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  • Peter Mashiane - in Reply
    Abba Father, i pray for Gloria's comfort, I also ask for healing and strength, as she go through this valey of many questions, may your your hand Carry her on full strength. Father we pray your love may cover her like dew falling on dry ground. Thank you father for been soon faithful.
  • Jonathan Stabnow on Genesis 6:7
    I love the bible and I know that the kjv is very nice to read
  • Happy Babtistcostilist - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Yes easyer to hear Him when you use childs ears
  • Happy Babtistcostilist - in Reply on Genesis 3:1
    truly, why did they eat fruit because adam added to what GOD said
  • Mishael on Ten Commandments - in Reply on Exodus 20:25
    Exodus 20 or Deuteronomy 5

    These books contain the Ten Commandments. I would compare both.

    The Bible is the best reference book to use for study. All the books contained in it, were canonized.

    Also, Jesus gave us 2 more commandments in the Gospels.

    Chris can tell you details about the process.
  • Two Cents on Daniel 2
    RE: Michael Gonzolas comment: Very insightful! Question: Because this is an OT scripture, wouldn't the Hebrew word for seed be more accurate? The Hebrew word for seed in this verse is "Zera" and is only used once in the whole scripture. What is your insight on this word? Thanks!
  • Mishael - in Reply
    You need to google that as there is so much information about them.

    The Dead Sea scrolls prove the Bible is authentic. Atheists can't allege that the Bible is only a book.
  • David A Paine on Exodus 8
    "NEVER" key word, Why would a person with no belief for what ever reason concede? Thank God we are not the majority...
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 3:1
    What are you....9 yrs old?
  • Bug on Psalms 104
    I love Nahum 1:3, where the clouds are the dust of his feet... Gracious and glorious God our Father !
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 3:1
    Maybe you're joking or being sarcastic, but for the record just read the Bible. It's clear what the first sin was and that was eating the fruit of the forbidden tree. They were sinless before that. They sinned then were kicked out of the garden. There's no confusion about it.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Revelation 2
    It is. Aimed right at you. Catch it. Grab it. Hold it.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Revelation 2
    Yes, up until the last moment.
  • Pamela Winkelmann - in Reply on Psalms 70
    I will be praying for you and the best advice I could offer is... remember it's lies of the Evil one who whispers, so whenever I am distressed, I read my King James Bible Just open it and I usually find Peace and Comfort in the page it opens to!!! May JESUS BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY
  • Stanjett - in Reply
    goggle it.
  • Happy Babtistcostilist - in Reply on Genesis 3:1
    Truly , Truly ! ! Yes first sin was preaching , Too much preaching and not enough doing ! ! !
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    So true Adam. Our excuse would be that this type of 'ministry' (whether coffee or books) is justified as it's not being done 'in the sanctuary' but outside of it & for other people's convenience & for necessity sake. How will the Lord find His Church at His Coming.
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Thanks for all that interesting, valuable information Robert. Most of us will never know these things until someone else who has researched into the state (condition) of present day Israel, informs us. Appreciate your time & knowledge on this.
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 10
    You: "I believe there is a double fulfillment with many things in this chapter that we in our time will experience, one of those being preaching the gospel to the whole world."

    This is probably where a lot of error & misunderstanding comes up: how to dissect correctly what has been fulfilled & what is yet to come. In our natural mind, we tend to read things as a developing story, & so what was prophesied to occur prior to & at the arrival/destruction by the Roman Army in AD70, then also speaks about a great tribulation, which no doubt meant great suffering to the Jews at that time (i.e. from Matthew 24:20 to the change in v 21). And the thought of the great tribulation is continued from there to v31, which clearly hasn't happened in its fullest sense. So much speculation arises, different teaching, & sometimes a trail of confused believers as to what is actually going on here. I just have to accept that post Cross, there was & will always be much suffering from the hands of wicked men (spirit of anti-Christ), & we must simply believe that all the prophecies given must be fulfilled according to the declarations by God.

    You: "I have evangelized many a Jew, and they hate the New Testament."

    As I have done to a lesser extent than you, in ministry to Muslims in Pakistan, who likewise discount the whole Bible as 'filled with errors' in 'light of the revelation given by the Quran'. My approach has always been to begin on common ground (on which there is much) & even using the Quran to establish foundational truths, so that progress (= more light) can be made & seen. Of course, one's own knowledge has to be very good & the hearer must also be inclined to learn. Sadly, deficiency in both areas, prevents a meaningful discourse taking place.
  • Happy Babtistcostilist - in Reply on Genesis 3:1
    sorry don't know [ your mistake ]
  • Happy Babtistcostilist - in Reply on Genesis 3:1
    easy to name dogs , Right ?
  • Happy Babtistcostilist - in Reply on Genesis 3:1
    Yes , Adam preached to Eve and that open the door for satin He touched the fruit and he did not die and eve knew what dieing was not breathing , so satin touch and then ate the fruit , and then said YA EAT THIS AND YOU WILL BE JUST LIKE GOD's and we all want to be like HIS SON, a GOD,
  • Bennet rowe - in Reply on Acts 5
    I totally agree with you. I believe the Bible teaches those faithful saints that are still alive when the trump sounds, will leave this earth and meet him in the air. non saints will face eternal death which is eternal sepparation from god
  • Naomi - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    You have got it right.
  • Adam - in Reply
    Literally scrolls found in caves in Israel in 1946 and later. What's significant about it is it proves the authenticity of the Bible. Because people claimed that with a couple thousand years passing that it must've been inaccurate, so when they found these scrolls dated that old sitting there for a couple thousand years then compared it to the existing scriptures and found it to match identically, then yes, it debunked the critics accusations who were trying to discredit the Bible.
  • Adam - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    Hi Roger, doing sales and marketing and cheating in a church was what made Jesus more angry than any other time recorded in the Bible. So, it's a big deal and in my opinion church leaders who choose to charge $ for coffee, books, shirts, concerts, and have ATMs in the church will be dealt with severely. It is a severe lack of judgment on their part to do the one thing that made Jesus so angry in the Bible. The audacity for someone to do exactly what Jesus hated and didn't want is like slapping Him in the face, in my opinion. But today you will find thousands of churches doing exactly that. Satan even works among the churches to deceive Christians.
  • Leo Le Lee
    What r the dead sea scrolls .?
  • Evelyn martinez on Revelation 2
    are those who are left behind have the opportunity to get saved during the tribulation?
  • Paul on Genesis 8
    Our Lord often referred to Himself as the Son of Man.

    Our Lord is the Son of Man because He was born.

    And by one man who was not born by this man's disobedience we all die.

    But by one Man who was born by this Man's righteousness death was overcome.

    Consider the greatness of Adam.

    Adam was not born.

    Adam is not the Son of Man.

    Adam is a son of God.

    And Adam having not been born is greater than us all.

    Thus Adam chosen that in Adam we all die and in Adam we are all on probation with God upon the condition of repentance.

    But consider our Lord Jesus Christ who like all of us was born.

    Only Christ was born in righteousness and having no disobedience even unto the suffering of the cross by which He partook of that bitter cup the unborn man Adam could not bear and brought us the better even the first resurrection.

    For Jesus Christ is greater than Adam.

    Jesus Christ is the greatest of all.
  • Rodger butcher on Matthew 21:13
    If Jesus says not to buy or sell in your house of worship then why do most or a lot of churches do and will be judged for braking one of God's law if they keep doing it and don't asked to be forgiving.

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