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  • Linda on Deuteronomy 30
    What does it mean "thou and thy seed".
  • AST on Psalms 120
    I have recently encountered an old friend from my past. I have come to learn of his lies and deceit. My old friend is currently going through a divorce and has had multiple affairs with several women throughout his marriage. My friend has stopped attending church, the 'sharp arrows' are reeking havoc upon my friend's soul. I pray that GOD will have mercy upon him.
  • ADT on Psalms 120
    Pray for your friend, but judge him not ! You assume many things examples he had affairs, Well maybe he has asked and been forgiven for sins you judge him by. He doesn't attend church this a sin? Perhaps his relationship with God is growing because of things in his life you know not..pray not that he acts as you think he should, but pray he will find his way and don't judge his heart
  • Lsura on Matthew 24
    I don,t know. Someone tell me
  • Janet on Deuteronomy 26
    V. 10 Father, thank You for all Your blessings, provision a c sustenance. May I never forget the rich bounty You bestow.
  • Janet on Deuteronomy 14
    V. 22 Father, make us more grateful and willing to tithe of our increase so that we may learn the fear of the Lord.
  • Janet on Deuteronomy 12
    V. 12 Father, Please make those moments for rejoicing evident. Help me to live a life of celebration and rejoicing for all You have done.
  • Janet on Jeremiah 17
    V. 7 Father, give me Grace to trust You completely today.
  • Janet on Job 6
    V. 8 Father, today help me feel Your presence and Your protection.
  • Janet on Judges 8
    V.4 Father, thank You for trusting us with this difficult task. May you be pleased with our efforts. Thank You for calling us. Please give us endurance and strength to complete the task.
  • Beatrice barnes on Deuteronomy 8
    As disciple of Christ let us not interpret the Bible , but to make the Bible the interpreter of GOD,S
    word and will to us
  • Janet on Isaiah 33
    V. 17 Father, thank You for saving me completely from all enemies, including the sin in my heart.
  • Donnie on Philemon 1
    all of you do realize that none of the Historical things really have any value to us, accept to substantiate the facts that what did occur actually occurred... Other than that GOD is using HIS Son Jesus (NOT in man form) to salvage and save many humans from this terrible place called Earth...Violence runs rampant throughout many of the third world countries, and the U.S is becoming Godless...
  • Janet on Micah 6
    V. 8 Father, help me to be humble, just and merciful. Help me not to seek spiritual shortcuts.
  • Janet on 2 Samuel 23
    V.3 Father, I look forward to the reign of Your Son the chosen King Jesus.
  • Janet on 1 Kings 22
    V. 16 Father, help me to proclaim boldly the gospel of Your Son that You have entrusted to us.
  • Freddie Lee Caldwell on Numbers 35
    Many people say that Numbers 35 no longer apply to us Christians today. They say that Jesus changed all the rules about "The murderer shall be surely be put to death".

    This is also the reason we live in a polluted land today, because we do not put murderers to death. The land is defiled by innocent blood of children and young people who should be alive but are dead because of murderers.
  • Stanjett on Numbers 35
    Tell those to show you in the bible that this is changed. They can't because it was not changed.
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 13-15 Jesus warns us of covetousness, which is a evil /combo addiction; when conceived by the mind and flesh we religiously believe more is better so we wrongly desire more, more,
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 12
    verse 11-12 note the 'order' (1) synagogue /church, (2) magistrates /local civil authorities, (3) powers /government; (the same order they took JESUS).
  • Michael on Matthew 8
    Mara question,on verse 11 and 12. v.11 tells about the kingdom of Heaven.v.12 is the kingdom of Earth.In Mathew,Jesus says he had come for the 'Lost sheep of Israel'.But here,a Centurion showed his Faith. Then Jesus said 'Many will be gathered from East to West'. To be in the Kingdom of Heaven.v11
  • Phillip Hill on Matthew 24
    I don't understand why heaven passes away
  • Stanjett on Matthew 24
    the things in the sky, Stars, planets, sun, moon, and the earth also not Gods Heaven, Fear not about these, for God will make a new earth and new heavens and nothing evil will be there.
  • Vanessa on Mark 16
    Suzanne I hope you look back and read Psalms 91 everyday it will help you. Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength , he will get you through all your battles, abide under his wings and trust in him, we all go through tribulations, stay in faith believe in him God Bless you and all
  • Wife Knows
    Praise be to God indeed. Those who use the other as their fail safe need to grasp the understanding of what was, is, and always will be. Not Jesus, but God and the true word.
  • Wife of Known on Psalms 117
    Praise be to God indeed; questioning about the whole Jesus mention of that one till later. Good that some understand; shame to those who gloss over what they are unwilling to accept by putting that name to everything when it becomes inconvenient. God was, is, and will always be.
  • Raquel on Genesis 1
    I have a few question I Hope someone with wisdom can answer. 1. Nowhere does God give the Sun the bane Sun or Moon the name moon. Where did those names come from? 2. It says God created man and woman and for them to "procreat" and fill the earth. Did He create people before Adam and Eve?
  • Ruben H. on Genesis 1
    To answer one of your questions--All Gods children were created on the 6th day. Adam Eve were created on the 8th day. God had already created male female on the 6th day. All were Spirited Souls but Adam was formed of the dust God breathed Life into him formed Eve from Adam they were then flesh. The Adamic seed line to Jesus Christ, uncorrupted.
  • Patrick on Ecclesiastes 5
    Make me not Rich that I forget thee make me not poor that I curse thee but feed me every day with the food you have prepared
  • Niki on Revelation 18
    In revelations Babylon represents America. It is the nation which everyone drinks from also known as the eagle- America's symbol. it is the queen of sin. It also speaks of the bear, which is the symbol for Russia. We see so many things going on between Russia and America in the news right now. Russia is the next super power. this book is real-its not just the past, its past, present, and future.

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