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  • Richard Bates on John 8:32
    Most people even today are not free and they certainly were not in those days. In fact they are constantly in some kind of bondage about money, sex, various fears, death in particular and relationships with others. A sad and classic case was Howard Hughes who was very rich and an attractive man and yet our adversary got a hold of him and proceeded to turn him into a social cripple; further phobias were successively added by our enemy which wrecked his health and finally killed him. All this could have been avoided if he had known our Lord Jesus Christ because the bondages which I mention above all become irrelevant once we really know Him.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Psalms 129
    In quietness I will! Nice to hear from you Mishael! Have a good day.
  • Dianne Williams on Psalms 4
    I love the audio reading as I follow along.An love the questionnaire afterwards. Amen
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 129
    Hi Carleton. Good to see you again. I'll be back later. Can you stand in for us?
  • Current events and 2nd Peter 310 - in Reply on Judges 1
    We aren't to debate politics in here....but Lol

    We need to call up our Congressional Representatives and demand that Nancy Pelosi step down: the sooner the better.

    She leads rebellion and her constituents do no real work FOR the American people. Money for Nothing and the drinks are free (paid for with our taxes).

    Do some googling and verify the truth. She's re-writing Constitutional Law without anyone's consent. She's a law unto herself.

    We don't need that. She's spent 4 years wasting zillions of tax dollars trying to impeach a sitting president. I don't care about her pedigree! I care about Performance of ones Elected Job description and results. She is a liability we can't afford anymore.

    The original Dream Team is being reassembled: Biden, Obama, Hilary, Kerry, Romney. Some of their kids were in Ukraine being paid millions...for what? It's buried in Google but you can find it. Hint: follow the Money.

    I apologize if I offended you. The whole nation is upset with this tainted election.

    Biden's friendship with China. Having to pay gazillions to save the earth...and it's all going to be burned up in the END. It's not that far off. 2 Peter 3:10

    If we'd just vote the Bible....? Too bad we can't scrap this election and do it over in January.

    I'll cya later. I need to listen to some praise music. Love you all in Jesus. Let us put our hope in God and speak kindly to each other while in this predicament. Mishael
  • Carleton on Psalms 129
    Christian Greetings all!

    Hope everyone is fairing well.

    Remember to guide the thirsty and the hearers to the message to "Come" while considering our own unrighteousness.

  • Caution to Be Aware of Who is your Teacher on Acts 12
    Wesley's Notes: 2 Thessalonians 2:9

    >2:7 He will surely be revealed; for the mystery: The deep, secret power of iniquity, just OPPOSITE to the power of godliness, already worketh. It began with the love of honour, and the desire of power; and is completed in the ENTIRE SUBVERSION of the gospel of Christ. This mystery of iniquity is not wholly confined to the Rome-ish church, but extends itself to others also. It seems to consist of, Human interpretation ADDED TO THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD.

    *Pause here and read Revelation 22:18-21

    Mere outside performances put in the room of faith and love (works). The two last branches (Jews, Gentiles) are the direct consequences of the former; namely, the adding to the word of God. Already at work In the church. Only he that restraineth - That is, the potentate who successively has Rome in his power.

    2:8 And then, when every prince and power that restrains is taken away (the Holy Spirit), will that wicked one (Antichrist) be revealed. Whom the Lord will soon consume with the spirit of his mouth - His immediate power. And destroy - With the very first appearance of Jesus in his glory.

    2:10 Because they received not the LOVE of the truth; Therefore God suffered them to fall into that STRONG DELUSION.

    2:11 Therefore God shall send them ; That is, judicially permit to come upon them, strong delusion.

    >People's Bible Notes Commentary:

    Whose coming. That of the Wicked power (Antichrist) Is after the working of Satan. That is, it will deceive men as Satan does. Lying wonders. False miracles.

    Mishael: Believers in Jesus Christ MUST compare what you are being exposed to; taught. Must look up any scriptures given and see if it matches what the Bible says.

    Don't be easily deceived and led astray with a lot of fancy preaching. listen to FM antenna on your radio. Same deal: verify the message. Get yourself fed on the Bible every day!

