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  • Mishael on Genesis 5
    God the Father

    Jesus the Son of God, and the Son of Man

    The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ. The 3rd Person of the Godhead.
  • Tim on Matthew 2
    In Judaism and the Old Testament there are Nazarites. The Nazarites followed very strict interpretation of Jewish Law which included not drinking wine or grapes amoung others. Could the place of Nazareth be confused in interpretation to being a Nazarite?
  • SPIN THEORIES - in Reply on 1 John 5
    It's not a doctrine! It's in scripture all over the Bible. It's a fact that you refuse to perceive rightly.

    It means loss of rewards at the Bema Seat Judgment Of Christ Jesus, when All Christians works will pass through fire.

    If you have caused baby Christians to fall away from believing that every word on the Bible is rock solid, you may face loss of reward.

    We need to be aware this. Commenting is to shed Light...not darkness on Truth: who is a Person, Jesus. It is NOT about spinning a new way to see a foundational truth.

    For what reason would we spin controversy that may cause a baby lamb or sheep to fall away? Nothing can be added to, or taken away from what is written and recorded in the Bible.

    Jesus said, I and my Father are one and the same; several times, in the Bible. PERIOD.

    In no way do I approve what other people add or subtract from that statement. I hope someday you will realize that the one reason for denying Truth, to teach others another way; is PRIDE. Something that God hates.

  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on 1 John 5
    Well, you're calling things in the Bible blasphemous. We're not making this up. No one, not me anyway, is reducing God from being the Father or the Most High. Even Jesus Christ states several times that the Father is greater than Him. Christ is still the Messiah who existed before the earth was created.

    I don't judge or condemn anyone for anything. God is our Eternal Father and I build upon the foundation of Jesus Christ is Lord.

    I prayed to God for over twenty years. Not believing in Jesus Christ. No prayers got answered. Once I accepted Jesus Christ everything changed. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father.

    God Bless you.
  • Richard on 1 Corinthians 2:2
    Peter said he's not worthy to suffer the same crucifixion as Jesus.

    Where in scripture is that reference made in the King James Bible
  • Tim on Matthew 1
    The lineage used by the Jewish people are from the mother's side. Yet Matthew is using lineage from the Father's side. Why did he not use thelineage from the mother's side which would be Mary?
  • Is God a being, or a conscience state of mind
  • David W Black - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Hi again, Nathan. I am only taking the same hard line Christ Himself taught. There are quite a few differences in salvation from the Old vs New Testament times. OT animal sacrifices to appease God which was counted as salvation, according to the ceremonial law of Moses. These ceremonies can be seen described in Deuteronomy, Exodus for example. This tabernacle and ceremonial way was a type of the salvation Christ offers and for what He died on the cross to pay for. But there are differences. OT required atonement for sins yearly. NT if you repent your sins then you are saved from those sins in power over sin, in removing the penalty of sins committed, along with removing the guilt of sins of the past. Note again I do not mention sins of the present when regarding salvation, because God requires you to sin no more after salvation. If you sin presently but after salvation, you have backslid and are plunged back into sin. 2 Pt 2:22 gives an apt description, dogs turned to his own vomit again or sow that was washed returning to wallowing in mire. So too there are not future sins. You can't be saved from something you have yet to commit but plan on later. I know there's 2 works to obtain full salvation, repentance to salvation and sanctification of spirit. You can disagree if you so choose, but what I stated is correct. Not because I say it, but because it is what the Bible teaches.

    It would be great if we all made Heaven our home. God still has rules and those that obey will make it to Heaven. Those that reject the truth do not make it. We can choose to obey or not. We choose to believe the Bible or not. The Bible still says there's a Heaven and a Hell as places for spending eternity. Heaven for the ones that love and obey God and His Word and have been saved from sin. Hell is for all that reject His truths and die an unrepentant sinner. The kingdom of God includes all that are freed from sin, and excludes all that still sin against God. Sin is a willfully disobedience.
  • Marjorie Hodges - in Reply on Matthew 22
    I believe Matthew the 24th chapter is miss understood some say some of the words in this chapter ex go on the roof ? that chapter is about the destruction of Jerusalum
  • Chris - in Reply on Song of Solomon 4
    Thank you for the Truths you've given proving that Jesus is the Son of God. I have never disagreed with you on those Scriptures showing Jesus as God's Son. Yet you choose to avoid or reject clear Scriptures declaring Him to be part of the Eternal Godhead.

