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  • Wanda Batefoot on 1 Peter 5
    Where is the scripture that talks about giving a cup of water in Jesus name
  • Heart Knowledge and Faith on Matthew 7
    For those interested in how all the animals were brought to the region of the Ark:

    You can study the weighty subject/science of Continental Drift theory or Pangea. See the maps, etc.

    Or like me you can simply have faith that when the Godhead speaks; necessary changes happen.

    My evangelist heart always wonders what does this have to do with us being born again into Jesus Christ?

    Not only are we going with Jesus to heaven, but we now have The Mind of Christ: to understand mysteries of heaven and earth.

    BUT first we must be born again and receive the Holy Spirits Baptism. He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ: the Word of God. He Teaches Us about Jesus; He opens up the mysteries as we are able to receive it. The more you know about Him, the more you will be able to understand His purpose and His work in the Believers.

    Our total reliance on Him, determines how much Rhema he opens up to us.

    We have to submit to being milk fed babies in the Word as our Faith and Obedience to the Word causes a deep inner hunger for the MEAT of the Word. God uses "food" to grow us up. We are to be Followers of Jesus in our walk with God.

    The Holy Spirits ministry is to oversee our growth as Christians. HE IS OUR TEACHER.

    You're going to have to talk to Him, and then listen for his reply. If your home life is noisy and filled with interferences, your ability to hear the Holy Spirit is diminished. You have to work that part out.

    Eating the Meat of the Word will change you! It is full of wonder. Your spirit is enlarged to receive more. Desire the pure milk, but study and let your prayer life (communication) to and from God, grow. Your faith will be huge.

    Our model to pattern by should always be Jesus. His mercy and grace towards people teaches us how to dial down our personalities somewhat; and dial UP our faith in Him. If we eat the fruit and throw away the seeds in the trash; how can anyone be saved? The seed is the scripture you store in your heart

  • Lisa Green on 1 Maccabees 2
    I have the original Roman canonical laws . What it shows is that Rome took over Judah/israel who taught the law of God, . Rome banned the law of God.&Stole these books , took over the synagogues & told all the non jews ,that Rome had written

    the Bible& that it Taught romes god's days( lies) Bc the Bible is about Israeli/Jewish historical records of God &generations from Adam,moral law, prophets that prophesyabout the Messiah Jesus that would come to restore Israel& bring gentiles to the faith. It shows that Rome stole. Many books and letters that made up the faith Judaism. That is the faith of Jesus.. not just documenting God's law but also how they kept the months of God (which are not the months that are kept today)How they kept Feast & the Sabbaths ..also how they were to treat each other with love and how to. and then they had the genealogies of all of the Israelis and Jews from the bloodline of Adam . These books also documented the Kings that reigned in Israel and the wars about Nations that took over and put them into captivity

    And how God took them out of captivity too..This is a case of one of those books that document this history..of the temples DEFILEMENT and how Judah and a bunch of other devout Jews had fought to take the temple back after the enemy did . Stealing from them killing their babies .similar to what Rome did later

    .Rome not only stole The books of the law they had misrranged them ..and retranslated them .adding words like bishop,.easter.. The took out book s that proved Rome was enforcing something else that isn't of God's Word / faith lying . (The bible is about believing Israelis andJews &there.was the portion that God blinded to offer his son & raise him from death so we're saved thru him) Rome

    Not only stole the books that are called the Bible today but they killed the believing Jews that followed Jesus their Messiah &that were converting gentiles 2 their faith. So the reason this book is in here is because it belong
  • Camo phone case on Deuteronomy 18:20
    It's in point of fact a nice and useful piece of info. I'm satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.|
  • John Smith - in Reply on 1 Peter 5:13
    God Bless you!
  • Paul - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 10
    I know I have read it about 40 years ago Ezekiel lays on a bed of nails. Can someone help me find it ?

