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  • Mario on Acts 10
    I read lots of nonsense here, I pray the Lord opens your eyes.
    @ Beverly Adams Gentiles = all non Jews
    @Alex Unless a man be born of WATER and of the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom! As for H2O the Lord himself set the example when he was baptised of John. Referring to the unclean animals the Lord was talking about literal animals, Jesus came to free us from the law..
  • Joel W Edwards on Luke 12
    Who sent you?
  • Vanessa
    God sent his only beloved son to save us all, he created everyone of us and all things, so we need to stay diligent in prayer that not one soul be given up to satan, weather we like it or not we are all his children, everyone is redeemable in the eye of God,we all need to bow down and thank him daily, we all have failed him in one way or another, not one is perfect, we are all blemished
  • Vanessa on Mark 14
    do not get caught up with the world, it's hard not to,let the politicians worry about themselves, speak truth, and pray for the will of God be done in all things,Christ died for all sinners, and the only job is to tell them the good news, of what Christ did for us, to repent, and have faith in the Lord in all things, God is always first as Jesus taught us and if they hear not pray for them
  • Anonymous on Psalms 91
    Will pray for you. I also would like the same thing granted.
  • Greg Turner on Psalms 37
    Verse 8- Cease from anger and forsake wrath, these were the first words from the bible that came alive in my soul.
  • Diane on Revelation 12
    Did not love their lives unto the death? I a suffering severely and I question whether i m being persecuted for Christ! The type of persecution I m faced with is unbelievable - and if I just knew it was for Christ, I would be OK with it! Nonetheless through it all my eyes have been open to the truth of the world, I have greater revelation of God s word, and I see falsehood everywhere! God Bless!
  • Lilibeth on Psalms 91
    I sought the Lord and HE heard me and delivered me from all of my fears.....God's WORD is true. Making wise the simple.
  • Denise on Deuteronomy 2
    But what about the "little ones" being destroyed, aren't they innocent?
  • Stanjett on Deuteronomy 2
    I don't understand either why the women and little ones was killed. But God does what he wants. I'll be sure to ask him this when I see him face to face.
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 12
    verse 10 JESUS teach us the results of 2 groups of sins; the first group of sin clearly there is forgiveness, but the second sin there is no forgiveness. This second group is when we cross the line of no-return (example: satin and all the fallen angels crossed the line of no-return Song of Solomon 2019 satin work 24/7 to convince us to blaspheme thereby join them to be cast into 'the lake of fire') .
  • HELEN ADAMS on 1 Corinthians 13
  • David Calderwood on Proverbs 2
    It seems wisdom is not an agressive tool. It's presence tempers passions and increases the capacity to understand and empathize. Defending your knowledge and weaponizing it against others makes it difficult to receive the lessons God has tailored for your soul. Arrogance in your intelect is a posion to your heart and soul. It creates a condition that denies God's influence.
  • I am that Michael Isaac Dale on Revelation 13
    The beast is this whole world, lying in wickedness, loving death and hating GOD. As antichrists, ye say, Christ is coming! But ye know that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. If it were not for my Holy Father, ye would deceive even the very elect with fabrications. Your only power is to lie for deceit, attempting to destroy the faith of some. But we shall live, for our names are written in heaven.
  • Helen Okoye on Luke 21
    Verse 23: Because of the great distress that shall be on the whole earth, people will be running to safety. It will not be easy for the strong and single, how much more women who are pregnant and those breast feeding young children. We should take heed lest that day come to us unawares. May we be found faithful at Christ second coming whether we remain alive or asleep!
  • Ivy Johnson on 1 Corinthians 3
    Houses with: strong: foundations: withstand: test of time: God said it: I believe it: it is a fact: Tornados: hurricanes: earthquakes: etc: damaged houses: proper foundations stands: ones without: totally destroyed: rebuilds same structure: WHY?: learnt nothing: from past mistakes: Christians: should:wise as serpents: harmless as dives: should take: heed: God’s Word: God is serious: Words: Life:
  • I agree with your post and also wonder if foundations of sand could be religious views or areas in our lives that we withhold from the potter and so these areas create weakness in the foundation of our spiritual house?
  • Ivy Johnson on Psalms 56
    David’s life: young age:not easy: Forgotten by father: brothers: Reliculed by brothers: but Mighty with: and in: His God: Groomed him: for His Mighty Works: lowest of the low: shepherd: dumb sheep: Fulfilled shepherd’s role: chosen vessel: God will use: mightily: killed Goliath: enemy of God: knew: understood: holiness of God: Defamed His God: God of Israel: Righteous anger: be angry: Sin not:
  • Carlton Edwards on Matthew 10
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 12
    verse 8-9, a large amount of people is listing to JESUS and HE explained to them the blessing of acknowledging HIM as the SAVIOR of the world; plus JESUS explained the results for denying HIM.
  • Thelma Chikodinaka on Psalms 1
    When we always meditate in the Law Of Jehova, bad influence will never get hold of us. Rather we will enjoy our relationship with God and all the benefits that follows it
  • Lilian on Proverbs 9
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy is understanding amen
  • Dianne holle on Psalms 89
    Did not realize the 'latter days' refereed to the death of Christ on the cross. An eye opener!
  • D W L on Romans 2
    2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
    Ephesians 4:31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:
  • Sed. B. on Exodus 21
    The Judgments are explained in Deuteronomy. Sold servants were poor people who had borrowed money and could not repay it. They'd work 6 years to repay the debt, owners could sell them to another owner. Finally, the poor would be set free even if debt was not repaid fully and with lavishly gifts from the former "employer". This was done to avoid usury and eliminate poverty from Israel altogether.
  • Prisca on Matthew 5
    The word of God cannot be hidden
  • Sally Fajardo on Genesis 1
    Everything God Created was very good
  • April Joy Hooten on Proverbs 9
    Thank you lord i am only ten and am lovin this BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  • Peter Jaensch on Hebrews 1
    Hebrews reminds to have faith, repent and trust God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 12
    verse 6-7 Jesus reminds us AGAIN of HIS knowledge of knowing all things (see the sparrow /birds above) especially how well HE knows us individually, therefore HE repeat to us again fear not; fear (especially self inflected fear) will rob /steal from us in one way or another, especially when it convince us refuse JESUS as our SAVIOR which result in spending eternity in hell.

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