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  • Artie vanlandingham on Revelation 13
    I studied 1000 hours of digital devices, but knowing the bones can take over a hundred years to expel radiation, even radiation can be designed to imprint values detected as numbers. Likewise elements and chemicals can be used on a canvas. The micro 1 will be the only value needed, but would need a stable canvas such as bone. The forehead if no arms exist, but a hand bone for most applications.
  • Artie K vanlandingham on Revelation 13
    Even though people have the option of receiving a mark it will be required if there is rationing of food, because the world will need to track who has had their rationing for fairness. Stored food will be taken by force by others if hoarding is done. The time of the mature lamb that became the Ram in testimony was 30 AD. In 2030 it could contain the global plagues against nature by 2 prophets?
  • Saturday is not the Sabbath on Revelation 13
    The true sabbath of Yahuwah is his mark. And his mark is his sabbath which is regulated by the moon. The mark of the beast is a counterfeit mark which is received by not worshipping Yahuwah on his true restored sabbath.
  • Elaine on Revelation 13
    Revelation 13:16-18 is clear. It is obvious that the microchip implant is the mark of the beast. The sabbath is Saturday. Buy and Sell is a physical or electronic action that the sabbath has no correlation with. As is read in Nehemiah 13:18-19 the gates were shut against the merchants on the Sabbath and they did no buying and selling.
  • Adam on Revelation 13
    This is only speculating not supported by scripture , but I've already heard politicians talking about implanting markers, like bar codes in people's bodies so they can be scanned and tracked and discriminated against like Hitler did to Jews . I believe this kind of evil of people being herded and numbered is related to 666 the number of the beast.
  • Artie vanlandingham on Revelation 13
    If your heart is pure in Gods will even thou you don't understand his way The heart is complete and therefore the mind, body and spirit is 777, not 666. Starvation causes the mark of rationing because of the 1260 days with two prophets. It is the same time the Holy Spirit is fed unto all who hear. Revelation 12vs 6 and Revelation 11vs 3.
  • Frankzdrrik on Revelation 13
    yes somebody pointed out the bar codes.., but that is not compulsive and people has a choice not to accept it unlike the religions,politics,and commerce that all sort of people has no choice but to accept it by means of traditions,customs and occassions that religions,politics and commerce imposed worldwide and that's the "666"
  • Eileen Young
    how many years passed between Vera 1 and verse 4 of Genesis
  • Gloria williams on 2 Kings 5
    Greed is a sin to God, and a liar will not tarry in God kingdom!
  • MILLION SYEDALA on Ephesians 4
    Ephesians 4:31.all evil thoughts should be no longer in the christian heart.remain pure in our minds
  • Jose
    My wife supports a political figure with questionable morals, I feel bad about it
  • James Page
    where is all information on Pledges and how to pledge.
  • Alliee Williams
    FATHER, Our Father, Thank you for loving us, protecting us. Where can l go, what can l do without you? Just Thank you for everything. When my heart is sad, thank you for lifting me up, When lm happy, Thank you for being MY FATHER. No one can fill your shoes. Never, Ever. I love you and your people. We look to you in this sad world, so many people are hurting and so many people dont care but u care
  • Ivy Johnson on Genesis 24
    What Faith in God can accomplish: From Abraham to his servant The God of Abraham : his Servant: trusted: depended: believed: acknowledged: Rebekah: Laban: mother: also: God made it all happen: they were all in agreement: Thank God!
  • Jennifer allen on 1 Corinthians 1
    Yesterday God used me to preach a message. During sleep last night or early this morning my husband awoke and I asked what was he thinking about? He said he was having evil thoughts about a matter involving a certain person. He then quickly said he was going to read the Bible. I told him not to think on the bad things that were in his mind to gain understanding or peace but the positive...
  • KARLIE on Psalms 1
    Do good nd good shall follow........i i ini hail him high.if u walk in da light of da most high u cant be hanging out with bad people or going to wrong places...u mast talk the talk and walk da walk
  • KATHY on Psalms 1
    Amen brother
  • AVE NOBLES on Acts 28
    Scripture said Paul was a prisoner. I see no pardon, nor explanation as to how he got free. Can you let me know which book I need to seek out for the understanding that Paul rented a house or dwelling of his own for two full years and preached the gospel of the Kingdom?
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Acts 28
    Ave Nobles..Purchase the book "Sketches from the life of Paul" This book goes over the life of Paul and his ministry, it is authored by Ellen G White and after reading it, it is easier to understand reading in the bible about the life of Paul and the condition of the cities and towns that he ministered in and the troubles that he had.. Is 5.00 from Amazon
  • Stanjett on Acts 28
    It's in acts. When he was sent to Rome after taken prisoner by the Jews. And yes he did rent a house there. Lots of stuff happened to him on the way. You need to read all of acts.
  • AVE on Acts 28
    Appreciate your time. That is exactly what I wanted to know. Learning of the times is very helpful to understand what was really happening at the time. For my sake, I pray I don't have to purchase another book every time I have a curious about a character. Blessings
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Acts 28
    Sorry AVE on Acts 28...There is a link to be able to read this book for free, egwritings org click on books and scroll down to Sketches from the Life of Paul
  • MotherToTheNations on Isaiah 41
    As I Read Isaiah vs 10 over and over, it's only because my Granddaughter,, who ask me to buy her a Bible. Sent this scripture to me and it brought tears to my eyes! Because I've been going through a storm and her Dad My Son needs a miracle. She is 13yo, BUT GOD , sent her to remind me, " FEAR NOT" He is with me.. He Loves me, He has Chosen me, He has Empowered me through His Holy Spirit ...
  • David: on Psalms 127
    Because God has fearfully and wonderfully made me, every sickness arrow shall not prosper against me, in Jesus Name. Amem
  • Jerel Moore
    Revelation 2:9 says there are people on earth who say they are Jews and are not but are liars. We know there are people in Israel who call themselves Jews. So if they are not the Jews then who are? Remember the Israelites were scattered all over the earth and I'm a so called African American and was brought here on ships. What's your take on this
  • Melki
    You are right. The african-americans are part of the real Israelites. Just as Yahuwah as said, he scattered the Israelites around the four corners of the earth.
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    This is talking about those who say they are of God but choose to sin,they make void the law of God so Christ calls them a liar. The "real" Jew are those who obey God and keep His law 10 Commandments It is not meaning anything about the color of our skin, for God loves ALL regardless of skin color, it is the sin in our lives that He hates..
  • Adam
    Hi Jerel, if you ever go to Israel or the surrounding area you will see the Israelis are dominantly middle eastern looking with olive skin not white, not black . Surrounding countries people look mostly like that, even in Egypt Africa . They traveled on food all the time and likely dark from sun. I believe they are the real Jews and you can tell, because God still protects the people of Israel.
  • Kimberly Hayes
    What does the bible say about being around people that drink curse and smoke
  • Wolfen244 on Revelation 4
    ..and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. And still Christians are told this is about the future. How sad. Obviously this is about the present - as of 2000 years ago - not today.

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