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  • Nnaemeka Charles on 2 Thessalonians 2
    This verse can only be understood by revelation, this is because that very portion is a mystery. The mystery of iniquity there is referring us what happened in the garden of Eden that it's only by revelation that someone can understand it is sex that took place there. So God is still revealing to his people through aposttle Paul that the mystery to iniquity doeth already happened.
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 16
    I/we do not have to understand /fear the judgments above (most likely many will be asleep during this /that day). I am clay /dirt from the earth and privileged to be given both life
  • Patty Tozi on 2 Corinthians 12
    When the Lord wants to tell you something He will. No surprise how He does it. I have been shown many things thru out of body and dreams years ago. I went thru hell in trails thru my life because if it. Lonely, yet solid He made me as a rock for His Kingdom.
  • Boaz Gedefa on Mark 14
    At all i had been learned about scrifice of son of God jesus.
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 127
    Thank you Lord Jesus for your blessings Grace and mercy thank you for your loving kindness deliver ous from all evil,thank you Lord
  • Val Johnson on Matthew 26
    When I was a young married mother I would lust after the things my friend had because she was more wealthy Than I was I had to repent and God set me up in Music which was my desire any way.God know's what we need all along.Now I anderstand.And I thank him for loving Me.
  • Donald on Daniel 8
    The little horn that rises up after Alexander's Empire is broken up into Four kingdoms is Rome. The 2300 day/years of this vision is about Romes rise from 275 B.C. and its transformation into the Roman Catholic Church State, which is the one understanding dark sentences who will destroy the mighty (pagan Rome) and the holy (biblical Christianity). It is destroyed by God by 2026 A.D.
    2300 years.
  • Charles on Revelation 3
    stay in the word we are living in the laodecian church age
    pray without cessing cling to that which is good abhor that
    which is evil, do not fall for cults and prosperity pimps
    they will lead you away from the biblical gospel of our
    lord jesus christ keep short accounts with GOD
  • Randy gates on Isaiah 20
    This applies to all who foolishly place their trust in man not GOD
  • Lilian on Matthew 26
    Thank you Jesus for the blood you shed for us amen
  • Patty Tozi on Psalms 1
    Look inside yourself. See who you are in God's eyes. Look inside your heart, see who you feel you are. God's Love for what He wants for his children are the same values He had for His Son Jesus. So why does the evilness of not believing, always ruin the goodness of your Father in Heaven. No day is promised to you. So why waste it!
  • Servant Of The Most High God on Revelation 22
    Verse 19 chapt 22 Rev. I want anyone who thinks you cant lose your salvation to look at this verse please because God can and will blot out who he will. The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh away. Repent Repent Repent God is not mocked what you sow you will reap. Obey God. Or else.
  • Joyce W Gargar on Revelation 22
    I agree whole heartedly with you. A lot of Preachers say once saved always saved but this is not so. This is why we have to fight and repent all the time to stay saved. I heard the pastor at my church say this about two weeks ago and I cringed,. He doesn't like to be corrected this is why you have to study to show thyself approved.
  • Ivy Johnson on Ephesians 2
    EPHESIANS: PAUL: wrote this short Epistle, with 3-others:PHILIPPIANS: COLOSSIANS: PHILEMON: during his imprisonment: emphasis: unity of both: JEWS
  • Alex on Ezekiel 36
    "HERE WE GO " PLZ LET ME GIVE YA MY SLANT On ISRAEL. Abraham,s Seed initiated natural Israel but Abrahams seed was not the Seed of Promise God found fault with natural Israel. None righteous no not one ( ye do always go a whoring after strange Gods etc )but Jesus tells Israel that they must be bornagain of an incorrruptible seed which is H.G. THE ISRAEL OF GOD THAT SEED OF PROMISE SPRITUAL ISRAEL
  • Alex on Matthew 9
    Bruce Jesus said he that Soweth that good seed( THE LIVING WORD ) is the SON OF Man and that good seed is the very seed of God as to whom the WORD came it made them GODS.Ya gotta realize that Christ Jesus is able to propagate very God in humans No mere man cd do that but God the son When he breathe on them he was propagating God the H.G. in humanity. Only God th Son cd reproduce God in humanity gb
  • Brianna vs. 26 on 1 Corinthians 15