    Inspect the Fruit. Trust in the Holy Spirits confirmation or His caution.
  • Samira on Genesis 2
    Why does the bible say two great lights when the moon is obviously a reflected light from the sun?
  • Comments by Alex on how we know that Jesus is truly God the Son . We know that Jesus is truly God the Son by his WORDS which are the very seeds of God .Jesus was reproducing GODS spirit the H.G. by his seed ,his WORDS when he breath on them, His breath was his word and his WORDS are his seeds as he says the GOOD SEEDS ARE THE Words of God and he that soweth the GOOD SEED is the SON OF MAN so Jesus is able to propagate very God ( the H.G. ) with his seed as he said to whom the WORD came it made them Gods thus Jesus is truly God the son simply b/c he can reproduce very God with his seed ,I.E. He reproduces after the God kind, he says that which is born of the spirit is spirit. Thats the H.G. his OFFSPRING ,THE GRANSON , That Child of PROMISE that is gonna be born in US via his precious Seed th living WORD. Not the written word but the living Word ,Being bornagain of an incorruptible seed even by the word of God that LIVETH and abideth FOREVER ( The LIVING WORD WHICH IS A LIVING BEING A BABY CHRIST ) Even in the natural, a birth implies a CHILD When they argued which was the greatest Jesus took a Child and set him in their midst meaning they needed to BIRTH a baby Christ in their lives which is the H.G. That Child of Promise . As a lil CHILD is gonna lead US. Its the H.G. our new born babe ,our new innerman that is the greatest in the EYES of GOD. As we have borne the image of the earthy we must also bear ( birth ) the image of the heavenly . The new BIRTH IMPLIES A HEAVENLY CHILD . We are not born from above till we birth that heavenly Child in our hearts. Remember the Woman is giving birth in Rev 12 ,she was impregnated by the WORDS of our lord the contents of the book in the hand of the FATHER that is soon to be opened that contains the words of life the seeds of the SOWER the new covenant . The Woman is th best example of FAITH being bornagain of an incorruptible seed, She had the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen HER CHILD IS THE H.G..
  • Signs of the Times Signs of the END - in Reply on Genesis 1
    There are scriptures in Genesis that explain SOME (not all) about the pre-Adamic world.

    A word of caution: there are Cults that teach something called Old Earth Theory. It was used to explain archeology, geology, space exploration, ancient religions, dinosaurs, really old human bones.

    Although some of these things are alluded to; does not mean a separate book was included in the Bible, or Canonized. God did not Authorize "old earth theory". There is the danger of heresy. Avoid that.

    The entire Bible IS ABOUT Jesus Christ. He's practically on every page. If you miss that reality, then you can be drawn away by the Lust for self-importance. (Pride). Ego and arrogance.

    The way to deep study the Bible is to get a Study Bible with a CENTER of Each Page Reference Bible. The abc's imbedded in a scripture correspond to a letter in the Center column. You have to stop where you are and go read all of those notes. Those notes will lead you to even more expanded teaching. Ya gotta make notebooks full of notes: how you got from "here", to "there", and everything in between. Skip it. Go buy some Grant Jeffreys books.

    This is why I do not engage in Genesis arguments. Question is: how deep is your relationship to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit? What is your personal knowledge of, the Knowledge of the Holy? (That's a scripture)

    I think, given this TIME in history [His-Story], we should concentrate on the prophesy of Daniel 12:5-13.

    WE are the generation that will know what that Chapter has hidden for a very long time. They're coming unsealed. Life and goings on, all over this planet are being unsealed.

    Don't get distracted now. Who stands to benefit with us being distracted and led away on fake mystery hunts? Satan.

    Be relevant to the signs of the Times. Matthew 24:34, Matthew 25:35

    How good are you at reading signs?

    Type SIGNS in the Search Box and prepare to be amazed!

    For those who want to be INFORMED.

