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  • Carolyn watson - in Reply on Psalms 23
    yes GOD Pomes are Beautyful.
  • Alex on John 16
    Jesus said these things are hid from the wise and prudent but revealed unto BABES and Sucklings which are the CHILDREN of PROMISE THE H.G. that which is born of the SPIRIT. Thats y he always spoke in parables it was hid spritually at that time as the BOOK is not opened till the last day as God told Daniel. Jesus said the good seed ( the book ) JESUS WORDS will be sown N HUMANITY thats y the Women goes into birth pains she heard the bridegrooms seed his WORDS THATS y the prophets saw the world in travail and birth pains as Jesus said the field was the world where that good seed will be sown and he said the good seed are children of the kingdom that are gonna be born in US via his seed th WORD
  • Alex on Matthew 18:3
    The child jesus refers to is the h.g. that has to be born in us sinners thats y he said that which is born of the spirit is spirit. his word is the good seed that will be sown in our hearts initiating a birth of christ in us that good seed is the word which is spirit thus his children are spirits the h.g plural that are gonna be as the stars of heaven.he is able to reproduce very god in humanity. only god the son can reproduce god simply b/c everything has to multiply after its kind.thus he is the father of the h.g. when isaiah saw him he calls christ everlasting father simply b/c he is the father of the h.g. b/c his seed is the living word to whom the word came it made them gods plural gbu
  • Rick Colombe on Jeremiah 5
    Jeremiah 5 is a warning to Israel to WAKE UP!!! We that claim to be Christians need an awakening also. We profess to follow God, yet we take part and in unholy, pagan practices such as Christmas and Easter. Many embrace false teachings via some televangelists who prophecy and teach ungodly lies such as prosperity doctrines of men. Many of us have embraced doctrines of man, rather than of God. I pray God gives us eyes that see and ears that hear as we read and search His Word. We all are as filthy rags that need cleansing through the blood of Jesus.
  • Alex on Genesis 19
    Behold i send the Promise of my Father upon you but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be enduded with Power from on high which was the H.G. A Birth they were impregnated when he breath on them his Word etc but the Child the H.G. did not come till the day of Pentecost Some 50 days later THE CHILD WAS THE PROMISE THAT THE father had made long b/f. I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven,The H.G IS THE MULTIPLICATION OF CHRIST the Child of Promise the Israel of God Whosoever receiveth one such Child in my Name receiveth ME, that which is BORN of the spirit is spirit the multiplication of very God in us Sinners remember God swore by Himself impling the Promise wd be HIM TH H.G.
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 18
    1-43, JESUS stress how important it is to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Yes JESUS heal where applicable above also in 2020, BUT note how JESUS mind stay on HIS primary duty which is to provide SALVATION for us. JESUS know John 3:16-21 very well.
  • Mike allen on Matthew 24
    Where does it say in kjv bible where GODS gonna rejuvenate this earth and make (heaven on earth).
  • The Brave Hope on Leviticus 20:8
    How in the world could (can) the Most High expect His people to totally keep his decrees, laws and commandments? Aren't there like, at least 600 of them in The Law? I thought that for today, as in the days of Abraham, God imputed to him righteousness. So would that not be the same case when it comes to being holy? And isn't sanctification an action which occurs each and every day in the life of Believers?
  • Nondumiso - in Reply on Nehemiah 11:6
  • Kevin Mack on Matthew 24
    To David Orren he didn't, Bill Gates did in his biological warfare laboratory in south Africa. Plus CDC, and who is involved. God says in Isaiah: l create all that is evil, and create all that is good for my own pleasure, why because I'm the only God there is there is no other God but me
    Talking about people, spirits, angels that choose to become evil on there own. Pestilence is punishment for gross disobedience. Bill Gates is playing God for the globalist and payoffs. God will deal with him later.
  • JJ - in Reply on John 15
    Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. I have understanding Lord and I am fully planning on doing your will. After I hang myself it will shock them into seeing the truth and cause them to repent and open their eyes and see the truth. I love them enough to sacrifice my life in an effort to wake them up and invoke change and peace. In Jesus name amen
  • Vanessa on John 10
    the thief "satan" comes to kill and destroy he does not care about the sheep, In Christ we know His voice, we seek Him daily to make our paths straight, He did no blasphemy , He was speaking to the Jews back then referring to the laws, that spoke of His coming and they believed Him not, He would have spoken Blasphemy if he had called them gods because of their pride they denied him. Christ and only Christ could lay down his life for us all, He lay down His life not because He had to, He did it because He loves us, He is our bridegroom, we are His bride, let that Love sink in when you think your alone, He is there, He will never leave you nor forsake you, Just like a husband should be. Peace
  • David Orren - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Why did God create the Corona Virus?
  • Mickey - in Reply
    I set upon with purpose & determination to discover every facet of knowledge about who Jesus is; past, present and future. If I need help moving I ask him to help. He does. He is really there for us. Just ask. He picks us up when we sin or fail. Also He is worth to be praised and worshipped. In and outside of church. He is mine and I am his. There is power in that kind of perfect love. Everyone (male or female) can experience deep spiritual love. You can have a blessed marriage with a Christian man. But you can also soar to heights unimaginable in praise of Lord Jesus. Your life will be so sweet. Bad things won't even trip you up.