    Thank you Paul
  • Mild Bill on Hebrews 13:12
    Norman Walker Butch, Genesis7:9 plainly states that as Noah and his family, were in the ark, the animals came to him, two by two. God brought to the ark those to be saved.
  • James c page on Psalms 53
    are some sins greater than others
  • Neil - in Reply on Genesis 1
    To Mishael

    Continents colliding with each other etc

    I don't disagree with the science best guesses you mentioned as to what happened on the early earth...but they are guesses since they were not present to observe when these events took place...for me, like you , I believe that God could have translated the kangaroo from Australia to and from the ark...a supernatural event....and my references were about other translations that scripture describes supernatural events of people being translated over distances that would be described as impossible to science

    I'm just saying, trying to give a natural scientific explanation for a

    supernatural event is not possible....and this is where Science can only guess how this happens naturally....I 'm. not saying your descriptions are in error....I'm trying to show that other scriptures describe supernatural translations of people

    over great distances demonstrates another way of honouring God 's Word and explaining how the kangaroo and other animals could have been moved over such great distances....God scattered them based on HIS plan.

    So searching for migration routes is an attempt to explain a supernatural event using natural impossible

    and this honoursHIS WORD and glorifies the GODHEAD.....which both of us intend

    Hope this helps show we are on the same page in this God honouring attempt to understandHIM and HIS ways

  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Nowhere that I can think of. Searching verses with "yellow' in it, points to yellow hair & feathers. You must have read about this from another source.
  • Abraham on Jeremiah 2
    Is malachi 4- 5 &6 fulfill or to be fulfill
  • David Brown on Romans 12:21
    Honestly speaking, it doesn't matter how much evil is going on in this world, we just need to make sure we do not walk along with this evil and don't join in on it because it's easier to get judged by god if you're a Christian than if you're not. To all Christians, it is more dangerous to walk in evil than for non-Christians because they were taught so much about God and all the things he does to people who do evil. Christians get in more trouble cause they should know better cause they were taught about what to do and what not to do. A Christian doing evil is like lying to God with your actions.

    I might be a 14 year old but that doesn't mean I don't know my information about the Bible. I admit that I have done a lot of wrong in my life but trust me, I am trying my hardest not to do wrong but I am struggling. The problem is that I believe to myself that my ways to accomplish things is easier cause I do not like working to accomplish something, but I learned that the hard way cause I have been dealing with challenges and none of my ways are working. I do not like dealing with these problems without my ways working but I don't know any other ways to fix them. All these problems are problems that I have been working hard on and I noticed that with all the problems I am working hard on, I am actually doing better with fixing these problems than when I used my ways, now that is just the power of God I know for a fact. He has been giving me ways to to fix problems and he has showed me that not all my problems can be fixed my way and he has showed me that in order to deal with these problems, I am going to have to work for my accomplishments.

    If you read this, Thank You
  • Jemappelles Dylan on Psalms 27
    When we die where will we go?
  • Betty - in Reply on Colossians 3
    Thank You,
  • Mishael on 1 John 3:15
    Scriptures can be Googled. Just type COMMENTARY after it
  • Mishael - in Reply on Deuteronomy 23
    Book of Luke
  • Things that cause the Falling Away - in Reply on Matthew 7
    The Democrats have made it illegal to sing in church.

    Illegal to have a full church.

    Illegal to be caught without a face mask in church. Huge fines on that.

    If people can't go to church when they want to, it will cause a falling away.

    There is church on FM radio 24 hours a day, plus some AM stations; Church on YouTube, Christian based movies on YouTube.

    Drop Netflix and pick up PUREFLIX: all Christian based movies and documentaries; plus children's programs.

    Stop paying high prices for satans networks.

    As the Christian group, Stryper, once sang: TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL. I like that song so sue me.

    Find one that rhymes with corrupted Democrats. In Albuquerque they made a drive to work song off the music of the Bangles; from their walk like an Egyptian song. It was called, "Drive Like An Albuquerquian". It was hilarious. Figure out how to mock the Democrats that want to tax us into debtors America?!?

    I'm not loving it at all.

    People click on that link out on the red link page and follow How To Become A Christian.

    Everything you need to know is on that link.

    The most important things.

