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  • Mark peterson on Ruth 1
    Very bitter person because of the loss of her two sons God had Afflicted her call me not Naomi anymore she says but call me Mara mean meaning bitter
    Sometimes we go through a time of bitterness in our life and we think God has affected us but like the example of Joseph Joseph had a good attitude through it all in the end Joseph was the second ruler in the land of Egypt
  • Word on Revelation 9
    Question is what will you be doing in that 5 months? Are you going to follow instead of Christ, antichrist, who has supernatural powers and who is acting like Christ or are you going to wait for the 7th trump and the return of the true Christ. The choice is yours. As far as being dead those who follow antichrist will be spiritually dead.Those that wait will be spiritually alive.The choice is yours
  • Word on Revelation 9
    The time was shortened for the elect sake and as you read this chapter you will see what it was shortened to, 5 months. This reveals to us that there is a 5 month period that will occur rather than 7 years and why? For the elect sake. Everyone that is alive and walking in the flesh will go through this 5 month period. Split that in half and Satan as antichrist stands in Jerusalem claims he is God.
  • The Tribulation is Not The Wrath of God. It's Persecution against All Believers And All The Jewish People, They will Suffer Greatly. / The Wrath of God is a Time of torment, His Wrath being Poured out on The loss. I Heard a Great Voice out of The Temple Saying to The Seven Angels, Go Your Ways and Pour out The Vials of The Wrath of God upon The Earth Revelation 16:1-21
  • Jesus is the way and the truth and the life
    there wasn't any children in 1st marriage. We divorced like 10 yrs after for legal matters. My husband or the one before wasn't knowledgeable about God's word ( i had heard God's Word but lacked understanding) I am now searching for knowledge and came up on Matt 5 32 and i am now wondering what is the state of my marriage in God's eye. I thank everyone in the name of Jesus for their help.Blessings
  • Jesus its the way the truth and the life on Matthew 5
    i am twice married. My first marriage I was a believer of Christ but I wasn't living for him. I didn't know the importance of my covenant with God ( I got married with my fingers and toes cross whilst asking God for forgiveness I had intentions of using the marriage to get out of my country easier and not returning) I was unfaithful in my first marriage,i left him when i got pregnant for my husban
  • Alex on Genesis 1
    God made 2 lights th lesser light and the greater light. THe lesser light answers to the written word but the Greater light answers to the LIVING WORD which is CHRIST Th light of the world.ITS like the manna which was from heaven BUT JESUS SAID THAT THERE WAS NO ETERNAL LIFE IN THE MANNA,THE BIBLE IS PRECIOUS AND HOLY BUT THERE IS NO ETERNAL LIFE IN THE BIBLE ONLY. TH GREATER LIGHT IS THE SON/SUN
  • Gonzalo on Genesis 1
    In verse 3 ..And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. what kind of light he was talking about maybe Jesus ? obviously is not the light of the sun, because not until verse 14,15,16,17 and 18 God created the Sun , The Moon and the stars. so right at the beginning of creation god created a "light" in verse number 3.
  • Patient on Revelation 1
    God is power full when is give you that power you need to come and say my Lord Jesus I believe that no one like you
  • Godwin on Psalms 91
    Without God, am nothing, i have nothing and i go no way! Thank you jesus for loving me first.
  • SamFox on 2 Thessalonians 2
    2nd advent = last day. John 6:39, 40, 44 Math. 13:30 tares
  • T-time on 2 Thessalonians 2
    2thess2 is letting us know we're not to worship Satan when he comes at the 6th trump, Christ isnt coming till the 7th trump..
    @bruce Rev 20 the first resurrection is refering to the believers who overcome the hour of temptation, most are waiting to be raptured..completely unprepared for Satan's arrival 2thess2 refers to,hence the falling away. many Christians will be deceived,missing 1st resurrect
  • Glenmore Brown on Genesis 5
    Angel's are the ones that took Enoch to be with our savior Lord Jesus God Almighty. This is the greatest testimony anyone can have.if we praise, pray, rejoice every day in your mind and spirit you will never see death.
  • Only me on Mark 10
    Looking to Jesus as my guide, I find it hard to give up "riches". I fight daily to remind myself, if everlasting life is what I seek, then it is in His word I must follow. His word is what guides me. Others my question my intent, but as long as I believe that God is the Good Master of my life and strive to follow the teachings of Jesus, I need not worry about what happens at the pearly gates. Amen
  • Kathy on Genesis 2
    I was awe struck this week and greatly comforted by the fact that God in His infininite love and mercy towards man, still makes a coat for him and covers them. that what a loving father does for his children. Loves them even in disobedience. I cried.
  • Stephen B on Genesis 19
    Amen, Jodie Pessolano!
  • Stephen B

