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  • BSP on Leviticus 7
    Verse 25~It was a serious matter for the Israelites to eat the fat. The fat was to be saved for Jehovah God and as the Sovereign of the universe he has the right to set the standards of what can and can not be done.
  • BSP on Leviticus 4
    Verses 2-4~The people were to give a sacrifice if they sinned because of ignorance. We are sinners and we should pray to Jehovah God for forgiveness and help when we sin.
  • BSP on Exodus 40
    Verse 16~Moses took the lead in being obedient to Jehovah God and he set a good example for the Israelites.
  • BSP on Exodus 36
    Verse 5~This shows how generous the people were in their giving to the work of Jehovah God. We want to imitate their generous spirit.
  • BSP on Exodus 23
    Verse 2~We don't want to follow after the crowd when it is to do bad. We want to make sure that we are doing what is pleasing to Jehovah God.
  • BSP on Exodus 19
    Verse 5~If the people would obey Jehovah God then they would become a special treasure to him and he would provide for them and protect them.
  • BSP on Colossians 1
    Jehovah God used Jesus Christ to create all other things. Things in heaven and things on earth.
  • Kevin on 2 Kings 7
    2 Kings Ch7 V. 3 What were the names of the 4 leperous men?
  • Mohan Ram on Psalms 91
    91:8 says: Only with thine eyes shall thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. People enjoy being wicked and doing wicked things. Let's leave matters to the Lord, He will take care of it, for the Lord our God loves righteousness and hates wickedness. Let's keep our heart on Jesus and bless the wicked doers. We don't have to join them but we can ask the Lord to forgive, save
  • Ann on Genesis 1
    To replenish the earth, meaning to multiply, to fill, to finish, to complete.
    Genesis chapter 1 verse 28.
  • Wolfen244
    Julee, earth, wind, fire
  • Wolfen244 on Ezekiel 1
    Julee, to solve what the 4 living beings represent, first look at the attributes. Wheels as it were in the middle of a wheel. The spirit was in the wheels. Eyes were all around. Each had 4 faces - calf, man, lion
  • Wolfen244 on Ezekiel 1
    Julee, essentially the 4 living beings of this chapter are identical - in many ways - to Isaiah's meeting with the 4 Seraphs, Daniel's dream of 4 beasts and of course as you mentioned the four beasts of John the Revelator from chapter 4 through chapter 6 as John the Revelator was "in the spirit". But what do they all mean? Read Chap 1 of Ecclesiastes and solve the easy cryptogram for the reasoning
  • Wolfen244
    Gen 2:7 shows when man receives his immortal soul - upon the first breath of life. Interesting huh?
  • Wolfen244 on Genesis 2
    Gen 2:7 shows when man receives his immortal soul. Interesting huh?
  • Andrew Sarkkinen on Psalms 12
    Thank you for this comfort
  • David on 2 Samuel 9
    verse 1 tells us David done this for Jonathan's sake,when the normal would have been for a king to destroy all the heirs of the previous king David shows eternal mercy on Mephibosheth and gives him a place at the King's table. God the father has mercy on "dead dogs" today, v 8 for Jesus sake.We too can have God's mercy and forgiveness as once being the enemies of God to the children of God!!!
  • Robert Bailey on Daniel 2
    Hello there
    I was converted to the Christian religion when I first listened to Daniel chapter 2
    I have been teaching this Truth now for nearly 39 years and I wish to share with you my upto date study material !
  • Samuel on Isaiah 1
    Isaiah 1:23 Your leaders are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loves gifts, and follow after rewards: they deny justice to the fatherless, neither does the plight of the widow come to them.

    If one does not see these words in this corrupt, depraved Congress today, they are spiritually dead.
  • Word on Matthew 24
    Saints denie 1st Christ he's a fake and won't bow down to Satan then their mother, brother,sister, and dad go to bow down they will want to take them to Jesus but they say he's a fake they will turn them over to death, which is to say Satan who they believe is Christ and they want their loved one saved. Saints delivered up blank their minds and the Holy Spirit speak broadcasting the words of God.
  • Kurt Chappell on Ephesians 1
    Jesus preached salvation to his disciples, who were building a faith imperfect because we’re still human. Only God knows certain matters of faith. Some struggle and we could wonder ,” were they really born again?” Their faith is at least headed in right direction. Only the Spirit can perform these miracles. Exposure to authentic Christians who espouse His Word is a must, as this is Christ’s body.
  • Sis Taylor on Ephesians 3
    Praise God for His love
  • Found sheep on Genesis 6
    This chapter tells us about fallen angels copulating with human race and consequently their giant-like huge in size children. The reason why Noah was only preserved is stated in Genesis 6:9Noah was perfect in his generation no fallen angel seed IN HIM. That is why God flooded everything else because it was corrupted with devil's seed.
  • Augustina Debrah on Psalms 91
    I say this prayers every morning l tell my children to read psalms 91 everyday. I am protected buy our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in psalm 91. My daughter just had an operation and she is now recovery at home. To God be the Glory. I will always pray with psalm 91 for God protection. This prayers actually works.
  • Bruce vs 16-7th trump and to get there you have to go through the 6th trump,seal and vial? At the end of the test where all the people that are living and are alive during the 6th trump and that's everyone because we are all changed at the 7th trump. Vs 17 speaks of clouds, street Greek as in book of Hebrews and cloud is a group of people. Air, spiritual bodies, breath of life, new beginning. Wait
  • Word on Matthew 25
    Bruce know why the dead rise 1st because they are already with Him. The subject of this chapter 4 in 1 Thess is those that are sleep or dead not rapture and if God would of wanted rapture in the Bible he would of made a whole chapter on it.Listen to Paul in 2 Thess 2 read exactly how we gather back,don't believe lies taught from 1 Thess 4.Paul even says in 2 Thess don't listen to that first letter
  • Charley on Revelation 17
    wakeup rev 17-4-7 is the roman catholic church, mother of harlots,golden cup is the eucharist
    which is an abominationrev 17-1 the great whore that sitteth on many waters drunk with
    wine from her fornication,the ecumenical movement so called evanglical church joing
    together with the harlot system wakeup church before you are left behind. jesus saves
  • Portia on Psalms 4
    This is a Psalm I love I try my best to read it every night before I go to sleep. I know Almighty God hear me when I call. Psalm 4 also tell me to ask Almighty God to Hear me when I call and to have mercy up me, and hear my Prayer.
  • Levi on Matthew 6
    Matt. 6-10 I believe that until Jesus kingdom comes that his will is not being done
    today on this earth. We can see it everywhere! His will can only be accomplished through his people. THE HARVEST IS PLENTEOUS, THE LABORERS ARE FEW!!!
  • Levi on Revelation 22
    Open your eyes! Satan is now the God of this world. BE YE NOT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

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