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  • BSP on Isaiah 43
    Verse 4~Jehovah God views his people as precious and loves them very much.
  • BSP on Isaiah 40
    Verse 8~The word of Jehovah God will endure forever and will always come true.
  • Melodie on Romans 10
  • BSP on Matthew 18
    Verse 8~If something or someone is making us stumble spiritually we may need to take strong action and get away from that person or thing and draw close to Jehovah God.
  • Ivy Johnson on John 14
    Jesus’ second coming and the Rapture of the Church are two different Events! Jesus is gone to Prepare us our Mansions: NOT ROOMS: He is the: Way: TRUTH: LIGHT: LIFE: DOOR:GOOD SHEPHERD: FRIEND THAT STICKETH CLOSER THAN A BROTHER: ADVOCATE: AND MUCH,
  • Teri on John 14
    Right On! Ivy
  • Ivy Johnson on John 14
    Hello Teri: Thank you for Commenting on my Post! And ye shall know the Truth And the Truth shall MAKE YOU FREE! Train up a child in the way he should go And when he is old, he will not depart from it! Praise God!
  • Fred scanlan on Jeremiah 12
    Stand fast in him. In Him. dont be moved. We are like the lion in the midst of a forest and are making his way straight. walk in the light ,as he is in the light. And we will abide according to his grace. Heaven and earth are his, he has conquered sin and death.Take His body and blood and Commune with him this season.
  • BSP on Romans 10
    It is important to have faith in our hearts but we must use our speech to bring praise to Jehovah God and to express our beliefs.
  • Obbie Beal
    10-72 Jesus (knowing HE had power over death) also knew the full /whole plan of Jehovah /GOD, especially where the plan included for Jesus resurrection from the dead and later 'The Marriage SUPPER OF THE LAMB' which the guest at this SUPPER will be those saved / those names found in THE BOOK OF LIFE. WOW! WOW! WOW! what a day that will be.
  • Ivy Johnson on Esther 4
    What happened with Queen Esther, Haman’s plan to Obliterate Jewish Nation. Hitler: The more things change; the more they stay the same; at present much worse. Nations: Kingdoms: Organizations: Cults: Movements: you name it are all plotting to do same, and even worse to the Jewish Nation. God and Israel’s enemies determined to make plans work. Israel no PEACE for Centuries: Why Israel? GODS CHOSEN!
  • Vicki on Revelation 8
    Contrary to the belief of some, these judgments have NOT happened yet but will occur during the future Great tribulation, the time of Jacob or Israel’s trouble after the Rapture ofmthe cnurch. The great tribulation is Daniel’s 70th week and is for God’s returning to deal with Israel and the unbelieving world. Those who think these things are already occurring are confused.
  • Vicki on Revelation 8
    I think it means just what it says. Something will fall into the sea and rivers. The first interpretation to look for is literal and there s no reason not to take this literally. I suggest you go to got questions dot org and look up biblical hermeneutics since I can t post a link here.
  • Obbie Beal on Mark 14
    Verse 1-9 we see Jesus has not taken his eyes off HIS mission (redeem the sinful human race from sin), also note exactly who was the main players plotting to kill Jesus. In 2019 the new players are plotting and destroying everything Jesus's has died
  • Bonita on 1 Corinthians 11
    The Bible says as often as you do this it’s not just for pass over
  • Hazel Carty on Matthew 22
    Based is the pouring heart for they shall see God
  • 43taylor1 on Revelation 9
    It may have something to do with taking the mark of the beast.What ever the mark is may have something to do with people not being able to die from these demonic things that are unleashed upon the Earth.The mark of the beast may promise long life to those who take it.
  • Evelyn jordan on Job 1
    Job was a man that lost everything. ,but never gave up on God.
  • Jessica on John 1
    Amen! , Thank you Jesus! . What a good word!
  • Just food for thought we must wake up There is already a temple where Gods temple was at one time recently the. pope who claimes to be Christ incarnate was at this temple recently remember this pope is a Jesuit and there has never been a Jesuit pope before and there is a huge behind the scene push to make a 1 world religion open our eyes Lord!!! Jerry
  • Most who post on this subject are call "Pre Trib" and say many are"Left Behind" via Jerry Jenkins the great Deciever and they will be saved during the Tribulation but they also say the "Holy Spirit" has been removed!!! My point is simple show me in the kjv how to be saved "without the Holy Spirit"??? Remember you say the Holy Spirit is gone removed not here... Jerry
  • Jesse davis on Colossians 3
    Christ died for us and if we want to we can invite Him into out hearts for salvation. Someone of us ride in our cars to church. Some have to walk and others hitch a ride with someone. We are all going to the same place church. So maybe our comfort zone has been invaded and the hairs on our neck stands up. But if itt's only a change of sound and not doctrine we need to thank God others are coming.
  • Carole on Psalms 127
    I was searching this verse and came across peoples circumstances am humbled.
    I have been trying to remarry and all the relationships just end without proper explanations. I have come to the realisation that I need to engage God in all I do. For my next relationship, I want it to start with God.
  • Obbie Beal on Mark 13
    Verse 1-37 above is sounding the alarm (as it relates to all events of the 'time' mention above); so during that 'time' those saved by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB must be prepared (our hearts and minds) as all those events mention above take place. Ye though I walk through the valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil because THE LORD GOD IS MY SHEPARD through the BLOOD of JESUS.
  • Linda
    Now, if we narrow our lens, Isiah is probably talking about the great salt lake, bka the Dead Sea, which is bordered by Jordan, Israel and the West Bank; and the Wadi Arabah area, which was repeatedly flooded by the Mediterranean Sea. But he is not talking about any part of Africa, as some has suggested. He said across the sea from Ethiopia.
  • Lee Poskey on Galatians 3
    I love Galatians chapter 3!

    It's easily one of my tip top very favorite chapters in the bible.
  • Linda on Isaiah 18
    It's not any part of Africa, as some suggest. It's says across the sea. Africa has no seas running through it. The seas are the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean and Black Sea. You have to rule out the Red Sea, because Asia, too, is resource rich. That means it's Europe. As history tells us, much of Europe had precious little. That's one of the reasons why they left it. Some argue the main reason.
  • Roderick on John 3
    Thank you very much Lord for loving me so much that when I was a sinner you sent your only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for me. Jesus is God and he reigns forever. Amen
  • Michael on Ecclesiastes 3
    I think this a the pivotal chapter of Ecc that turns the mood of the wise teacher from the futility of work, toil and life without God in the first 2 chapters, to the realization that there IS a time for every purpose under heaven but ONLY with God's direction, purpose and love. The Wise One then gives more examples of the difference between mans life works without God and the Beasts.
  • Lauren
    Michael: The Original 1611 KJV does actually have the superscription "Written by Timothy" on it that was added by the translators. Whether it is incorrect and inconsistent or not, it isn't at the fault of kingjamesbibleonline.

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