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  • Lilian on Psalms 9
    The Lord also is my refuge and my refuge in times of trouble amen
  • Si13ntk40s on Amos 1
    He was angry with the old world and destroyed it. Since then all your works are judged and you cannot create freely. Hence the arrival of the cross.
  • Si13ntk40s on Ezra 1
    When he asks for an offering, don't present something that wastes and rots like silver and gold. Life was granted to you, the only thing you can offer is yourself.
  • Si13ntk40s on Nehemiah 1
    His lesson for the Jews was that whatever he told them, they would argue about it and debate. They never listen, still to this day they question the concept of God in their churches. And so if they don't agree on one thing, he's going to scatter them around the world like seeds without a hand to guide.
  • Si13ntk40s on Ezekiel 1
    He put the wheel of time on their heads to mark their deaths. He must have been angry with the people.
  • Denee Taylor on Matthew 4
    I love this chapter of the gospel because it explains the birth of the ministry of Jesus Christ. The beginning of grace and salvation. In addition to this, when Matthew authored this gospel he wanted it to be understood as a legitimate new interpretation of the law of Moses because it was written for the "Jewish Christian" audience and an appropriate transition from OT to NT.
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 16-21 expound more detail as it relate to ‘covetousness’; JESUS knew GOD’s warning from the 10-commandment about covetousness, thereby HE wanted us to clearly know the sin of /from covetousness, so HE expound further on this sin making 100% sure we under stood this sin is very dangerous to our lives
  • Jim on Isaiah 55
    Jesus came and rescued me in person,driving an RV bus.I was traveling on foot from one city to the next for two or three days with out food or water. I intered the bus and saw him siting in the drivers seat with a smile on his face. He provided me with a hot meal of meat and gravy. He provided me with water that he said was water from heaven.I would not atempted that journey if it were not for god
  • David on John 16
  • Frank on John 16
    Amen! The Holy Ghost Spirit is in fact the Spirit of Christ. To receive His Spirit is to experience his second coming. The carnal mind is incapable of knowing him. That in fact is how God has hidden the truth from the wise and prudent. Ever learning never coming to the knowledge of the truth. The Word Of God MUST be spiritually discerned. God is A Spirit. Now the Lord is that Spirit.
  • Teri on John 16
    Amen to that!
  • Robert on Lamentations 4
    They are Israelite, these are not Jews.
  • AHSHAR GAPAN on Lamentations 4
    Jews are israelites. jew is short for judah, which is a tribe of israel
  • you are in error. If the Jews were Israelites, Jesus would have treated them so. I suggest you actually read the word of Jesus! Read John 10, Revelation chapters 2 and 3 and so much more. The Father took the Identity of the Israelites. The word Jew does not appear until 2nd Kings 16:6.
  • Helen on Luke 23
    If there was no shedding of the blood of Jesus, there will be no remission of our sins. And because Jesus died, justification is granted to all who live by faith in Him. Ever living, gracious and merciful interceding for us before our heavenly father. May we remain faithful unto the end, serving Christ in holiness and righteouness all the days of our lives through the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • James T Littleton III on Psalms 9
    JESUS is the REFLECTION of life!
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 12
    verse 13-15 Jesus is requested to resolve a family dispute; (we remember Jesus always keep HIS eyes on redemption /salvation) so Jesus address the man request by making it known to the man JESUS was not the ‘local civil judge’ /the person with authority to handle such civil dispute; plus Jesus seize the moment to identify a deeper evil /sin… JESUS warn us of ‘Covetousness’.
  • Lady A on Psalms 9
    The word of GOD will stand forever and ever He will provide and protect his own.....

  • Dave on Psalms 1
    We are no longer sinners thanks be to Jesus but we are the "RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD" in Christ Jesus! (2 Cor. 5:21) Jesus paid a high price for our freedom from sin! Only sinners sin willfully and longer! Whom the son sets free is free indeed! (John 8:32) We can't be a little bit sinner and a little bit righteous, one or the other.
  • Nathan Allen on Psalms 9
    Good morning and God bless too all how read this. Just a short description of my life I was raised in small town in Arkansas where everyone knew everyone and the there dogs name I was born in too the life of drugs and alcohol. I went down the same road for 19 years. When I was homeless for the second time I knew that I get clean and sober. Through God's grace and love I'm clean and have my own place with a job. I have too give God the Horner and glory for saving my life and be my refugee. God never give up on me. His love is real. So God bless and no matter what you're going through God is right there all you have too do is ask and he will provide amen in Jesus Christ name...
  • Phillip hope this helps you on Genesis 1
    If we seek wisdom let us ask the FATHER who gives liberally. The meaning of this is ask GOD for the understanding before you read a chapter and then make sure to study the context. If you study a little closer you will find that yes their were men and women and angels and giants here before. Adam and Eve. Please take my advice and don’t try to dig in to the Bible so far that you get twisted up.
  • Seeker on Psalms 32
    Hi. Just as David acknowledged his sin before the Lord, one must do the same to be forgiven, I understand that one have to forgive in order to be forgiven, so many times one allows guilt to hold them back, but I believe if an individual forgive themself they would receive God's blessings.
  • Linda on Deuteronomy 30
    What does it mean "thou and thy seed".
  • AST on Psalms 120
    I have recently encountered an old friend from my past. I have come to learn of his lies and deceit. My old friend is currently going through a divorce and has had multiple affairs with several women throughout his marriage. My friend has stopped attending church, the 'sharp arrows' are reeking havoc upon my friend's soul. I pray that GOD will have mercy upon him.
  • ADT on Psalms 120
    Pray for your friend, but judge him not ! You assume many things examples he had affairs, Well maybe he has asked and been forgiven for sins you judge him by. He doesn't attend church this a sin? Perhaps his relationship with God is growing because of things in his life you know not..pray not that he acts as you think he should, but pray he will find his way and don't judge his heart
  • Janet on Deuteronomy 26
    V. 10 Father, thank You for all Your blessings, provision a c sustenance. May I never forget the rich bounty You bestow.
  • Janet on Deuteronomy 14
    V. 22 Father, make us more grateful and willing to tithe of our increase so that we may learn the fear of the Lord.
  • Janet on Deuteronomy 12
    V. 12 Father, Please make those moments for rejoicing evident. Help me to live a life of celebration and rejoicing for all You have done.
  • Janet on Jeremiah 17
    V. 7 Father, give me Grace to trust You completely today.
  • Dave on Ephesians 5
    James 1:26 says that if we don't bridle our tongue, then we are deceived and our religion is VAIN. Ouch...

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