
  • Anthony Terry on John 15
    The love of God is amazing when we really see the revelation of it BUT there have always and will always be CONDITIONS upon the receiving His love.

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