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  • Vanessa
    Cry out to the Lord for guidance, seek and you shall find. God is pure love, he loves you. repent any sins, which we all have sin, and ask him to bring the right people to surround yourself with, and remember whatever someone says they are saying it to God he hears and sees all, as I said let it go. Praying!!! You have to make the commitment to the Lord for ever lasting grace. peace be with you
  • Vanessa on Revelation 4
    Wesley stay in the word, read the Bible daily, and trust in the word, believe in Lord thy God with all your heart mind and soul. Leave anything in your past go drop it at the Lords feet on the cross, let him take the burden, find a good church, and a good Bible study group, Praying for you, easy to take a path more walked then a path less traveled but that is the one forever lasting.
  • Maria on Exodus 28
    The tabernacle was given to Moses like the design that is in heaven. Wherein, our father resides. All of the design represented his holiness and righteousness. Our father is holy, therefore the service of the tabernacle had to be holy. The precious stones represent the twelve tribes of Israel, who just like Aaron, put them in his side of his heart, our father also has them in his heart.
  • Chris watson on Genesis 3
    Out of all the world religions there are only two religions.The false religion of man trying to create a way back to God on mans terms and the true religion of God providing man a way to come to him. A perfect template of a false and true religion : The fig leaves to present themselves before God (false religion) God slaughtered animals to produce skins (true). Human works (false) Christ (true).
  • Bruce on Hebrews 2
    By The Blood of The Lamb We have Eternal Life, Which Will Produce Good Fruit ( Matthew 7:17-20)
  • Bruce on Revelation 4
    Having Been Called(John6:44)Washed in His Blood (Revelation1:5)You will be Baptized with The Holy Ghost (Mark 1:8)You Will be Changed ( 2Corinthians5:17) Impossible not to Know. His Spirit Will Teach You(John14:26) as You Read His Word Telling Others what He has Done in Your Life and The Way of Salvation. By Prayer, Reading KJV and Telling Others,You will Draw Closer and be Stronger with The LORD
  • Obbie Beal on 1 Samuel 12
    ... years later, in 2018, we the people of earth have the same mind-set and hard-heart identical to the people of this chapter... thereby HIS wrath is long overdue... so Praise HIM for another day of HIS Mercy which allowed someone the time to have there name entered in the LAMB's BOOK Of LIFE (Rev: 21:27)... WOW! WOW! WOW!.
  • Rev. Jeannie Creola Miller on Jeremiah 29
    Father, This is not the first time you have hid your face from me to seek you on a deeper level. I can hardly breath, my every thought is you My Father, Lord and King. I need you so desperately. Where can I go? What can I do? My heart pounds for you as the deer pants for the water brook. I'm so hungry and thirsty for your presence. I will search for you .... You are my hidden treasure.
  • Verse 6~We each can do our part by planting Kingdom truths in the minds and hearts of others, but it is Jehovah God who makes it grow.
  • BSP on Isaiah 65
    Verse 20~Although we must show respect to older ones, we can offer correction if they are sinning and doing wrong. The older one is not exempt from correction no matter how old they are.
  • Wesley G heck on Revelation 4
    my body loves god. but very hard for me to live for god can anyone help me with this
  • Walter on Revelation 4
    What do you mean that your body loves God? Scriptures say our flesh is at enmity with God.
  • BSP on 1 Timothy 5
    Verse 1~If we must offer correction to an older man or woman we want to do so with respect as we would to our parents.
  • BSP on James 2
    Verse 3~We must show honor and respect to all no matter if they are rich or poor.
  • BSP on Proverbs 14
    Verse 20~We should not base our choice of friends on how much or how little our friends have financially. We must look at the inner person and their qualities.
  • BSP on Leviticus 19
    Verse 15~We must show no prejudice to anyone, no matter if a person is rich or poor. We want to treat all equally.
  • BSP on Acts 16
    Verse 15~Lydia set an excellent example in willingly giving and opening her home for hospitality.
  • BSP on Psalms 119
    Verse 105~God's Word is a light in this darkened world and it shows us the right course to take in life.
  • BSP on Galatians 2
    Verse 11-13~Peter showed prejudice when he was around certain men. We must not give into peer pressure and must work hard to put away any prejudice.
  • BSP on Galatians 3
    Verse 28~Race or nationality does not matter with God. The one who fears Jehovah God is what He looks for.
  • BSP on John 7
    Verse 24~Jesus knew the imperfect human tendency we have to judge by what appears to the eyes and he tells us to stop doing that. We must have all the facts and judge with righteousness.
  • BSP on Revelation 4
    Only Jehovah God is worthy to receive our worship and all the glory and honor because He created all things and he allows us to continue to exist.
  • AWOJ on Numbers 13
    Gina is correct, A Disciple. giants were the offspring of angels and earthly women, however as the giants were destroyed, there is no way the giants of this land were their descendants. i bring this down to the fact that the evil reports were so tinted with fear that they overlooked this simple truth. we must never let fear get in the way of doing what Jehovah requires.
  • Agnes sapp on Psalms 27
    I know that God is working on me still
    I still get scared when I should be putting my faith in God. Father plesae keep working on me,because I need you in my life Amen in the name of Jesus.

  • AWOJ on Numbers 10
    that still doesn't answer Giulo Figlio's question though, it does seem like a typo, but as H.D pointed out, the Bible makes no mistakes. maybe the name got miss-translated? idk, it doesn't matter a whole lot, however.
  • Bruce on Genesis 37
    I Assumed there will be a Lot of Comments About 20 Pieces of Silver. / They covenanted with him for Thirty Pieces of Silver. Matthew 26:15
  • Lawrence pounds on Hebrews 2
    What Christ did to gives us Victory over our enemy death is to be received by surrendering to the perfect will of God in our heart,soul,mind,body,and strength to live Holiness unto the Lord which death hath no part of but eternal life will be the fruit of our labours.
  • Kelly Powell on 1 John 5
    I'm a little confused, what are you referring to when you say the two prophets of Eden? Also, what do u mean by son's if oil? Not sure what your saying, I don't see that in the book, bible, that you referring to... Thank you in advance for your response.
  • Harold on James 1
    I certainly like the comment of Victor P (above), especially the point he makes, "All can see that freedom comes only through Christ and the basic principles that He teaches in His Word." To this I add one might lose his worldly freedom, but there is much more freedom in KNOWING it is but TEMPORARY, only a few years at most; and freedom in knowing Jesus Christ is incomparable, for it's FOREVER.
  • Frank jett on Genesis 37
    Then there passed by Midianites merchantmen; and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of the pit, and sold Joseph to the Ishmeelites for twenty pieces of silver: and they brought Joseph into Egypt. Jesus was betrayed for 20 pieces of silver also.

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