    I'm not in opposition - you are by not wishing to expound John 1:1-14 as suggested. Therein lies a clear declaration of who Jesus is pre-incarnate & needs to be accepted as given. To deny the Word coming in the flesh as Jesus, is to deny the true God-head & brings to us that a clear warning that deception lies before us (1 John 4:1-3).
  • Rob on 1 John 1
    This chapter the disciples learned the scriptures taught be Jesus things even the prophets did not know .

    How could that be ?

    Jesus being born of God was one with God more then any of us know , because his relationship was never interrupted by sin from the womb of Mary .

    Yes only He had this , even John the Baptist the greatest of all apostles said He was not worthy to undo his Shoe laces ! Wow do you get it ?

    The in verse 3 they stated that our fellowship is with the Father and son .

    Jesus being one with God by perfect living his whole life not only demonstrated but also could teach the way of God by his genuine experience. God testified that Jesus well pleased him , yes his Son Jesus .

    Jesus was able to reveal God like no other , because he was born of God . With a mission to save the world .

    That takes a lot of God to do that , and he did it . any wonder why he is now at the fathers right hand ?

    He was not there before but he is now at Gods right hand , because he deserves it . And it's all Gods sovereign plan . Jesus said not my will but your will be done to his father

    when faced with the most difficult task ! Wow even brave Peter denied him and ran away !

    Yes Jesus revealed the life of God and so much more , to them so they write in 1 John .

    Spiritual life in God . And Jesus is the true leader and did it all perfectly.

    There is so much more that could be said but it's longer than I like already .
  • Rob on John 5:39
    John 5 v 36 , 37, 38 , 39 ...
  • Irene Reilly on Deuteronomy 6:18
    I am also confused with the word showing???
  • Nathan Unger - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Revelation 13:8 would cast great doubt on the notion that O.T. Saints were saved in a way other than we are and would cause me to re-examine my beliefs on why King David asked God to cleans him from secret faults.

    "And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

    Again. Just saying.

  • Rob - in Reply on Song of Solomon 4
    Yet you refuse to except the Fathers Gods witness and you want me to correct your confusion! I shown more truth to you than most people get in a life time and you still or in opposition! I get it ....
  • Richard in Christ on Deuteronomy 6:18
    To Claire,

    Hopefully I will not receive much rebuke for this but this is only for your help. As it is the truth. I was baptized with water when a baby but of coarse then lived a pretty aberrant lifestyle. It was just last year when I was lead to Jesus Christ. Passionately giving myself to Jesus Christ and inviting Him into my heart along with praising Him and confessing how sorry I was for not believing in Him for so long. Just always believing in other people instead of reading the Bible for myself.

    It was only after about a week of praising Him and telling Him how sorry I was from the heart that something astounding happened to me. Surround Jesus Christ. Since then many marvelous things have occurred to me. Even having to battle satan as he tempted me to keep doing things that were not ok with God. Not even knowing it at the time.

    The main thing I wanted to state is that I have never been baptized with water again since I was a baby. The Holy Spirit is in me and the relationship I have with our Father in Heaven is glorious. Jesus Christ will baptize you with the Holy Spirit when He knows it is time. You may already have the Holy Spirit in you and just not know it yet.

    Please no one take this the wrong way and think I have anything against getting a water baptism. I am only saying this because of truth, experience, and the Holy Spirit wanted me to post this for you. It is always going to be hard while we are still here in earth and no one should think it is going to get easier. Keep fighting satan and sin, keep praying from the heart, and do your best to follow in the foot steps of Jesus Christ.

    With the one problem you have about unforgiveness. I know it's hard. We all have problems. Just ask yourself "do I want God to forgive all my sins?" I'm sure you do so just forgive no matter what. This doesn't mean things people do to you, or others, are ok or right. Just let God be the Judge. As Jesus Christ did. 1 Peter 20-25.

    You are in my prayers sister.
  • Rob - in Reply on 1 John 5
    If a person truly understands The relationship between the Father and the Son .