    When Death is destroyed, then humans will have the opportunity to have everlasting life. At Psalms 37:9-11,29 it shows that righteous humans will have the opportunity to live forever on earth. When there is no more sickness, crime, and death then we will be able to enjoy life on earth eternally.
  • MAGGIE on Psalms 72
  • Brianna vs. 4-11 on 2 Corinthians 8
    While many religions focus on an external ministry, Paul reminded us of the need of an internal ministry. This can be a caring of those taking the lead among us, but also our fellow brothers and sisters. ( Vs. 6) We are not asked to give beyond our means, but to whatever we can reasonably give. So, continue the generous spirit, but never be pressured to give beyond what you can.
  • Brianna vs. 2 on 2 Corinthians 12
    2 Pet. 3:13 speaks about a new heaven and a new earth. A time when the heavens would be cleaned ( Satan was not yet cast out) , and the Earth would be restored to be like Eden. Maybe it is talking about when Heaven and Earth are under Jesus Christ's authority. From the Bible reading in its entirety, I don't see evidence of a literal 3rd heaven. ( Where's 2nd heaven?) So probably a metaphor ....
  • Alex on Matthew 9
    Bruce yes Christ was FLESH AND BLOOD but he also says my words are spirit and life, Jesus cd not sow that good seed which is the very seed of GOD by which we are bornagain of that incorruptible seed the WORD TH LIVING WORD NOT THE WRITTEN WORD ITS ONLY THE LIVING WORD THAT IS GOD No mere man cd sow the very seeds of God. He breathed on them and they received th H.G. HIS BREATH WAS HIS WORDS Gods
  • Lou on Proverbs 5
    The enticement of sin is a trap to those without Christ who have not accepted Christ as their Salvation.This does not mean those with Christ don't sin, it simply means Christ is our way to bridge back our relationship to God. For those without Christ, each sin binds a cord to the soul and strangles with hatred against God. Come to Christ and free yourselves from being a slave to sin
  • Lady A on Matthew 26
    Trusting GOD and believing GOD is what I seek all the days of my life if it wasn't for the LORD on my side I don't where I would be help me JESUS
  • Lolalane on 1 Corinthians 13
    Out of faith, hope, and charity, for charity to be number one ???? I had to find out why that was the truth. But I understand that all the faith and hope in the world that we know is possible is lessened by a lack of wanting that for others outside our personal circle of existence. Faith and Hope are easy when you believe, but Charity takes understanding within the brutal, unfair, everyday world
  • Tyler (Pt. 6 of 5)(I miscounted) on Genesis 4
    6 cont. Sometimes depending on how we question his Word can lead to doubt and I didn’t want Brenda to fall down that path. We also need to concentrate more on what his Word does say. His Word doesn't say anything about Cain’s wife being his sister. Hopefully this will clarify the subject more clearly.
  • Tyler (Pt. 5 of 5) on Genesis 4
    6 cont. So, knowing who she was is basically irrelevant because of the wickedness. Besides, which is more important? Knowing the identity of one woman or knowing what wickedness can bring? And the reason why I said, “don’t question God’s Word” is because we are to trust in the LORD for the answers.
  • Tyler (Pt. 4 of 5) on Genesis 4
    6. (Maybe this will help better) The reason why I wrote my comment in the way it was written is because I’m mentioning the theme that is taking place after Cain murdered Abel and that theme is wickedness. The wickedness that’s going on is one of the main focuses of the chapter. His wife was apparently wicked because look what happened after they had children.
  • Tyler (Pt. 3 of 5) on Genesis 4
    4. Noah’s family survived the flood as to where Cain’s didn’t so we’re descendants of Noah, not Cain.
    (So why is there wickedness in the world now? That’s due to the power of sin.)

    5. If GOD wanted us to know exactly who Cain’s wife was don’t you think he would’ve? GOD reveals things when he feels it’s right and we won’t know until we see him.
  • Tyler (Pt. 2 of 5) on Genesis 4
    1. The Bible doesn’t say anywhere that Cain’s wife was his sister.

    2. Eve is the Mother of all living things, but the Bible doesn’t say that Eve gave birth to more than just Cain and Abel (like a sister).

    3. Seth came from Adam and Eve, not Cain, and Noah came from Seth.
  • Tyler (Pt. 1 of 5) on Genesis 4
    Many people right now are insinuating that I'm trying to deceive them. I'm not. As a matter of fact it's the complete opposite. I fear and hate deception and the false teachers/prophets that preach falsely. I don’t want to be anything of the such.

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