  • Mickey - in Reply
    A testimony: my disco-hopping friends told me after I was saved that someone who had been as bad as I had been, couldn't possibly be born again. It hurt me deep. I thought I could make Jesus hate me and abandon me like everyone else. Time passed. I had a dream and I saw Jesus nailed to the cross on the ground. I was hitting the nails in his hands with a big rock. Every time I hit him, he said I love you. I tried harder but he kept saying I love you. Days later I finally read Song of Solomon without cringing about the passion in it. Ch 2:16, 6:3, 7:10. I grabbed onto his word and kept those scriptures over and over. He's Son of Man but to me he is my husband. The first time I felt loved.
  • DollyBoris on Nehemiah 11:6
    The mountain will fall down, the water will flow, and you will never fall
  • Tym on Genesis 4
    I thought that I was saved for close to 9 years and at church camp last year the speaker us going around the room asking when we got saved saying that if we was truly saved we should be able to tell him when we got saved and the whole time I was hoping he wouldn't call on me. I could not think of when I got saved, that is when I truly realized I was not saved. I denied it for about half a year then one day I was at my sisters church and the pastor was talking about when the Lord comes back how we need to be ready, I kept on talking my self out of going to the alter because I didn't go there. The next Sunday my preacher preached on the exact same thing and I went to the alter and got saved.
  • TYM - in Reply on Genesis 4
    Nobody on earth knows why the corona virus is happening but, we do know that the Lord has a plan for us and we just have to trust him through it all. Even if it gets hard to stay in the Word it is important to know that we have a God that is always with us, even if it feels like God isn't there with you then you have moved away from God. He never leaves us.
  • Greg l goodman - in Reply on Joel 3
    the reason why you will still pray for them is that they will have a change of heart to accept jesus christ now we know all will not turn or accept the lord but there are some that will, God has left it up to us to tell people about jesus christ we plant the seed and God will do the rest this is why, and the jugdement is not just America but a lot of the European Nations (Edom) in other words God know who will accept or reject him but we still tell them
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Genesis 4
    Revelation 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
    These souls are in heaven awaiting their resurrection new bodies. they are with Christ.
  • Annette - in Reply
    Why can't I experience a personal relationship with Jesus? I yearn to..What am I doing wrong?
  • Luke - in Reply on Genesis 6
    As it was in days of Noah....some people believe that these fake aliens/UFO's experimenting on human's sex organs are trying to create human/Nephilim hybrids. UFO's are fallen angels impersonating UFO's or aliens to weaken belief in God. Genetic manipulation happened in the past and its happening today.
  • D W L - in Reply on James 5
    Matthew 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that DOETH the will of my Father which is in heaven
    Luke 6:46 And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and (do not) the things which I say?
    James 2:20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? verse 22,23, 24 Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.
    If you will read the book of James it will help.
  • Luke - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Part 2: Of course angels don't get married (in general) BUT these fallen angels were clearly breaking that law. Every ancient culture across the globe mentions this only in the context of their false gods. Zeus, Hercules, Odin, Thor, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl etc. were all fallen angels FAKING that they were gods. It's not until they were rounded up and put in the Abyss to be released later that they were stopped. That's where all the false faiths come from.
    As far as angels becoming human, why not? Jacob wrestled an angel. Lucifer can change his form, why couldn't these fallen angels? The Sodomites who tried to rape the angels who were Lot's guests thought that they were human men.
  • Luke - in Reply on Genesis 6
    You are mostly the one misunderstanding scripture and what people are saying. YES, the sons of god in Genesis are fallen angels sinning and breaking God's law and mating with human women and the offspring was evil giants, far larger and more powerful than Goliath who was about 10-12 ft. But skeletons have been found up to 36 ft! When Moses' spies saw giants in Canaan, they specifically compared themselves to grasshoppers next to them and these giants came after the Flood, meaning that they were even smaller than the 36 footers. If sons of god only meant 'line of Seth' or "daughters of men" meant cain's daughters, then how did the offspring become evil, deformed giants??
  • Patricia on Psalms 100
    It is possible that political corruption is going on in our country during this coronovirius scare say a prayer and remember God is Control.
  • Luke - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Wow don't read too much into things. Yes, Noah built an ark following God's instructions. He was told what to do and yes, he had animals on the boat. Not every organism, mostly just pairs and even the dragons/dinos. Also, they would've been juveniles, meaning smaller.
  • Lynn on Genesis 4
    Which is the true answer from the Bible only. Does our spirit go up to heaven right after death? Or do we all wait in our graves for our Lord Jesus to take us up with him in the end?
  • Luke - in Reply on Genesis 6
    That doesn't mean that one day = 1000 years. It means that God isn't bound by his own creation, Time and it also illustrates his patience with us. Jesus rose on the third day. Do people seriously think that took 3000 years? Context is everything.
  • Luke - in Reply on Genesis 6
    The first 7 days were not 7000 years. They were 7 literal days. That verse is meant to show the patience of God and to show how God is not bound by something he created, Time. Context is important throughout the Bible.

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