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  • Teboho on Malachi 3:10
    Dear Adam,

    Is it Biblicaly correct to say if you want God to release financial blessesings in your favour pay your tithes, offerings etc

    God bless
  • Chris on Genesis 1:25
    I understand that God's view on such a marriage would still be based on his Plan for the union of man & woman throughout the ages. And that is: "Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." (Matthew 19:6). Your love, commitment, faithfulness, promises to your wife & consummation of the marriage is what the Lord would require in holy wedlock. The fact of an unordained (unlicenced?) minister officiating the marriage as an 'event' is insignificant. But if you then have the marriage legalized by a notary or another authorized civil servant, then the marriage becomes legal in the eyes of the State.

    Another way of looking at it would be: the Law requires you to have that 'special' piece of paper to prove a marriage - God requires you to lovingly commit & consummate your decision to marry, as a holy & binding marriage.
  • Andrew Kingsly Raj on Amos 9
    Loving Discipline

    In our text today we see Lord destroying and restoring Israel showing that God disciplines those He loves. Our Lord is not a mean judgmental God looking for you to make mistakes so he can pounce on you but rather a loving father who lovingly disciplines His children. How about you? Do you see your Lord as a loving Father? Let us learn from our text today and the example of Israel to see that our Lord loves us and disciplines us just as a Loving Father disciplines His Children.
  • Chris - in Reply on Proverbs 1:1
    Michael, there was Jewish religious leader that asked a similar question to yours & you're probably aware of the story. His name was Nicodemus & he was confused when Jesus told him that he needed to be born again to see God's Kingdom (Read John 3:1-7). Nicodemus thought what Jesus meant by re-birth, was a second natural, physical birth, which of course, is laughable (as can be seen in verse 4). But Jesus then qualified his statement further, saying that a person must first be born physically (i.e. by water (v 5) which is the flesh (v 6)), and then secondly, to enter God's Kingdom, he must also be born spiritually (vv 5 & 6 again).

    So, Yes, re-birth by the Spirit, is true & that miracle can only take place when a person repents of his sin, humbles himself before God, & believes in the completed work of Jesus, accepting His death for him on the cross. There is no other way to receive new birth, though some have tried by leading a monastic lifestyle, self-improvement exercises & acts of piety, but all that serves is to bring on self-effort to attaining perfection (which will never happen) or trying to eliminate all their sin (which is impossible without a Perfect Sacrifice being made). So, I hope you can see that re-birth can only be an act by God upon a truly repentant person & not by man, and it is an act that isn't humanly understood, since the new birth takes place deep in one's life - in the spirit.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Ezekiel 30
    Mishael I agree Jesus was not antisemitic. However there is a group that teaches something you should consider.

    Google this: noahide yeshu

    This should come up

    Who Was Jesus? The Bible gave a warning about a dangerous, false prophet who would arise to test our faith in G-d.

    Please take 3 minutes and read.
  • Amir on Isaiah 15
    I am not sure of the one you said who claimed to be a prophet is indeed a prophet, that I don't know nor do I dare to say anything on what I don't know for you should not go against the Lord's anointed and nor should we speak any idle words, for that is what God is going to judge of for according to Matthew 12:36.

    HOWEVER, that being said, the person is not wrong at all as one can lose their salvation. I am sorry for those who have lied to you saying otherwise by picking and choosing (usually from brother Paul-it's as if they follow him rather than Jesus), but in taking in what Jesus says and the Bible as a whole, you certainly can. I would recommend in reading all of (1-3) John (1 John 3:8-9, 1 John 1:6, ! John 3:6 specifically), Hebrews (Hebrew 10:26 specifically), and the Book of James regarding the point, but we can look at one simple parable from Jesus at the end of Matthew 18 (Matthew 18:23-35 specifically) completely dismantling the false and utter lie from the devil OSAS doctrine. For we see a man who have sinned, was cleansed, forgiven, and saved and, then after this he sins again and is taken by the tormentors (hell). We also got Romans 11:22 (The same Paul these Calvinistic OSAS guys like to quote from), "Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be [cut off.]" Couldn't be clearer.

    These people, are liars from the flesh, not getting their the truth from the Bible or the Holy Spirit but from either their flesh or men of the flesh learning from other men of the flesh. God Bless you, brother. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and Guide you, there are liars in many places, including here as you can see above (excluding Mishael). Blessings! ;)
  • Lepan solomon on John 12:24
    Which are the associate chapters with john12:24 in the bible
  • Joseph oinam on Luke 11:32
    Thank God so I like is commentary
  • Anita C on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 brings to light the reassurance we have in Christ Jesus. I am not afraid in the face of adversity. My heart is at peace and my joy is complete. I read this daily and I have memorised it together with my family. We all NEED The Word - Jesus, the son of God.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 70
    Nina: my brother-in-law, an associate Pastor, was so ANGRY at me doing astrology charts on his kids (my sister wouldn't let him kill me); He stood up in his church and asked everyone (over 100 people) to pray and fast for me ONE day.

