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  • Eric on Romans 11
    Kindly read John 15:1-6. Jesus says He is the true vine and we are the branches. The branches that bare fruit a retained whereas them that bare not are cut off. Baring fruit is keeping the faith of Jesus and keeping his commandments Revelation 14:12. Not baring fruit is the opposite, which most of the Jews did, they believed not whom God had sent which equates to eternal life John 17:3 and hence cut off.
  • Vanessa on Romans 11
    I agree with the vine , but I was referring to the message in Roman's 11:17 and Paul being a Jew was speaking how we are grafted in and to read all about Abraham is truly amazing, how God picked him to be the father to all nations, coming from a pagan land as he did and God spoke to him and told him to travel into a land he did not know and he did by faith. Peace be with you God Bless you
  • Gary Olsen on Revelation 11
    19-The arc of the testament that holds the 2 stone tablets with the 10 commandments written by the hand of GOD along with the GOD inspired book of the law written by Moses and placed in the arc with the tablets , Deuteronomy 31:26, is now in the temple of GOD. In Malachi 3:6, it is written "I am the LORD, I change not." The same can be said about his law. What was written then, we'll be judged by tomorrow.
  • Sammy chalefac Njukang
    Who Shallow Jonah and why? what was it future biblical significance?
  • Bro Emeka Ihai
    Dear Sammy, a very big fish prepared by God swallowed Jonah after he was thrown overboard a ship which He boarded to flee when God commanded him go and preach to the City of Nineveh Jonah 1:17 . He was in the belly of the fish for 3 nights and 3 days. The Lord made reference to this event in the New Testament Matthew 12:40 signifying his Resurrection from the grave after dying on the Cross.
  • Ann
    Sammy Chalefac Njukang, please read Jonah KJV Bible chapters 1 and 4, it should help you to understand the answer to your question. The LORD God prepared a gourd that it might be a shadow over Jonah's head. Jonah disobeyed God's command to go into Nineveh Chapter 1. But it would help you to read all four chapters to get a better understanding of the scriptures.
  • Sammy chalefac Njukang
    Thanks and God bless you, Have you ever seen that it was also a prophetic significance of the prophesy of Jesus Resurrection, that is he will be in the grave for three days and then the Holy Spirit will come upon him and God will raise him back to live. it was also a prophetic message of the burial, dead and resurrection of Christ. have a thought about this revelation.
  • Emmanuel juma khaemba on Genesis 2
    Good my friend I m Emmanuel juma from Kenya
  • Roderick Williams
    should women teach
  • Mason on Job 41
  • Diamondjane on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 in it's entirety is a welcoming cool breeze on a sweltering summer night. Thank you Father for loving us and for seeing our potential. Jesus gave His life on a tree in Calvary while we were yet sinners because He sees us for what God created us to be. In His sight we are righteous, justified, redeemed, sanctified and we have the power of reconciliation. Hallelujah Amen!! Thank you God.
  • Alex tumusiime on Proverbs 16
    ts beter to picture into our selves and look hw a way are and judge by ur self 4 the bible say the spiritual man judge all things bt 4 him not judged by anyone let check up our with God 4 only born of the spirit and led by the spirit pleases GOD and only by faith can please God Romans 8:7 11 and Hebrews 11:4 so dats ma comment and Romans 10:17 speaks of faith lov v
  • Alex tumusiime on Proverbs 16
    Proverbs 16:7 when the mans ways pleases the lord he even makes ur enemies at peace with u.ways a smething big that works adentify who u a. are a ways dat make u wat u are dat t all works with ur mentality,thing,habits and so even ur personal character hw you behave with people,community society and everything most a the friends
  • Gary Olsen on Revelation 11
    Many believe that the death of our flesh bodies is the end and that nothing follows. But verse 18 suggests a different outcome. It is written that we are judged after we are dead. Those who served GOD and feared him are rewarded. But those who didn't are destroyed. This is what is called the 2nd death where those who practiced iniquity are thrown into the lake of fire - Revelation 20:14.
  • Samuela KBND Koro Veitala on Hebrews 7
    If a new covenant with its new priesthood is in place,then giving should be freewill and not tithe-centric as is the common practice in the church then now.
  • Phillip jordan sr. on Romans 7
    since christ called us to follow him. he called us into a spiritual walk with him. we said yes to Christ. but we left the natural behind. to me that's the war of the flesh. obedience to Christ 100 percent. and answering our flesh with the word NO if it doesn't please GOD. and asking for forgiveness if we go the wrong way.
  • Beverly barnes on Matthew 23
    Rapture is not biblical, look up a woman name Mary McDonald, if you would read 1Thess.4: 13 14 verse ask GOD to open up your understanding, hope I was a help to someone
  • Frank on Matthew 23
    Not by that name. But I assure you that the resurrection is real.
  • Ed Matthews on Matthew 23
    1 week Ago Beverly barnes Rapture is not biblical, look up a woman name Mary McDonald, if you would read 1Thess.4: 13 14 verse ask GOD to open up your understanding, hope I was a help to someone Please read the next verse.
  • Robert m.
    in pslam 91:4 , it says , he shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings. can you explain this ?
  • Gary Olsen
    In Luke 13:34, our Lord speaks of the hen that gathers her chicks under her wings. It's for their protection. In Psalms 91:4, GOD is saying that he will protect you. All of Psalms 91 tells of all the ways that he will keep you from all harm.
  • Sammy chalefac Njukang
    the feathers and wing of the God talks of God's protection, preservation, shield, presence and Glory.
  • Kevin Pfaunmiller
    Where does it say about looking at your daughter's lustfully
  • Ann
    Kevin Pfaunmiller, read from the KJV Bible these scriptures, Matthew 5:28 Leviticus 7:15 18:6 1 John 2:16 James 1:14-15 Galatians 5:16. Lust is mentioned 19 times in the King James Bible.
  • Glenn on Luke 11
    Our church is having problems with a potential a nasty split. The passage in Luke 12:49:-53 feel happened, Unfortunately my pastor resigned to stop the infighting but there was a group that definitely did not want to see him as our Pastor. The otherYour other unfortunate problem. was they were using their contributes as a way to force a vote that would force the pastor to. resign. I also .
    suitable wording for a 11 yr to say when wanting to make decision to follow Jesus
  • Ann
    Valma Elsom, the words don't matter, it's whether or not it is real and from his heart. He needs to understand that he is condemned already to hell and trust the Lord Jesus Christ to save him. It needs to be the scriptures that convince him of sin, and the scriptures that convince him that the Lord Jesus Christ is his savior.
  • KP Joseph on Isaiah 11
    This is clearly speaking of the latter times as they span over several generations up to and beyond the 2nd Advent of the Messiah. It is in part an Abrahamic genealogy but the wolf lamb paradigm is post the rapture and the outcasts of Israel are the Josephite line through Ephraim or those gathering to the west and dispersed of Judah back to Jerusalem to prepare the Return of Christ the King.
  • Latrice on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91, gives true confidence in the Lord protection. That's if you are a true believer in him , not man.

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