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  • Timothy giles on Daniel 3
    when God reveals himself through an angel or something else ( burning bush) you will know him ,you have to be fervent in your prayers and know it is God you are talking too !
  • Ken on Romans 10
    Jewel that is so true about Romans 10-9 that’s such a true and wonderful scripture that’s very uplifting to the heart and spirt...Praise the Lord !!
  • Erica on Deuteronomy 28
    Jai your answer to those verses is it’s a curse the Most High put on the people of Israel for not obeying the commandments
  • Bruce on Psalms 22
    Vanessa Statement is a Little Ambiguous. Will The 3rd be Built Before or after The Lord's Return? The Lord Himself Will build it? Is it physical or spiritual?
  • Gwendolyn Kelley on Ephesians 1
    What a Blessing to have
  • Carl E. Williams on 1 Corinthians 1
    I have read 1 Corinthians 2:14 several times, Putting it the full context of Verses 10-13 and can not determine In my Mind , what God is telling us here. Please explain what God is saying in verse 14 and how it relates to verses 10-13. Thank you so much, Carl
  • Billy bob on John 2
    This really speaks to me
  • Mark Diffin on Isaiah 7
    Big mistranslation in v5 - he was wounded FOR our transgressions. The correct translation is - he was wounded FROM our transgressions. Go and check the original Hebrew if you don't believe me. There is a world of difference in this - FROM does not imply any forgiveness from the sinner. Forgiveness is only granted by the sinner himself repenting as is stated in many places. May we all merit this!
  • Darlene on Jonah 2
    Jonah was told from Jesus to go preach the gospel in one City but he ran from Jesus even tho he could not hide from him . So he rebelled against Jesus and The Lord allowed Jonah to be swallowed up in the belly of the whale (big fish) . For 3-day's
  • Geraldine on Nehemiah 10
    What does it mean to bring the offering of the first born of there sons?
  • Bruce on Psalms 127
    Jean: The Lord Says He Will Wash Us in His Own Blood(Revelation 1:5)He Will Baptize Us With The Holy Ghost(Mark 1:8) He Will Make All Things New, We Will be Changed(2 Corinthians 5:17) Impossible Not to Know. All this Happens when The Father Calls(John 6:44) And You Ask Forgiveness. You are Sealed(Ephesians 1:13, 4:30) We Grow by Telling Others What He's Done in Our Life and How to be Saved
  • Geraldine cole on Matthew 4
    Praise Jesus the Lord his word is a blessing for me
  • Mark Diffin on Psalms 22
    Bruce, since Vanessa seems to have disappeared, I will answer. She must be referring to the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (The 2nd was destroyed by the romans in the year 70) This is a little strange, since Christians don't believe that animal sacrifice will return, whereas the Jewish people certainly do. If you have any more questions about the Jewish viewpoint I will be happy to try and answer
  • Mark Diffin on Zechariah 8
    Dear Irene123 - clearly v23 has not yet come about. Look at verse 19 - it says that the 4 fast days shall turn into days of joy. The Jewish people are still keeping these days as days of mourning as they have for the last 2000 years. So just as v19 has not yet come about, so too v23 has not yet happened. This is clear and unrefutable. See also Jeremiah 16:19
  • Mark Diffin on Isaiah 7
    Alex, yes, Zacharia was killed,but by the mob but not by the Pharisees. Are you blaming the Pharasees even for killing Abel?! I do not regard Matthew as reliable (see my comments on ch2). I just wonder how many Jews have been killed because of this Ch23. I am still waiting for names and sources for the Pharasees (the Jews faithful to the Torah) having killed a single prophet, let alone most/all
  • Shane Carroll on Revelation 18
    The Babylon spoken of here is America. There can be no doubt. "One Nation Under God" seems to be less than half a nation under God these days. It seems that we've thrown away, that which made us great. Just as Isreal did, we have turned our back on God. We, as a nation will be "thrown down" and merchants the world over will weep for there will be no America to buy their goods anymore.
