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  • Tim Legarie on Luke 19
    The virus is a diversion for the antichrist who comes before the Lord Jesus and the great revival to save many souls.God bless everyone keep the faith put on the armour of God the battle is closer than ever before.
  • Peter - in Reply on Acts 22

    I did not C a reply to my "missing Link" comment; however, I think that this particular one relates more to Genesis rather than Acts 22, Bc the Bible and creation occurred much longer than 2000 years ago, and so I should reply there, to not take it out of context; and there are lots of things mentioned in the Bible; and it do mention Oceans, however it does not mention everything you can think of; and I would agree that mayB it does not mention the arctic, rain forest or Mars; but on second thought; it does as all that was created mostly for foods and other natural things, etc. So Genesis chapter 1 and 2 is where that is all in context; and of course man is amazing as he is or was, in the image of God; far above monkeys apes. and as for a limited perspective; God gave the breath of life to Adam, and man became a "living soul". There is no DNA basis for that. So, we have different views; and as far as I am concerned; mine has

    the foundation; and of course we all have choice

  • NewmanBarbara on Romans 8:24
    As long as the road is right, you are not afraid of the road
  • Carl - in Reply
    Hi Dominique,

    I am very sorry to hear about your husband and his darkness. You are doing the right thing by asking for help. I pray that God will keep you and your children safe from all evil and darkness, with his angels around you. Keep looking to Jesus for strength and light.
  • Carl - in Reply
    I'm very sorry to hear... unresolved health problems are a real burden, my heart goes out to you. I pray that God will heal you, and should He choose to not heal you now, that you can have the grace to bear it, and look forward to complete healing in heaven. God bless.
  • Carl - in Reply
    Thank you for being open about your temptations. The devil loves to work in darkness but when his temptations are exposed he loses power. God has grace for you, keep crying out to Him and He will hear and deliver you! God bless.
  • Karen Moore - in Reply on Genesis 4
    The entire world today has stopped,The 1918-flue-stopped ww 1,I truly believe it's the seals opened,

    Revelation 6:2 Psalms 45:4
  • Joshua on Proverbs 4
    This was a blessing chapter
  • Fred scanlan on Acts 22
    The bible is crystal clear about spreading false doctrines of man. You may be fulfilling your own prophecy when you think you Know when the last days are. ONLY GOD KNOWS NOT EVEN THE SON KNOWS. So do me a favor and stop with your ideological stuff on the last days of mankind. If you need to prophecy do it somewhere else! Read the scriptures ,preferably the KJV. In the mean time if your objective is to fulfill the anti Christ purpose , please leave this website. This is exactly what you are doing when you do not trust in the word of GOD. namely JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!
  • Chris - in Reply on John 5:4
    I believe those questions can only be answered by Almighty God alone. Though my guess is, that when you do get to Heaven's gates, you'll have other things on your mind than dates & ribs.
  • Joe on Luke 16
    In the parable of the unjust steward ( vs 1-12 ) we are commonly taught the lesson of being trustworthy - indeed very important! However, there is a second, and also very important lesson - not being corrupt as were the debtors who instantly took the opportunity to lower their debt knowing

    full well they were stealing.
  • Chris - in Reply on Ephesians 3
    James: No.1. I didn't comment on Ephesians 3 either. You might have mistakenly assumed that from the strange, usually incorrect, subject that follows our names around. Maybe, the post had its roots in Ephesians at the beginning.

