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  • Lilian on John 16
    This things i have spoken unto you that in me you shall have Peace and in this world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer i have overcome the world praise you Lord Jesus amen
  • Ruth on John 1
    Thank YOU and bless you for letting me put the relevant Word of God that glorifies the Word of God, Jesus on this site!
  • Marlon on Revelation 18
    My biggest take away from Revelation 18 is in verse 4 "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues". Many of gods people are still in and worshiping this false beast/church. Wake up and come out of her/it. Confess sins to god and not the pope. Call no man father but almighty god in heaven.
  • Lady A on John 16
    Thank GOD for his only begotten son, who die on Calvary Cross for our sins.....
  • Gbjghb on 1 John 1
    amen let their be light in the better half
  • Bruce on Psalms 12
    Will: I Appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by The Name of God Almighty, But by My Name JEHOVAH was I not Known to Them. Exodus 6:3 / We now Know His Name, JEHOVAH.
  • Bruce on Hebrews 3
    Carol: We are Sealed with The Holy Spirit: Ephesians 1:13. You Need a Church that Believes Eternal Security. You Need to Tell Others What Christ Done in Your Life. Tell Them how to be Saved: When The Father Calls then Ask Forgiveness. If Saved, They will be Washed in His Blood. Revelation 1:5 / Baptize with The Holy Ghost. Mark1:8 / You will be Changed. 2Corinthians 5:17. Impossible not to Know.
  • Rev on Revelation 1
    At the end of the 7 years, all will see him, including those who pierced him.
    The Rapture will be just like any day. Not on a feast day or Holiday.
    This is why Jesus comes with thick clouds. We would be killed by his brightness. He comes in the Rapture as a thief.
    His second coming with his Saints he destroys the wicked by the brightness.
  • Julie on Hebrews 3
    Soft hearts is when we hear The Lord Jesus whisper :-)
  • Michael Williams on Daniel 7
    It is apparent to me like never before that god is black, his son the Nazerine [his name is not 'Jesus'] is black as are the 12 Tribes of Israel of which I am a member [the tribe of JUDAH]. Until this is acknowledged in the world by the Caucasian and others as everyone with dark skin is not an Israelite [Hebrew].
  • Howard on Romans 3
    God has put away our sin! He judged Jesus in our place! His wrath has been satisfied and judgement has rendered! All those that believe on His name will be saved! Salvation is a finished work! When Christ sat down at God's right hand we sat down with Him! Our position in Christ is one of rest! Our salvation isn't performance based but rest in His performance!
  • Michelle Turner on 1 Timothy 4
    1 Timothy chapter 4 vs. 3 "Can I get a comment about this particular verse?"
  • Mary Atkinson on 1 Chronicles 27

    The emphasis is on Israel's unity under David.Davids mighty men were the 1st groups to go out on duty in the service of the king.
    The same way we need to be today we need to have unity serving God!Because divided we are falling so quickly!God's saints are his mighty men that need to go before the unsaved to show them a better way....
  • WILL on Psalms 12
  • Sharon vanburen on Haggai 2
    God is calling the people to be faithful and obedient to Him. The Lord is revealing to them what does it prosper a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. No matter what we want, it should never interfere with the plan of God. Many times we get sidetrack, and they did, but God brought them back, by reminding them that he will destroy their works unless they returned and fulfill God will.
  • Kimberly Ingram on Haggai 2
    Thank you explaining Haggai 2
  • Ike on Genesis 50
    According to verse 20, they thought evil against him; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to deliver and recue much people.
  • Carol Weber on Hebrews 3
    I am scared because although I have known the Lord for over 40 years, something has caused me to slide away. I do not have that blessed assurance of my faith or my salvation. I have been crying out to the Lord for years but all I get is silence. I am scared because I feel that I may be that person that is spoken of in Hebrew6.
  • Jeff Gullett
    And believe that he sent his ONLY begotten son Jesus Christ to die for our sins... I mean think about it God made the angels to they were his sons to. But the devil got to them and twisted them around. Think about it.
  • Jeff Gullett
    He" GOD" gave them free will just like he did us to see if we really loved him. There for the sons of GOD " I'm referring to the fallen angels" did as it says bred with the daughters of man. that's why there was so much evil when God flooded the earth. And Noah was good bloodline. However one of Noahs daughter in laws were of the fallen angels. Read it with open mind. The main thing is to love GOD
  • Jeff Gullett on Jude 1
    I think that satin the "serpent" got with Eve and cain is his . And Able is Adams and they were twins. That's why GOD told Eve he would greatly multiply her pain. And that's why that cain was so evil. I mean that you know satin has power . "NOT" as much as GOD has but it is possible. He did turn himself into a serpent and beguiled Eve .That's what its talking about. GOD gave him power to test them
  • Gloria Segun-Lean on Philippians 2
    Verse 13** says its God that gives us the power to will and to do. This is such a relief, we do not need to struggle to be good, God supplies the ability once we are born again praise God!
  • Bettye Hartfield on Psalms 100
    Making a joyful noise in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is my heart's desire. I come to the Lord with all my ups and downs and He comfort me. God is an Awesome God, He created in me a clean heart and renewed a right spirit within me. Thank You Jesus for being my all and all, along with being a very present help in time of trouble. Oh how I Love Jesus, because He first loved me, in Jesus Ame
  • David on 2 Corinthians 5
    I'm a reborn Christian and it's only by the grace that Jesus has given us that any of us are alive today
  • Nita on Ecclesiastes 8
    They know not God, no relationship with Him. They have a carnal mind.
  • Kay Forbes on Genesis 1
    I love you Father with all of my heart, please bless everyone who hears your words, please keep me strong in these last Jesus Christ name,Amen
  • Mrs T. S. Fultz on Psalms 117
    Jesus Love Us So Much!! He IS So loving and So kind and So Sweet! I Love Jesus and I will forever Give Him the Praises and the Glory and Blessed His Name Forever!!!
  • Stephen Botts on 2 Kings 19
    The angel of the Lord is the pre-incarnate Christ, Jesus Himself!
  • Gregg on Psalms 12
    God's name is Jehovah...Psalm 83:18...LORD in all caps is where Jehovah's name is supposed to be...but some writers did not include his name because some thought it was a sign of disrespect.
  • Truth From the Book on Daniel 1
    You have probably heard of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, but these were the heathen names, honoring false gods, that were given to them. Daniel 1:11

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