  • Debra & Alton V on Acts 2
    The moon is suppose to turn into blood, or so appear to be so tomorrow night. 01 20th, 2019. Although all the signs are here still people are foolish do not see the end is near. God wI'll return. Those who disbelieves are in for a shock the day Jesus comes back God rids the evil throws it all back into hell. I just hope my feet are clean enough to walk across th e golden streets of glory.
  • Neil in Canada on Job 41
    Re. Ed’ s Q re Job.......if you study Satan’s conversation with God re Job, you’ll see that GOD uses the word “behold “ twice with Satan.when God created the universe, HE buried many principles in gravity, DNA,physics, Math,..etc, many based on cause/effect....if you seek, you shall find,if you ask, it will be given,... and God binds HIMSELF to these principles in dealing with us.
  • Beverly Adams on Acts 10
    Verses 45 is saying that the Gentiles was pour out the gift of the Holy Spirit and verse 46 said they speak in tongues and then in verse 48 Peter commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. so if they were Gentiles they wasn't saved so how did they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Kenneth w Hegler on Matthew 5
    God always requires more than belief...1 Peter 3:8-11. Even under the Mosaic law mankind was to do more than just believe...Mark 1:17-21! Even the bible says in James 2:17-20 that it is not enough to just believe! This is a myth propagated by the devil!
  • Kenneth w Hegler on Genesis 6
    He was preaching to the world because the world (people) were wicked and their destruction was coming!
  • Kenneth w Hegler on Hebrews 1
    Jesus was made. He had no physical body until
    God made him one, but he existed in his spiritual form before the beginning of time.. read Genesis 1:26 and then read John 1:14
  • Jake Hoek on Hebrews 1
    Who was made? Hebrew.10: 5 says, when he cometh into the world he saith, this is Christ speaking to the father, sacrifice etc.but a body hast thou prepared me! Verse 7, Lo I come, --- to do thy will o God! This is revealing some of the secret communications beyond our carnal comprehension, as we read about John and Christ while in the womb.
  • Jeannie Al-Taweel on Psalms 127
    I'm blessed by having God bringing a sober man into my life. I lost my mother a year ago an had bad relationship for the past 4 years . I thrive to be sober an blessed now. If you can help me with verses that will help me through daily struggles of keeping toxic things away from my relationship with God an my soon to be husband !
  • Bruce on Luke 21
    That's Referring to a Pregnant Woman and a Newborn baby Still Nursing.
  • Lakesha on Genesis 6
    In the new Testament, it says Noah was a preacher of righteousness. Who do you think he was preaching to? If his children were wicked, God wouldn't have preserved them. It is a requirement for all God's children to walk before Him uprightly, AND in so doing, share God and God's WORD with others. IE, Ezekiel's warning. Read 2 Peter 2:5 and Ezekiel 3:18 and 33:8
  • Kathleen on Mark 9
    Authoritive, and lovely...Jesus' imagery so moving.....Lord forgive us our doubt....let us search your precious Word daily and pray earnestly for all we encounter, as God is faithful!
  • Rosalyn Maria Coleman-Billingslea on Psalms 40
    “The FEAR (Reverence) Of the Almighty God we serve, is the assurance (confident HOPE) that I, R., shall be delivered from ALL, things that COME, against MY, CHOICE, totally submitted to GOD, supplying ALL my NEEDS in the SPIRIT, MENTALLY and standing right before the LORD in marriage.”
  • Judy N on Ecclesiastes 3
    I haven't read all the comments yet, but there are two that speak to me... Isaac Anyolo's comment the preaching of God's Word is not eternal we need to use this time now to win souls to God and April Sims comment on 8.8.15 what already has been that which is to be already has been - God allows history to repeat itself.
  • John on Habakkuk 3
    I like 18 ,God is good, he doesn't let his believers down

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