    Ask to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Be brave and ask the Holy Spirit to take over your education in the most important things of God! Who is Jesus in your new life? How to pray to God? How to have faith he hears your prayer?

    How to forgive people whose guts you hate? How to forgive ourselves? Time is running out to get our business straight with God.

    Let's grow up in Jesus. He is greater and mightier than anything we did with the devil.

    New day! New man/woman of God. Brand new life that is now hid in Christ Jesus for eternity. Encourage yourself with the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Be back later, Mishael
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Dear Norman,

    I've thought about that question before, not just how did animals get to their respective geographic regions, but people too. It's my opinion that the Tower of Babel was a significant event. Languages were created and people were scattered. I believe races and cultures and certain geography were allocated to each people group at the same time. For example, Chinese to China, Indians to India, etc. So, did they all get on boats and float around to their destination, or did they teleport? I believe they either they were instantly placed there or they walked. How would they walk with oceans? I think it's possible that the continents were all in one land mass at that time. South America kinda looks like it could fit into Africa, etc. So, I think its conceivable that this connected land mass explains how animals exited the ark and got to their respective climates, and that the Tower of Babel could have been a scattering of land masses and people. Again this is only my theory and opinion.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 1
    The Godhead made the entire universe; and left a written record of it. God is infinite. Not constrained to time as we humans are.

    Our finite minds are vastly unable to take ourselves off the throne and simply ask God how he did things. Have you read the individual reference notes to backup scriptures on events?

    Deep study is tiresome, takes time, involves back and forth reading, spiral notebooks lots of notes: kinda like chicken or the egg...which verse came first. It's worth every hour of effort.

    Science has proved that continents moved at one time. Slammed into other continents. There have been islands of land that moved upon the ocean. The info may be on Google?

    I find it interesting, worth a look, but I DO NOT allow it to remove God from what the science suggests. God is powerful enough to transport animals to the Ark, all by Himself. The Ark was exactly large enough for them; meat eaters drank milk; grains, greens, eggs were provided for others. Perfect planning.

    I find it almost humorous how people try to disprove Gods abilities.

    Our futures depend upon Gods abilities and His purpose concerning us humans. He's told us what happens first. Worry is the opposite of faith.
  • Norman Walker Butch on Genesis 1
    This I may should know but who decided what could or could not be written in the Bible that would make each verse correct without any mistakes as to what really happened?
  • Bailey Cox on Letter of Jeremiah 1:12
    So if these r originals why r they not included
  • Norman Walker Butch on Genesis 1
    Thanks so much for everyone that has helped me answer questions I just could not get a handle on. I love this site it is the best I have ever seen once you learn how to use it all!
  • Norman Walker Butch on Genesis 1
    I know with God anything is possible but I have wondered sometimes how did Noah get all of the animals from all over the world to the ark over the seas and from all corners of the earth like back then they had to do it all the hard way and it is truly amazing to me! I am sure there is a answer but I have not seen it and thanks again!
  • Matthew Patrykus on Deuteronomy 23
    Mary mother of Jesus, family names and location in the bible?
  • Jose on Genesis 1
    Where do the godly and ungodly go when they die
  • Rob on Genesis 1
    Where dose is say that the "Yellow" will rule the world?
  • Chris - in Reply on Nehemiah 1
    Indeed. Though some of the wording in the KJV are either not in common use or might suggest another meaning, one should endeavour to understand the meaning intended by the writer from that period of time. Or, if the task is too forbidding, then using an 'easier to read' version may be warranted.

    The word 'terrible', as also the word 'terrific', both have a strong connotation to 'something causing or inspiring terror'. Yet today, we would hardly think of using those words in that way, rather thinking of 'terrible' as 'something really bad' & 'terrific' as 'something extraordinarily good or exciting'.