    I mentioned Isa. 43:6 because both sons and daughters are mentioned and refer to humans. Just like Gen. 6:2. There are no angels involved. These are not the "angels which kept not their first estate" (Jude 6). Thanks.

  • Stephen B on Genesis 6
    Hello, Lorease. Thank you for the input. What I was trying to get at is this: "Sons of God" refers to the godly line of Seth. That line was now becoming polluted with Cain's descendants. There are no female angels mentioned in God's Word, true. When Jesus used both humans and angels He was referring to the resurrection. There will be no sex/procreation in Heaven.
  • Blessed and Holy is he that hath Part in The First Resurrection--:Revelation20:6. That is for All Believers. 2nd for the loss./ Tribulation started 2Thousand Years ago. We must through much Tribulation enter The Kingdom of God. Acts14:22. You can use Persecution,Trouble or Tribulation, in the Greek it is all the same word.
  • Edward Addo Bediako on Ezekiel 6
    EZEKIEL 6: The Scripture is drawing our attention to how the anger of God is going to consume man in this days. When men have establish High Places of wickedness and have branded them as the church of God. Note the word God used MY SWORD. This point to the fact that in this end times the magnitude of Gods wrath towards humanity. Lets us be watchful so as not to come under such a wrath.
  • Alex on Luke 4
    Isaiah 61 is all we or Israel need to know about what Jesus was and is. If this chapter was examined determinedly we would have the key to everything. This is his description of himself.
  • JULIUS NKHUWA on Luke 16
    it is an en riching potion and also spiritually nourishing
  • Lorease on Genesis 1
    Bro. Alex I do agree w/you on the quoted Joel 2:28-29 speaks of an out pour of the Holy Spirit. Again, Noah's Flood in the OT is literally a flood. I assumed her question spurred from Noah's Flood (Gen) the judgment on the earth for sin. Her question: Since the earth was flooded, how would the sinful earth be addressed next time? 2Peter 3:10. If I misread her question my apologies to you and her.
  • MIKE on 1 John 3
    May God bless you as we wait for his second coming
  • Lilian on 1 John 3
    Abba Father thank you for giving Jesus to us his love and mercy endureth forever . My Jehova Jireh the Lord my Provider Thank you for laying down your life to us Lord I will praise you and love you forever Shalom
  • Joseph S. A. Dadzieg on Genesis 1
    I am created in the image and likeness of God, that is Powerful. To Have Dominion OVER things of the air and the Earth. I pray such words will sink into inner being.
  • Mohan Ram on Psalms 23
    Thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. Terrifying moments will come but once you know that Jesus is with you
  • Marilyn on Psalms 23
    My joy is knowing that “goodness and mercy” follows me everyday. Recently , I had a 7 1/2 spinal surgery and walked
    through the valley of death and goodness and mercy were there to bring me out. No one but God could have held the
    Neurosurgeon’s hands and the medical staff to give me the best of care. I am thankful for getting better everyday.
    Looking forward to complete healing with energy.
  • Lorease on Genesis 6
    Bro. Stephen in Matt 22:30 why would Jesus parallel angels and humans as He spoke on marriage? Why did God ordain marriage, to reproduce. Again many verses proves all angels are males. Isaiah 43:6 has nothing to do with Sons of God? When the verse clearly speaks of restoring the children of Israel. Sons of God vs sons and daughters major difference
  • Walter on 2 Thessalonians 2
    if the church go up to heaven at the beginning of the 7 years when does the 144 thousand jews go to heaven?

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