    And No.2. I couldn't grasp your point & relevance to Tithing. I did say that Tithing was an OT requirement not found in the NT. However, since it was given & sanctioned by the LORD, it must be a worthy model/rule of thumb for us to follow, IF WE DESIRE TO. The Lord be with your spirit, too.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 14:30
    Janet, are you referring to Mark 9:17-27? If so, then the account is of Jesus coming over to a company of people & some Jewish religious leaders (Scribes) were questioning Jesus' disciples. Apparently, a man had a son with a 'dumb spirit'. This may not mean as we read it, but quite likely there was an evil spirit inhabiting this boy that produced lunacy or even epilepsy in the child & could also have rendered the boy speaking gibberish. And this was a particularly violent spirit, as from the account. So, Jesus' disciples ask Him, why could they not cast out this demon (as maybe they had done on other occasions)? This type of spirit required much reliance on God for removal (= prayer & fasting), Jesus said. We don't know how an evil spirit came to indwell this lad, but when we see so much of satanic worship & delving into the spirit world today, that so many do ignorantly, we can expect more of this demonic possession & oppression.
  • Chris - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    Leviticus 20:13-21 speaks of some of God's commands to the children of Israel, in the matter of homosexuality, incest & bestiality. God is really saying, that He has not made mankind to behave like this, they do it of their own volition & because of inherent sin in them. His penalty for such behaviour was death, as it was gross wickedness, akin to wilful murder, witchcraft, etc. Fortunately for us, post Crucifixion, that the door of God's Mercy is still open & forgiveness is still available for any caught up in this debauchery. Sadly, the World looks at these relationships as 'Alternative lifestyles', but God clearly says it is Sin & will be judged severely.
  • Chris - in Reply on Romans 8:34
    (further comment). What Muslims say: that Jesus is claimed by Christians to be another god, is in fact incorrect, as His Word (i.e. God's declarations & commands) was sent to the Jews in the form of a man, Jesus (God's Word & Messenger). Our God is One & beside Him there is no other (Isaiah 44 & 45 give many examples). And this Word was made a man & had to become one of us for the sole purpose of the laying down of His Life for the sins for all people. If it was only a matter of bringing God's Message, then the prophets had done God's Will. But Jesus' task was far more: He had to make payment for mankind's sins, a payment that no one else could because everyone else were sinners, & Jesus was sinless before God. Halim, I know you are aware of what I've written, but have mentioned it, so your thoughts & prayers for your wife & sharing with her, might remain in focus with Scripture. God bless you & I will keep your family in my prayers.
  • Chris - in Reply on Romans 8:34
    Halim, Carl has given you good advice: your life & quiet witness (as maybe different to what she sees in other Muslims) will undoubtedly speak to her of a true spiritual change in you & of the deep Work of God in you through Jesus Christ. I have spent much time with dear Muslims in Pakistan many years ago & even though I found most ignorant of al-Quran (probably because they had to read it in Arabic, which they didn't know), they were receptive to what I could share. If your wife allows, & you know what she has difficulty in accepting (e.g. the Trinity, the Bible, Sin, Salvation, etc.), then you can carefully explain the Truths, even by using al-Quran. For example, to introduce the Trinity (esp. Sonship of Jesus), I would refer to Surah-an-Nisa (4:171), which speaks of Jesus, not only a messenger from Allah, but also His Word & Soul FROM HIM. John 1:1-14 declares the same thing: the Word was with God - the Word was God & this Word was given flesh (=Soul).(see following comments).
  • Sheila gillam on John 1
    God is god all by himself. he want us to trust and obey his word with a plan and purpose in mind to being us to an expected ending.
  • Chris - in Reply on John 13:15
    Juan, I can't think of any specific Scripture suggesting that we use the apostles or disciples of Jesus as our example. Though, I do know that the apostle Paul often asked his readers of some of his letters to be followers of him & others. Have a look at these: 1 Corinthians 4:16, 11:1; Philippians 3:17; 1 Thessalonians 1:6; 2 Thessalonians 3:7,9. As you know, Paul did not mean that he became some sort of special guru to them so that they had to become his disciples - He simply wanted them to obey the things he had taught them & to follow his (& the other apostle's) example of godly living.
  • Michael on John 5:4
    1/ What was the REAL date when Yashua (JESUS) was born?

    2/ Which rib did God take from Adam to make Eve?
  • H Rollin Smoak on Acts 22
    Rainbow Consciousness? Jesus Enlightenment! Life, Learn, Laugh, Love, Look, Listen, Light. Chief Corner Stone. Transition. 1+7. Pineal Gland. Water.
  • Tara Wilson-Nacoste - in Reply on Matthew 7:22
  • Jesse - in Reply on John 13:15

    The apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:1 says be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ. The word follower in this verse is the word MIMETAI which means to imitate. It is where we get our English word mime from.