    But when we think of 'terrible' in association with Almighty God, there should always be in our hearts & minds, that this God of Love, Mercy & Understanding, is still a God to be feared & righteous in all His Judgements, which means a horrible punishment & eternity to those who sin & spurn His offer of Love. Today, we often fail to teach the full Character of God, giving us the false impression that to major on those aspects of His Character that bring us comfort, joy & hope, is preferable than referring to the other. I think both 'terrible' & 'awesome' are apt words to describe God Who should leave us in both awe of His Greatness & guarded in our behaviour before Him.
  • Chris - in Reply on Luke 11:5
    Just to add: I also see that Jesus' sin bearing act which was based on such great Love for us, also meant a temporary loss of fellowship & communion with the Father - one that He constantly enjoyed prior to this time (John 14:10, John 17:5, John 5:19,20).

    In His great agony & distress, such an estrangement would have been almost unbearable, even comparable to the responsibility He carried by having all our sin & guilt placed upon Him. At a time when comfort, any comfort, would have given some small relief, the Father remained quiet, not allowing anything to hamper or hinder that ultimate work of salvation. Jesus knew this, but in His Humanity, His Cry was not just because of the pain in the flesh, but the pain of losing that constant blessed fellowship & ministry which was His right by His position in the Godhead.

    I wonder whether Jesus' anguish & pain was also not felt by the Father - that it must have been a difficult response by God to remain incommunicado & estranged even for a short period of time. The break in any fellowship can be painful. But when sin is not the basis for pain & suffering, the agony becomes so much worse, yet it's ensuing result became the hope & joy of the world.
  • Neil on Genesis 1
    Re Acts 8:38-40

    Philip's 20 mile translation from Gaza to Azotus after his baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch...other translations

    1Kings18:12. 11Kings 2:16. 3:14. 8:3. 1Thess 4:16,17.....also, look up how Jesus and his row boat friends " were immediately at the other side of Galilee after they encountered the storm...the Holy Spirit did the translations?

    Answers how the kangaroo got from Australia back and forth to and from Noah's Ark

    See also at Babel how the people WERE scattered not scattered..." lest we be scattered" in the KJV

    If you do a search on "scattered " you'll find more references to " WERE scattered" as opposed to " scattered " in the scriptures..... so the people and animals didn't scatter ( migrate) but " were scattered" just as in these examples on scripture

    It's like " beam me up Scotty " from Star Trek..... . and they were translated ( scattered to their destination). They didn't


    What's wrong with this interpretation of how the kangaroo got to and fro the ark?
  • Bbeeaann - in Reply on Luke 11:5
    "This is something I am sure is easy to answer but I just have wondered about it but when Jesus was on the cross why did he say My God My God why have thee forsaken me. I thought maybe that he was in so much pain he did not know what he was saying? Thanks."

    One must first understand the Godhead before one can understand how Christ could pray this prayer. The triune Godhead is comprised of three persons who are one monotheistic God. The scriptures reveal these persons are known as the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. This truth is found in numerous verses in the Bible, Gen.1:26; 3:22,Is.48:16, John 1:1-4, 1 Jn 5:7 to name a few.

    The next thing a person needs to understand about the Godhead is that it has three attributes that make it unique. These three self-existent attributes are omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience. The Godhead is everywhere present, all-powerful, and all-knowing. The Godhead is perfect and cannot be tempted by sin, as James 1:13 explains. God required a perfect man to approach Him to redeem mankind, and thanks to Adam's fall, that man did not exist. This is why the Word laid down his self-existent attributes in the Godhead to live as the last Adam with is title as God to be tempted by sin and pay the penalty the law required to redeem mankind.

    This truth is found in Is.9:6, Hebrews chapters 1 and 2, 1 Timothy 3:16, and other verses.

    Colossians 2:9 explains the fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Christ bodily. How do we know this is true? Christ was not omnipresent while on the earth. He dwelt in time and space in a single location(Jn1:14). Jesus was asked about the events of the tribulation, and he told his disciples the Father knew the day, not him(Matt. 24:36). Jesus was not omnipotent stating the Father did all the works through Him(Jn 14:10. After Christ rose he took back his self-existent position back in the Godhead to come dwell in all of mankind, which would require self-existent omnipresence. I hope this helps.

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