    My life was taken apart, like a peeled onion. Layer, by layer; till I had NOTHING to rely on. All gone. My job moved to another state and I didn't. I was in terror of the future. God drops in and the rest is

    His-Story about me. It was years before my sister confessed.

    Point is: prayer and fasting works! Going to your church and asking the congregation to pray and fast (food, media, phones) will work. If you're family agrees, then do that. God sees your heart. Ask and then receive it! Stand on it every day.

    Collect all the healing scriptures you can find; or google healing verses. Write them down; highlight them in your Bible.

    Then speak out: IT IS WRITTEN: and out loud...say the scriptures. Better yet, get the children to say them with you.

    Demons of infirmity (sickness) will leave you , the family and the house! Keep doing it because I know it works. Angels listen and record your spoken prayers in the Book Of Remembrance. Remember praise: hallelujahs, Praise the Lord my God, so be it, amen!

    Lastly, tithe happily (give the children a dollar to put in), just what you can.

    2 Corinthians 9:7

    Giving money establishes Trust.

    After Lastly, let your family all understand that your family is sheltering till July 4th. If they come over anyway; have a box of face masks by the front door. I have a big family too; be strong; no kissing. I babysit when the parents work (for free! Lol) so I have to be super outspoken to family sometimes. :D

    Psalms 27

    Matthew 6:25-30
  • Mishael - in Reply on Ezekiel 30
    The Godhead is not anti-Semitic. They are the Alpha and Omega. They live outside of and inside of our time (as human). THEY see events in past time, real time and future time.

    Jesus knew what the Pharisees and others were going to do. Night before the day he was arrested, he went to a dinner with them. That's when Mary Magdalene rushed past the guards to anoint Jesus's feet and wash them with tears. She received salvation that day! Jesus told her to hang on to the expensive ointment for His Burial.

    I'm sure that really angered those Pharisees. They held back because he was going to be arrested after the Last Supper.

    Passover. They didn't know Jesus was the Lamb of God. His sacrifice would pay for the sins of all mankind. All mankind had to do was repent; confess I'm a sinner and receive salvation.

    If we could see the Omega of all things, maybe we would see a different ending? We don't really know. Can't you just leave it alone for now?

    Look at that Prayer Request Room!! Overflowing with people that need answers, explanations, hope, prayer. They want answers to things that hinder them from being saved.

    The heart of the Lord is MERCY. He didn't rail on the woman at the well. He did point out sin to her, in a way that captured her heart. "Come See A Man" !!! She ran and told her friends.

    People in here need that Jesus. I need that Jesus.

    Jesus did not sit His disciples down and say hit the books till you're approved. They had to learn it daily, by example. Look at this Harvest Field on this website. Pray to the LORD of the HARVEST.

    You know I'm an old street preacher. I find this heart pounding, exciting. I even make mistakes on account of eyesight from needing Large Print now. :/

    Just think about it. Tell admin, people love this site.
  • Gavamukulya Amuza on Luke 12
    How can I be baptized in the holy Spirit and also be filled with the holy Spirit

    I need also to walk in the spirit

    Some time ifeel so weak to pray

    I need to be help
  • Austin on 1 Corinthians 13
    Isnt it supposed to be love where charity is
  • Mishael on Cains Death - in Reply on Proverbs 1:1
    I already posted the reply. Why else would what Lamech confessed to, be followed up with mention of Cains curse

    If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech, seventy and seven fold.

    Who knows IF Cain knew whoever killed him was going to suffer 70 times 7 years. That's hatred.

    Cains daughter gave birth to Lamech. Cain beat up his Grandson.

    Sounds like year 2020 huh?

    That question has been on that page a couple of days. I did my best.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Proverbs 1:1
    Real sorry. My finger gets Fat at night.

    Verse 4:15-16 and 23-24
  • Mishael - in Reply on Proverbs 1:1
    Sorry, it's verse 15; 23-24. Center column says, for wounding and bruising me.

    There's a similar judgment in Ezekiel 9:4-6

    It's not described as a murder; it describes a fight.
  • Philip Wittig on Hosea 14:1
    People need to mend their ways and return to God now more than ever to avoid suffering from His rightful judgement.

    Please read my blog: 5 Ways to Come Back to God

    Hope this help, Thank you!
  • Adam - in Reply on Proverbs 1:1
    Hello Mishael, I'm not seeing where it says Lamech killed Cain. Genesis 4:23 says he killed a man, but it doesn't say who. It says it could be a young boy, if it was a young boy, then that eliminates Cain as a possibility, since Cain was older than Lamech. Otherwise, if it was a man and a boy- two people he killed- we still don't know who, unless it says somewhere else?
  • Mishael on John Chapter 11-14 - in Reply on Titus 3
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God

    The same was in the beginning with God.

    ALL things were made by him: and without Him, was not anything made, that was made.

    Verse 14: And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.

    I don't see how you can write these things and not believe Jesus made it. This is mockery.
  • Mishael on strange fire - in Reply on Proverbs 1:1
    Reincarnation is a religion of the devil. He has a little shop of horrors where you buy in to strange religion. Many of these are explained in the Bible. Every false god brings in a lot of demons with them.

