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  • Obbie Beal on Mark 2
    verse 8,9,10, Jesus once again teaches us two of numerous desires of Jehovah /GOD for mankind; 1st forgiveness of sin, 2nd healing of sickness; also SALVATION through the shed BLOOD OF JESUS; though SALVATION appears to be the last desire, it is the #1 desire of GOD for us.
  • Rich groom on Revelation 18
    If your only tool is a hammer ,everything looks like a nail (or, Roman Catholic) it amazes me how so many preachers completely overlook the parts that talk repeatedly about the wealthiest nation that will be destroyed that the kings of the earth will be totally destrought because they can't do business anymore, that is NOT Rome!
  • Evangelist G Mchekie on Genesis 1
    what amazes me the most about this book is the ability of the holy spirit in showing moses things which happened long before he was and to know that the same spirit of power lives in me its the greatest feeling ever holy spirit l love your presence
  • Timothy L Jones Sr. on Deuteronomy 1
    Why does man be a hater of God: Tim Coenen hates Christmas and Easter!? People accepted Jesus Christ on any day, so Tim, accept Christmas the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ and Easter the He rose for our sake not His. Aman Hallelujah !!!
  • Vanessa on Job 19
    reading Job has truly opened my eyes to my own self. people you love and trust turn away, and it hurts, but i learned not to dwell on that, I know God is always with me and i thank him daily, for his mercy and grace. Praise God always even in your pain, he's there
  • Vanessa
    and Tiny when the fowler and his pestilence come to attack your faith turn to psalms 118 and read it, even keep it in your pocket
  • Hazel carty on Psalms 70
    God will make a way where there is no way
  • Vanessa on Romans 1
    Tiny God is merciful, he loves us all, never forget that, you are seeking and he will hear you, seek forgiveness repent, except Jesus as your Lord and savior, with all your heart, a true conviction, give your life to him let him guide your path, leave your sin behind, and stay in the word, keep reading the word , and trust in him God bless you always
  • Sharon Kganyago on Exodus 24
    God is love,I can't imagine a day without Him,His love comfort us,I will praise God in days of happiness nor sadness because He will answer me when I call Him in troubles,let no man says there's no God in their hearts God is forever... God be my Sharon Amen
  • Harry kim on Hosea 14
    I am Harry Would you pray for south korea? Our nations is like Hosea's Israel. President moon is likely to sell the korea for DPRK. Most church are sleeping. To Seoul, South korea

    O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!
  • Clarice on Romans 6
    Just thinking of the passage that says to yield our members as instruments of righteousness. That as we are tempted to sin, to consider how we are using our " member", is it for righteousness, yielded unto God? Say our tongue, if we are tempted to lie or gossip, that we would be reminded to yield at that point to righteousness and to not use that member of our body as an instrument of sin.
  • James L. Ryals on Exodus 21
    I have to admit I am extremely disappointed in this passage in The Bible, it sounds as if slavery is confirmed to be God's will. I'm fully aware that this is not only speaking to people of color , find it disturbing to read
  • Stanjett on Exodus 21
    Servants was not slaves. They got room and board and maybe even some pay. Some were maids, cooks, housekeepers etc. I was born in a sharecroppers cabin. Dad planted and took care of the owners farm. We payed no rent and was given a share of the profits of the crops. I guess we were servants in that way.
  • James K on Ruth 1
    Ruth, women country of Moab: she is King David Grand mom, if so them down the line king David is also Jesus grandfather then Jesus was half Jew and Moab.
  • James K on Genesis 2
    ku`u`ike (My understanding) `O Genes 2 (Genesis 2 )
    He rest on the seven day, Do we need to also rest on the seven ay too.
  • Obbie Beal
    V15 in 2019, most minds and hearts are dwelling so much on this and that, thereby neglecting Jehovah / GOD's 'time' HE allows each of us to prepare our life for Eternity with Jesus; many become so distracted /entertained by this and that to such a degree that we cant see or neglect the warning from 'Jesus time-line' in Mathew 24; never-the less God's 'Time' shall end for us ready or not.
  • Michelle Liu on Proverbs 8
    We can see Jesus is crying out even in the old testament. Wisdom and understanding through the words of Jesus Christ bring this life- whoever hates jesus loves death.
  • Michael on Psalms 2
    "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh . . ." But not in the way slighted people laugh when the bully falls. Jesus' laughter is that of someone in great sorrow. He has no pleasure in the death of anyone (especially the unsaved).
  • Obbie Beal on Mark 1
    15 The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand, repent ye, and believe the gospel.(2019, most minds
  • Hadasah Duckworth on Psalms 91
    I praise God Almighty for His protection according to Psalms 91! Glory to God...thank you Lord Jesus and Amen!!!
  • Laurie L. Lee on Genesis 6
    In Genesis 1: 26-28 I'm taking these verses as God made these people knowing what was going to happen in the Garden of Eden. These people that God made never knew about the Garden of Eden either. Cain said that he would be killed by everyone. So if it's just Adam, Eve and Cain how could everyone kill him? The Garden of Eden was just for Adam and his family.
  • Vanessa on Job 15
    Job went from running away from God and back into the light, the spirit never left him, he forgot about his self pity, it took a hypocrite to vain words to stir him
  • Vanessa
    the bragger is the needy and greedy ones, I call them a sandra dee in jest from the movie greese thought I would add a little smile to see how foolish they are, yes I will repent that but I am sure he knows it's a joke he knows my heart
  • Vanessa on Proverbs 14
    the tongue is a dangerous weapon, use it wisely, seek no council from those that lie, nor those that deny the poor, and those that are full of their own self pride, the bragger is just that, if you do from your heart God knows nobody else needs to. God Bless you all
  • Hazel carty on Psalms 69
    He heal the sick and raise the dead l must glorified his name l love the Lord with all my heart in spirit and in truth thank you for the cross Lord prying 😲
  • Samuel on Genesis 16
    Where is it found that hangar was between Sarah knees in conception?
  • Sharon on Lamentations 5
    Sin darkens and balcken the people heart. God cannot enter into a black heart. Men see the color of skin and hate. God sees the color of our heart and punish us, for our sins of the heart God does not judge by skin color, because the Son of God was never black, white, or brown. Jesus is the color of love, and what color is love it is the color of light and eternal life, which only comes from God.
  • John on Exodus 12
    Why was Cannan left out in Exodus 12:40
  • Sharon on Lamentations 4
    Without God we are blacker than coal. We are then heartless, evil and filled with iniquity, for we are God enemy. We are starving ourselves and disobedience to God cannot feed anyone. America is a nation that has forgotten God. We sing "O say can't you see" but we see not the tears running down their cheeks,nor do we hear their cries in this land. God hears their Cries and will repay this nation.
  • ADONIYAH on Romans 3
    This particular verse is just one of the many quoted but misunderstood verses that's often used to justify misdeeds. Throughout the bible's pages, many men were deemed righteous such as Job 1:6. In the New Testament we have in the book of Luke 1:5-6 Zachariah and Elizabeth were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.

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