    They would realize just how blasphemous the God head doctrine really is !

    First of all it reduces God the father from his rightful and sovereign position as Creator of all thing .

    I would not want to stand before him with the trinity doctrine hanging above me !

    Flee the wrath to come !

  • Nathan Unger - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Thank you for your "reply" David.

    Have a nice day. I hope to see you in Heaven. Not of works lest any man should boast. To take either a Arminian or Calvinistic or just 1 point calvinistic (security of the believer) seems to be picking what you want to believe. The Bible is a paradox and a series of tests IMHO.

    You seem to be taking a very hard line on ceasing from sin, hope you're not proud of your position...

    Just sayin.


    Nathan Samuel Unger
  • Dawn Belcher on Psalms 91:7
    I will deliver him and honor him and show him my salvation. What was God talking about I need to understand the last two verse. I all so need prayer for my daughter and kids. She is a gambler she knows the way but she lets the enemie take over her mind she mistreat her kids I want to take them but I need a place to live. I paid all my bills so I can be bless to get a house to live in that's mind praying my credit score would go up before Nove or Dec of 2020. Keep me in prayer God has a house for me with low mortage. I'am trying to work and save by the grace of God help. Thank you for your web site it's a blessing
  • Biblereader on Galatians 5
    There is only way to heaven you must obey Acts 2:38! Ephesians 4:5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism. We must be baptized in Jesus name not sprinkled water on. We must be baptized in Jesus name. The name of the father is Jesus, the name of the son is Jesus the name of the Holyghost is Jesus and the Bible says these three are one. In Revelation John saw one one the throne.
  • Chris - in Reply on Song of Solomon 4
    It seems that your faith hangs on a Doctrine, or rather as you require, a Statement to that effect. My faith hangs on the volume of evidence from the Scriptures showing me, in this instance of Christ's Deity, Who this Jesus is, of Whom it is claimed that He is both the Son of God & the Son of man.

    If someone asked me for a Statement of the Doctrine of Salvation & I gave him John 3:16 as an example, what does that verse actually tell the uninformed about Salvation? That God sent His Son & if one believes in Him, he would receive everlasting life. Does this properly describe the Doctrine? Of course not. This is a part of the whole. Or with Acts 4:12?

    The Doctrine must also include Who this Son is, how did He come, what did He do, His qualifications to do the work, etc., etc. To rest on (or look for) a Statement to support a huge doctrine is being rather naive about the matter, but only serves to show us that in order to propagate your belief, you have to "strain out a gnat & swallow a camel". In other words, one can be so focused on the minute, that they miss out on the complete teaching of the subject. And the fact that Jesus is both God & Man is not a doctrine of men but a clear teaching from the Word, which you choose to reject or avoid.

    If you still care to, I'm still waiting for your understanding of John 1:1-14.
  • Sara J. - in Reply on John 6
    Honestly, not sure.
  • Lucifer Morningstar on Genesis 1
    why is this all false? like does god even exist?
  • Sara J. - in Reply on Revelation 12

    The Bible says that you need to see yourself as a sinner first. Then once you see yourself as a sinner, you pray and ask God to forgive you of ALL your sins. After that, you get baptized. The Holy Spirit will not make you perfect until you go to Heaven, but will be with you all along the way till you die. Many people believe that you have to be a good person in order to get into Heaven but that is not the way it goes. "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6 :23. I would encourage you that if you are looking for more Bible verses on How to be saved, look at the KJV Bible and look in either John, or Romans. Let me know if you have any questions on here.

    Sara J.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Deuteronomy 6:18
    True what you said. The word Rapture is not in the Bible. This does not mean it is not true.
  • Karen - in Reply on Deuteronomy 6:18
    Thank you for that
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Romans 1
    There are no female angels in Heaven or earth. There are no male angels either. Angels are neither male or female. They are sexless.They can not reproduce.
  • Maalii72009ymailcom on Mark 4
    why the storm was blowing whiles Jesus on the boat
  • Mishael - in Reply on Deuteronomy 6:18
    There are 3 scriptures in the Bible about pandemics from Or near China.

    There's a list on Google:

    'Death counts past Pandemics'

    Use search engines. You'll find all kinds of cool facts.

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