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  • Curtis Williams on 2 Kings 7
    The providence of God is amazing. He chose to allow four diseased, discarded, disregarded souls to be the instruments of good news -- thank God that they did not allow their condition to dictate their behavior.
  • DianaCarole Hart on 1 Corinthians 14
    So...dealing with women keeping silence...what if there is no husband...maiden, widow, ???
  • Shirley on Genesis 7
    These are great preparation and renewal scriptures for everyone to meditate on before the second coming of Jesus.

  • Murumu Francis on 1 Thessalonians 5
    1 Thes 5:9 for God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • John on Psalms 4
    Since the passing of my wife two years ago I really understand it better when you ask God to hear my voice
  • Michael A. on Numbers 6
    The vow is vow from 1 Samuel chapter 1.
    Samuel and Samson sinned. The birds-turtles are same as in Leviticus chapter 12 that is done for man child on 8th day when circumcised.
    Luke chapter 2 Jesus Christ is born and 8th day circumcised. Points to Jesus Christ being holy from womb and without sin.
    God has shown me this.
  • Juan a pedraza on Job 41
    God does not have to prove how strong or mighty he is and he did not give in to the Devil by punishing Job, the Devil did this to Job. Job proved the Devil wrong, this was the purpose of the trial, and Job proved to be faithful while proving the Devil to be wrong. God did not punish Job because the Devil taunted him, God was aware of Job's faith and Job proved God to be right and the Devil wrong.
  • Methuselah on Genesis 7 ur all who wonder about cain,he is nine generations removed from the flood and was probably deceased...if not,he perished in the flood ordained by God,not of man's hands
  • Juan pedraza on Job 41
    God was trying to prove the Devil to be wrong. If God have shown his mercy and power at that time, it would have proved nothing, but have proved the Devil to be right. Lot did not give up and kept his integrity through all the suffering.This was the only way to go about it by holding unto his faith and proving the Devil to be wrong. If you do not know what goes on, keep your ignorance to yourself.
  • Angie on Job 41
    Please do not discourage people. In love give an answer.
  • Methuselah on Matthew 6 is simply a summery of what He is enough to get thru the trials of the present and not fixate on endless far off of poor spirit and mourn the evil of the word and our own shortcomings,but thirst after righteousness,show mercy andseek to be an agent of peace...God Bless
  • Mark Orina on Revelation 3
    The Revelation of John is about the End-Time events to usher in the anxiously awaited Second Coming of the Son of let us be vigilant.
  • Caroline on Jeremiah 1
    I Jeremiah confirms all my convictions,I have fallen in my 69years many times but l have seen and experienced salvation by the HAnD of God and the Arch Angels proven to me I am not alone,we are not alone.In Christ Jesus Amen.
  • Therisa Pierson on Psalms 23
    The 23rd psalms give me peace conference relaxation a worry-free mind it's just fulfilled me completely and I really enjoyed
  • Donnie on Matthew 24
    Mary Lively, the "flight" is the shifting of people out of the modern day West Bank upon the desolation. Imagine having to flee into the mountains on foot during the winter time. Also, if this were to happen on a sabbath day, there will be much confusion and possible disregard for the times, therefore, those people may be swayed by the many and possibly lose vital time in their decision to flee.
  • Obbie Beal on Psalms 127

    7 Let Israel hope in the LORD: for with the LORD there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption. (the 'HEART Of GOD' is shown to us in this verse ( ... Mercy and Plenteous Redemption ) WOW! WOW! WOW!.
  • Obbie Beal on Psalms 126

    V:5 "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy". (YES! YES! YES!)! it is o/k to shed tears when applicable, but keep your 'Whole Armor of GOD' on, thereby prepared; within seconds the next battle with evil shall began again.
  • LJ on John 14
    I believe that Jesus telling His Apostles that He must suffer for their sakes here, was very inspirational. I do believe Christs coming is both Spiritual as well as Physical. His coming happens through His indwelling us with The Holy Spirit. Yet too, I believe He will return and set His footstool in order.
  • Jennifer Pass on John 14
    This is my favorite chapter in the Bible. So beautifully worded, and our only true comfort in this world.
  • Lady A on John 14
    I am A child of GOD.....
    Believe and Trust he knows what's best for Me..
  • Unified2 on Tobit 3
    I retired a few years ago and have been reading my bible with sincerity and consistency for once . A couple of days ago I prayed a pray that my hands would lead to me a lifestyle I could live out the rest my days and it lead me straight away to Tobit....isn't God great!!
  • I love this psalm as well so comforting, and Joan if you open your Bible you will see it is a book of psalms and even in my early 1900 Bible it is the same and every psalm is a chapter, they are separated one from the other, hope this helps you to understand, they were to be considered a cluster of 5 books God Bless
  • Archie Vanderver on Matthew 3
    I believe with all my heart that Jesus is the only way to salvation, For He said ,,, No one sees the Father except through me! And its only through Jesus that you can be saved!
  • "my people have forsaken Me..and hewen for themselves cisterns that cannot hold water." It is so true. Nothing else can fill the void. Only Jesus. There are so many bright religious ideas that do not lead to God's living water. I pray that God will reveal himself to those seeking in the church and cause us to rise up out of our graves and know God is alive and not just a Sunday activity.
  • BSP on Ezekiel 9
    Verse 4~Jehovah God is searching for those who are sincerely sighing over the terrible moral decay and breakdown of spiritual conditions in the wicked world. He wants to save such ones and draw them to himself.
  • Ed on Job 41
    Another chapter where God just sounds like a blowhard saying how powerful He is. But for all His bluster, where is the compassion or fairness? Job was obedient and God punishes him JUST because the devil taunts God. If the devil can so easily manipulate God into punishing someone who doesn't deserve it, then maybe God isn't as strong as He would have you believe.
  • BSP on Ezekiel 5
    Verse 11~These were supposed to be Jehovah God's people and they disrespected him right in his own sanctuary. He would not feel sorry for executing judgment on these hardened immoral people.
  • BSP on John 13
    Verse 17~In order to be truly happy we must not only hear Jesus' teachings but we must also apply them and practice them.
  • OHANU KENNETH on Psalms 23
    It gives me joy,happiness and comfort so our GOD is great in my life
  • BSP on Titus 2
    Verse 13~Focusing on the blessed hope or happy hope that we have for the future can helps us to be happy now.

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