  • Elaine Harding on Numbers 24
    What was the advice did balaam give to balak to make the Israelite?
  • Rain in Genesis - in Reply on Genesis 1
    There was a mist. Like wet humidity; not actual rain showers. That's why the towns laughed at Noah's preaching that a flood was coming. They hadn't seen rain yet.
  • Norie collins on Numbers 18
    What is the meaning of heave?
  • Walter b - in Reply on 2 Timothy 1:12
    From my understanding would be to simply forget about what the world teach, which is live for popularity and live to become rich, thus ; not understanding the christ draw near to the poor.
  • Felix owino on Philippians 3:10
    which verse talks about the children of israel being beaten by snakes
  • Connor McGurgan - in Reply on Ephesians 3:2
    We are the church. We are living in the church age (time period of Grace) and we are not under the law. So we are all gentiles and Jews are dealt with in the Great tribulation (tribulation period is 7 years before the second coming of Christ).
  • James - in Reply on Mark 11
    technically, he is against it as it was originally a Roman pagan tradition. It was called Saturnalia, which was in celebration to their pagan god Saturn. The same with Halloween and Easter--both pagan traditions. Halloween was a Celtic pagan tradition done to ward off evil spirits (demons) and Easter was celebrated to a fertility goddess. So all of those things existed long before Jesus did
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Mark 11
    God is not against Christmas. This is the day mankind sit aside to celebate His birth. The day may be a little wrong but this is the day we chose. Its close. What could be wrong in celebrating His birth.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 9
    Yes. All eyes shall see Him. This will be a great event. All tv stations will broadcast it, I believe. Will be seen all around the world.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 6:4
    Giants are in the world today. Just look at some of the NBA basket ball players.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 6:4
    very good. I agree. Most don't realize that angels had no sex organs, they can not produce anything. The sons of God are human men.
  • Hunger and Thirst For More of Jesus - in Reply on Psalms 23:2
    Jesus said "I AM the Bread of Life".

    The Word of God, is bread.

    Jesus told satan out in the desert on a 40 day fast: IT IS WRITTEN..........

    Satan lost every argument.

    We need to be so full of the Bible, that satan doesn't have a chance to deceive us.

    Two scriptures work well together:

    1 Perfect Love (Jesus) Casts out...Fear (big demon)

    2 Fear hath Torments (he has other demons that torment us.

    Jesus gives us the Authority to use His Name, and His Word: to bind the demons,

    Cast them into outer darkness, forbid their return;

    To set the captives free, to set at liberty those who are bruised and to heal them.

    Tiny testimony: one time when I was a baby Christian, I saw myself in a vision of what Jesus saw in me.

    "A big table was laid out with fabulous food: milk, meat, pizza, barbecue...". I had my elbows up and was dragging food over to my plate, eating like I was starved. To my right I hear this most wonderful laughing. I look up a sec to see other people's eyes bugged out. I slump down with a chicken leg in my fist and I look to see who's laughing: it was Jesus! He was leaning back in His throne laughing with me; not at me."

    Jesus wants us to have a healthy appetite for His Word; the Bible. Ask and The Holy Spirit will Teach you EVERYTHING.

    Earlier that day an older Christian saw something I was reading and he shouted at me loud, "you cannot read college level Bible!!!! Get back into Bible Milk". He stalked off and left me feeling really stupid.

    ( I had been reading how the Body of Christ is to work together.)

    There is a reason to choose the Holy Spirit to be your Teacher; he helps us Pray; He tells us how to war and win.

    If this encourages you to wade in deep with Jesus, the you are the one Jesus was looking at. You can have as much as you desire. He rejoices in your efforts. We are HIS BODY. If you draw close to Him, He will draw close to you.

    Best of all pleasure you can have, is to hear Jesus's laugh. He's real.
  • Virgie - in Reply on Genesis 1:6
    The Bible gives no records of a hole, who dug it, or how. The hole wasn't important
  • Virgie - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Genesis 5 - 6 records the flood , time it lasted, where the arc landed , who was on the arc
  • Virgie - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Genesis 2:6 , says earth was watered from a mist that rose from the the earth,, the flood was the first time it rained from the sky
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 1
    There was rain before the flood. How do you think plants and humans lived. Just no rain like the great rain in Noahs days. 40 days and 40 nights of heavy rain.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 1
    If you read just one chapter a day, you finish the whole bible before a year is over.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 1
    No, kissing is not a sin. Today in France when two friends meet, men or women, they greet each other with a kiss on the cheek.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 1:6
    Where did they put Jesus while the were preparing the hole for the Cross ???

    He was on the ground, nailed to the cross, face pointed at the clouds.

    Don't yell at me thank u very much :)
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 1
    If there was a world wide flood before or after Noah the bible or history didn't record it. But to prove there was a world wide flood, you can come to my place in the Alabama mountains around me and I'll take you up on the mountain near me and we can dig for sea shells and find them. And I live over 200 miles from the Gulf. You probably can do the same in the hills near you, where ever you live. Noahs flood is true.

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