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  • David on Matthew 18
    Jesus teaches us in this chapter to cut of anything or anyone who tempts us in life. But also a few verses down He teaches that if he is our brother or sister in Christ, before we cut them of there are steps of trying to help them. If those steps don't work, only then cut them off. Praise God for this wisdom!
  • Rosetta graham on Matthew 18
    I like this our first concerned is trying to make peace and restore aright relationship in Christ
  • Cy Jesus Christ David Duane Boyce on Genesis 15
    Genesis 15:3, from triangular number 153, 217x9=1953, 17 splits in ancient times to 7
  • Cheryl Blanton on Romans 6
    People are being mislead about Romans 6:14-15 and taken out of context. I encourage you to read the entire chapter to fully understand. Some folks believe that because of verse 14 they can sin whenever they want and GOD will continue to butys no attention to the last two words in verse 15.
  • BSP on Isaiah 25
    Verse 4~In this world full of storm-like problems we can take refuge in Jehovah God and he can give us support.
  • BSP on Matthew 10
    Verse 22~Jesus foretold that his followers would be hated in all nations. If Jesus was hated then we know that we will be hated for following him.
  • BSP on Isaiah 30
    Verse 15~By trusting in Jehovah God and doing things his way, we will be saved.
  • BSP on Isaiah 54
    Verse 10~Jehovah God's loyalty is unshakeable. Nothing can make him abandon his loyal servants.
  • DianyDiahannah on Psalms 51
    Lord, I give you my heart,I give you my soul, help me Lord to live for you alone.I give you the right way to work in my heart and my spirit. Lord cleanse my heart and renew my spirit.Lord have your way in me.9n Jesus name I ask this. Amen! Amem!
  • Beatrice barnes on Psalms 51
    That is what GOD want from us sincere,heart may his blessings be yours always
  • DianyDiahannah Caldwell on Psalms 51
    Praise God, Praise God. Amen Sister In Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Have a bless day.
  • Bob on Romans 11
    In it's context, Romans 9, 10 and 11 is to and about the nation of Israel, how they had it's standing with God, how they lost its' special standing when they rejected Christ and how they will be born again during Christ's second coming. They were born the first time in Exodus 4:22 when they were delivered out of Egypt and received the Old Covenant, they will be required to be born again.
  • Shannon on Hebrews 10
    Hebrews 10:35. Do not, therefore, abandon that confidence of yours; it brings a great reward. THIS chapter reflects STRENGTH. Our Strengths may seem many. Everyday responsibilities to earthy life. However, we, as Christians, have understanding; TO connect each day with GOD to "recharge " OUR Spiritual awareness. This, then, reflects peace, as well as understanding to others so they will follow.
  • BSP on Isaiah 43
    Verse 4~Jehovah God views his people as precious and loves them very much.
  • BSP on Isaiah 40
    Verse 8~The word of Jehovah God will endure forever and will always come true.
  • Melodie on Romans 10
  • BSP on Matthew 18
    Verse 8~If something or someone is making us stumble spiritually we may need to take strong action and get away from that person or thing and draw close to Jehovah God.
  • Ivy Johnson on John 14
    Jesus’ second coming and the Rapture of the Church are two different Events! Jesus is gone to Prepare us our Mansions: NOT ROOMS: He is the: Way: TRUTH: LIGHT: LIFE: DOOR:GOOD SHEPHERD: FRIEND THAT STICKETH CLOSER THAN A BROTHER: ADVOCATE: AND MUCH,
  • Teri on John 14
    Right On! Ivy
  • Ivy Johnson on John 14
    Hello Teri: Thank you for Commenting on my Post! And ye shall know the Truth And the Truth shall MAKE YOU FREE! Train up a child in the way he should go And when he is old, he will not depart from it! Praise God!
  • Fred scanlan on Jeremiah 12
    Stand fast in him. In Him. dont be moved. We are like the lion in the midst of a forest and are making his way straight. walk in the light ,as he is in the light. And we will abide according to his grace. Heaven and earth are his, he has conquered sin and death.Take His body and blood and Commune with him this season.
  • BSP on Romans 10
    It is important to have faith in our hearts but we must use our speech to bring praise to Jehovah God and to express our beliefs.
  • Obbie Beal
    10-72 Jesus (knowing HE had power over death) also knew the full /whole plan of Jehovah /GOD, especially where the plan included for Jesus resurrection from the dead and later 'The Marriage SUPPER OF THE LAMB' which the guest at this SUPPER will be those saved / those names found in THE BOOK OF LIFE. WOW! WOW! WOW! what a day that will be.
  • Ivy Johnson on Esther 4
    What happened with Queen Esther, Haman’s plan to Obliterate Jewish Nation. Hitler: The more things change; the more they stay the same; at present much worse. Nations: Kingdoms: Organizations: Cults: Movements: you name it are all plotting to do same, and even worse to the Jewish Nation. God and Israel’s enemies determined to make plans work. Israel no PEACE for Centuries: Why Israel? GODS CHOSEN!
  • Vicki on Revelation 8
    Contrary to the belief of some, these judgments have NOT happened yet but will occur during the future Great tribulation, the time of Jacob or Israel’s trouble after the Rapture ofmthe cnurch. The great tribulation is Daniel’s 70th week and is for God’s returning to deal with Israel and the unbelieving world. Those who think these things are already occurring are confused.
  • Vicki on Revelation 8
    I think it means just what it says. Something will fall into the sea and rivers. The first interpretation to look for is literal and there s no reason not to take this literally. I suggest you go to got questions dot org and look up biblical hermeneutics since I can t post a link here.
  • Obbie Beal on Mark 14
    Verse 1-9 we see Jesus has not taken his eyes off HIS mission (redeem the sinful human race from sin), also note exactly who was the main players plotting to kill Jesus. In 2019 the new players are plotting and destroying everything Jesus's has died
  • Bonita on 1 Corinthians 11
    The Bible says as often as you do this it’s not just for pass over
  • Hazel Carty on Matthew 22
    Based is the pouring heart for they shall see God
  • 43taylor1 on Revelation 9
    It may have something to do with taking the mark of the beast.What ever the mark is may have something to do with people not being able to die from these demonic things that are unleashed upon the Earth.The mark of the beast may promise long life to those who take it.

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