    Strange books in the home can attract demons. They look at all your reading material. Check out your hard drive...

    Salvation is not rebirth. It's NEW birth into Jesus Christ; and receiving the baptism only the Holy Spirit can perform. The only way you can grow up strong is to believe in the God of the Holy Bible.

    Satan desires to ascend and take over Gods throne. He tried twice: at Adam and Eve, also when he saw Jesus die on the Cross. Next time he will be thrown into hell.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Ira, you write prove you wrong Jesus was not white? Well here you go but I am not sure you shall believe the Bible.

    Revelation 1:14 - His [Jesus] HEAD head and his hairs were WHITE white like wool, as WHITE white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass,

    (Brass is made of copper which is REDDISH GOLDEN BROWN, not black) as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

    Bible book Song of Solomon 5:10 - My beloved is WHITE white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

    Bible book Lamentations 4:7 - Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were WHITER whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire:

    My Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem and you claim your Christ was crucified in America? what?
  • This is the best bible ever ty
  • Mishael on Cains Curse Genesis 4 5 - in Reply on Proverbs 1:1
    Cain was firstborn but God rejected Cains offering. Maybe it was substandard?

    Abel was 2nd born and God was pleased with his offering and blessed him.

    Cain was indignant and disputed the event. God didn't change His mind.

    Cain slew Abel. He was cursed and marked for death. Later he married and had children.

    Eventually Lamech was born. By accident He slew Cain and lived long enough to survive the 70 times 7 times curse for killing Cain. He survived and later Noah would be born. Genesis 4:23

    Then Eve's 3rd born son, Seth, lived 912 years.
  • Troy Umberger - in Reply on 2 Kings 16
    Thank you so very much.
  • Ira israel - in Reply on Titus 3
    He came to fulfill the things written of him not Luke 24:44 Acts 3:18
  • Ira israel - in Reply on 2 Kings 16
    Referring to famine
  • Mishael on Jews Returning to Israel on Ezekiel 30
    You should go on Google and read 'Israel has a Jewish problem. Self determination ancestry.'

    Many people have moved there and have been turned down for Israeli Citizenship; even tho they can prove ancestry that was rejected because of Holocaust disruption.

    Some of these returning Jews are believers in Jesus as Messiah. Being persecuted.

    Pray for that destruction to be lifted.

    The sooner the immigrate back home; the sooner we'll be raptured off this rock.

  • Ira israel - in Reply on Daniel 7
    He was crucified in America which is spiritual egypt in the bible..his image was crucified and his where in the bible is a white christ..if so prove me wrong
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 8
    Genesis 1:26. And God said, Let US make man in OUR faith image, after our likeness: and let THEM have dominion over .... creation. (Not other people of color)

    God is Spirit (no color)

    Holy Spirit (no color)

    Jesus (Mary's color)

    The 3 persons of the Godhead have WILLS. It was given to Adam and Eve. They could obey God's will; OR do what they did: disobey God's will (for them) which they did with Satans encouragement; deception.

    In addition, satan has a will. He was a created Archangel; covering Cherub. His speeches start with I WILL. He's the evil that hurts people. He never does anything Good. He wills to crush Gods children.

    He thought he had killed the Son of God. Imagine his grief when Jesus walked out of the grave.

    Look up the scriptures to prove me right or in error.
  • Mishael on RFID Chips - in Reply on Revelation 14:11
    Facts about RFID chips to help you understand the truth and the realities behind them.

    There is NO mention of mandatory RFID implants in the AFFORDABLE CARE Act, but there WAS mention of data collection from class II devices in an early version of the law (HR3200). Read online.

    RFID chips are real, and there is more than a decade's worth of legislation about their use.

    Georgia, California, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Virginia have all passed legislation that prevents mandatory RFID implantation.

    RFID chips don't have to be implanted. For instance, they can be put on credit cards or animal tracking collars.

    The FDA has shown some RFID implants to be safe for implantation in humans. A version of the RFID chip is currently in use as an animal tracker, either implanted or used in a detachable collar. These are used to track household pets and monitor endangered species. RFID chips are currently in use in ankle bracelets or wrist TAGS to track both vulnerable newborn babies and make sure they are only taken out of a hospital by their families.

    While the ACA doesn't allow for data collection from class II devices, it does contain wording about electronic data collection to improve the quality of care and better coordination between doctors including SEC. 3015. DATA COLLECTION; PUBLIC REPORTING.

    It is reasonable to think that, in the future, RFID chips will be in more widespread use. They could be implanted or be used in identity cards, alert bracelets and such. Not only could implanted chips monitor your health status if you were diabetic or prone to seizures, but they could be used as GPS, a means to transfer currency, cell phones, computers, etc.

    BEWARE of Government MANDATES. See if your State has legislated to Prevent unlawful tracking for now.

    The Holy Spirit told me, each individual would have to Consciously CHOOSE to get the Mark; worship the Beast.

    Just don't get it on the HAND OR THE FORHEAD.

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