    That's the word that Paul's using. The English says followers but it is the word mime, which means to imitate. The word follower doesn't mean to copy. What Paul is saying is, as you see the expression of Christ in my life, let that be the expression of Christ in your life.
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 6
    If you love Jesus, obey His commandments. John 14:15 If you don't obey His commandments then you don't love Jesus. If you don't love and follow Jesus you won't be with Him in heaven for eternity. It's pretty simple. You were given the freewill to choose and many will not chose the narrow path, but will believe satan's deception that it's ok to do evil, that you don't need to try or make effort to do anything good, etc. Matthew 7:22-23
  • James brooks - in Reply on Ephesians 3
    This is for chris:I didn,t comment on tithing being anywhere in Ephesians.That,s number one.number two what I said is scripture.You don,t have to add anything else to it.GOD Bless you and keep the faith.Faith is from GOD.And like I said;by faith of Abraham,Law given through Moses and by grace we have been saved through faith.The promise was given to Abraham before the Law was given through Moses .GOD would never go back on His promise to the Father of many nations through His SEED, JESUS CHRIST.SEED not seeds.By the Law no one will be saved:Scripture alone;Christ alone;Grace alone;Faith alone;Glory of GOD alone.GOD Bess.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 24:36
    Vicki, I agree with you on Matthew 24:36 that it applies to the time of our Lord's second coming after the days of Tribulation. The term Rapture = to snatch away, is a new teaching that was unknown in the OT & in pre-Church times. There is of course some allusion to it by the Lord (Luke 2:34-37), but I think that He is still essentially talking about His second coming to Earth, rather than in the Air to take away His saints. Then Peter reminds us (2 Pet:2-14) that in reference to the second coming (to Earth), there will be scoffers who ask, "where is the promise of His coming..all things continue as from the beginning of creation". We see that now & also easy for Christians to fall into that frame of mind: why does Jesus take so long to come?; the early Church waited expectantly & no Jesus; is His Promise to us a lie?, are some of the doubts that creep in. But we stand on God's Word & upon the Character of the Godhead, that it is no lie, & His Promise will be fulfilled according to His Plan.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 24
    A disciple is somebody who follows the teaching or doctrine of someone else. I am not sure where you are going with this, but these questions are thought provoking. I'm going to put Christ into the equation first before I answer.

    First, can a person be a believer and not a disciple?

    I would say yes. A person can believe in Christ, go to church, believe the bible to be true, believe that Jesus died for them, but not have any desire to study God's word, or be led by His Spirit in order that they might grow in Christ. That person believes, but is not a disciple.

    Your second question, can a person be a disciple and not a believer?

    Again, if I put Christ into the equation, I would say no. A person who is following Christ, submitting to the persuasion of His Spirit taking His word and ministering it to their heart and mind, that person is not only a disciple, but a true believer.

    I have one for you. Can a person who says they believe in God also be an atheist?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 24
    First of all I'm just an aging street preacher. Your account of events makes me think of the Book of Job. He had everything taken away. His wife told him to curse God and die. Job held on despite everything people said to him. In the end , he got back everything he lost and more. He had a deeper knowledge of God too. All those friends got in trouble for what they said to Job.

    The best church that I went to as a baby Christian was a storefront church. I had deliverance issues and those were prayed for respectfully so as not to scare me. I thought "spirits" were demonic and it was a while before I received the Holy Spirit; which started a lifetime of deep love and respect.

    I think you should commit your actions to Jesus to set right. Don't be Christians that go to law with each other in front of unbelievers. Trust in the Lord...He will set your path straight.

    The fields are white unto the harvest. Pray faithfully to the Lord of the Harvest. Bring the newborns to your church.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 24
    The Bible doesn't keep genealogical records of female children or wives

    Unless they are in the bloodline of Jesus:

    The Son of Man.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Matthew 24
    Neil Jesus said let the dead bury the dead and the judge that awarded that to the heretics, well he has a place reserved for him / her also.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Romans 6
    Deason, I agree that a Christian is someone who has been born again of God's Spirit, or Holy Ghost, and believing the gospel is also important. But wouldn't you agree that belief in itself is not enough to save a person, that they have to receive Christ in order to be saved? James 2:19 says that even the demons believe. But their belief does not save them.

    I am not trying to discredit anything you are saying, and I agree with everything you said for the most part. I just didn't see any mention about receiving Christ. You are spot on about eternal life, and about people who claim to be Christians but have never been born again. I think you just described the people Adam is referring to in his post, the ones who claim to be followers, but then later denounce the whole thing. I don't think those people were ever saved to begin with. 1 John 2:19 describes the people Adam is referring to. Those people were never saved, even though they were "followers," proving John's point!

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