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  • Sharron G Narinesingh on Revelation 22
    Was John blinded on the isle of Patmos?
  • Bradley on Ephesians 4
    Ephesians Chapter 4 Verse 32:
    Is should not be "And be ye kind one to another ..."
    It should be "And become ye kind one to another ..."
  • God is gooood!!Amazing, incredible, astounding! Stay faithful! Don't Worry!!
  • Bruce on 1 Timothy 2
    The Only Way to be Accepted is by The Blood of The Lamb. Mother Teresa will be Cast into The Lake of Fire if not Covered by The Blood of God's Son /There's a Way which Seemeth Right unto Man But The End thereof are The Ways of Death. Proverbs 14:12
  • Bruce on Matthew 2
    The Lord Could have Took Them straight to where His Son was Living, But He Took Them to See The King First. What's not Wise Here Your Comment or God's Plan. Call on Him.
  • Susan on Ephesians 6
    Put on the whole armour of God... This makes me think of a soldier in battle. If the soldier makes the wrong move, that person can get hurt very bad.

    God is Love and in Him is no darkness at all. God, who is love, gave His only begotten son, Christ Jesus, so we can be saved-Rom 10:9/10, 17. We can manifest the power of God in our lives as we walk in God's love--that's life in all abundance.
  • Theresa on Deuteronomy 22
    Praise the lord it should be a difference we are peculiar people this seems to be a problem for a lot if people. The lord want us obey women should not wear pants and men should not wear dresses or skirts think about it even on the restroom doors it has differences. I would encourage anyone that when the lord is dealing with regarding this please obey he requires for us to be Holy.
  • Anne on Judges 18
    Sometimes we make things our god without realizing it. Not necessarily molten images but anything that takes us away from worshipping God as we should. Let us be mindful to put God first in all we do."Thou shall have no other gods before me" says hte Lord, Ex. 3.
  • Yohannes Akich
    Often we are unwilling to forgive until the offender has apologized to us Or we want to see that the person has changed their behaviour before we forgive them. like Jesus, we need to forgive people, even if they are not sorry about the evil they have done.On the cross he said, forgive them, Father they dont know what they are doing (LK 23:34)
  • Yohannes Akich on 1 John 1
    thank God for trusting a person again right after they hurt us because forgiveness involves bringing the pain to Christ.
  • Yohannes Akich on 1 John 1
    it is invite some people to share the ways that they have seen God at work,even in the midst of their problems. thank, God and praise him in words and songs because he is healing the wounds in our hearts.
  • Mbabazi florence on Psalms 127
    Thank you Mathew Henry for the comments on Psalms 137 am encouraged by your words i was also saved by my Father in Heaven as you commented and be blessed in Jesus name.

    Debts were like a flood in my life but I thank God he is making me clear one by one Glory to God the creator of me.
  • Tamia Dawkins on Romans 6
    It is ok if many people don't understand the meaning of the scripture. This is one of the many reasons why Jesus died on the cross for all of mankinds sins. The real true reason why Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins is so that we can have Grace trough God when it comes to our sins. It is definitely by faith and not by works.
  • MARY WINTERS on Psalms 9
  • Anne on Judges 15
    Samson was called by God to start the deliverance of the Israelites from the hands of the Philistines. He was fully equiped to carry out his purpose. God equips us for our purpose in life.
  • ALEX on Matthew 27
    The veil was symbolic of the old covenant a levitical Priesthood. The new covenant REPLACES the old covenant. A Melchezedec Priesthood is now in effect via blood of Christ.No more temples made with hands NOW our high priest has to be born in us via the SEED of the sower, living WORDS of God,Abide in me and i in you.He always refers to himself as the SON OF MAN, MANKINDS FRUIT UNTO GOD TH MANCHILD
  • Miguel Atkinson on Numbers 5
    The law of jealousies foretell Jesus Christ being born! God has shown me This! Believe in Jesus Christ and you shall have everlasting life! Get a king james bible and believe. In Exodus chapter 20 we see what makes God jealous and this is "law of jealousies". The adulteress or non faithful woman is "israel" and is under the curse. The faithful wife "Judah" is made free of curse and conceives seed.
  • Carl Williams on Isaiah 45
    The Chapter says, "I am the Lord there is none beside me", you don't know me but let me tell you who I am. You don't have to wonder anymore, I form light, create darkness, make peace, and create evil I the Lord do all these things. This eliminates the question why is there evil in the world? God created it. He does not tempt man with evil, or cannot be tempted with it, he tells us don't bother it.
  • Brian on Jeremiah 10
    Deuteronomy 12:30-31 "...How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise. Thou shalt not do so unto the Lord thy God..."

    God said do not do as the heathen. These so called Christian holidays are ALL pagan in origin and true Christians do not celebrate them. It takes very little effort to discover where they came from.
  • Ronnie on Jeremiah 10
    OR, True Christians celebrate the holidays and recognize the pagan versions as pre-cursors to their true meaning. Pagans did not have Jesus, but God was trying to let them know in ways they might understand during their time that he was coming. :
  • Carl Harmeling
    This is for V.K.
    Marriage, that is Christian marriage, is a commitment to another person through thick and thin, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health and the vows before God should of course be kept while one remains in this world and are remembered in heaven.
  • Carl Harmeling on Matthew 5
    Jesus went up a mountain to peel away the merely curious and the sceptical academics.
  • Carl Harmeling on Matthew 2
    Not very wise of the three wise men to ask a murderous king where his replacement has just been born. Cost a lot of mothers a lot of sorrow.
  • BECKY kOILE on 1 Timothy 2
  • Bruce on John 3
    Only by The Blood of The Lamb Your Sins are Washed Away.(Revelation 1:5 ) Then You are Baptized with The Holy Ghost(Mark 1:8) You and Others Will Know You have Been Changed( 2Corinthians 5:17) Without The Shedding of Blood there is no Forgiveness: (Hebrews 9:22)
  • Maria on Luke 5
    Our Lord came to fulfill the prophecy of the book of Esaias. The Jewish leaders were full of hypocrisy because of their own traditions. They refused the Messiah, therefore the Lord went and invited others like the gentiles to be saved. He walked among his own yet he was ignored. The parable of the old cloth and wine bottles makes reference of this, Luke 5, Vs36-38. He says preach to all nations.
  • Lilian on Proverbs 29
    A fool uttereth his mind but a wise man keepeth it till afterwards amen
  • Bruce on Jeremiah 10
    We Shine in The Midst of a Crooked and Perverse World(Philippians 2:15) Come Out from Among Them and be Ye Separate(2Corinthians 6:17) All this Week Churches Had a Celebration honoring Christ.(halloween)Christmas,Singing to Trees, telling Kids Santa Knows who's Good.I Asked is this Right.They Said No,But it's Fun and The Kids like it. Study His Word it Flat-out Says,Things of The World are Sinful.
  • ANolastname on Bel and the Dragon 1
    unveiling of statues of baphomet in USA shows: The condition of mind described as depravity of mind is characterized by an inherent deficiency of moral sense and integrity. It consists of evil, corrupt and perverted intent which is devoid of regard for human dignity and which is indifferent to human life. It is a state of mind outrageously horrible or inhuman-Legal Definition of Depravity Of Mind
  • A Nolastname on Bel and the Dragon 1
    Makes me think of the statues of baphomet unveiled in a few states in the USA. We need more people like Daniel in this time period we're in.

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