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  • Lucy Huggins on Genesis 9
    To read this chapter is to change the world as we know it. There should be prejudice because we have come from the same family, which was Noah and his sons. The only differences are: Male - Female and Good - Evil. So which are you and which do you choose?
  • Mark Verrell on Genesis 9
    To be prejudice is not to walk in the light of jesus one must hate the sin but love the sinner.didnt jesus come to save the most vile among us?
  • Mark on Genesis 9
    My comment was a misprint, it should have read "there should be no prejudice", we are all children of God. Because of the sin in the garden, each generation is getting further and further away from him.
  • Phillip on Revelation 18
    babylon of old or is this referring to the system of world Banking. since we see this as John's vision for the future events I would place this in our life time. I believe it refers to NEW YORK as babylon, many language's and all the worlds trade goes thru there and it says a city not country. it takes on 1 hour to destroy that's the key. old babylon would take armys days to destroy a city .
  • Mark Verrell on Revelation 18
    I would say there might be more many languages going through hollywood
  • FELIX UMOHEKPO on Genesis 2
    If God then used the rib of man to create woman,to be his wife,whose rib was the woman who accepts to marry her fellow woman made of? Where is the rib of the stupid man who accepts to marry his fellow man as a wife? Lesbians and Gays have no place in God's mind because they have altered God's creation.
  • Melki on Genesis 2
    Read Leviticus 18:22 All those who practice LGBT are an ABOMINATION in the sight of Yahuwah and they shall not inherit the kingdom of Yahuwah unless they repent and start keeping the laws, statutes, and commandments.
  • Michael pickens on Psalms 127
    god is long overdue on real biblical praise in this generation today. there's too much that is just noise and excitement. the lord deserves our praise because of his greatness, demands our praise because of his power, longs for it because of his grace and mercy, loves the praise of his people. psalms 150 is greatly needed in the hearts of gods people today. thanks for letting me share my thoughts.
  • Polydore Ilunga on Proverbs 15
    In life, no human being that was created by GOD in perfect. That is why trying to be kind when you are offended, is a good way to behave wisely to all GOD's human beings.
  • LENJO on Romans 8
    The love of God is clearly put in words by the Apostle Paul,anyone keen would see that the spirit of God dwells in us making us sons and Christ being our first born.Nevertheless,we are made heirs and as such no condemnation falls upon us as no charge can be brought against us.Brethren,the Almighty living God is made manifest in our lives in a mighty way as has never been before in any time.
  • Vanessa on Romans 14
    a servant to the Lord is all that matters keep your hearts pure and don't bicker over how anyone who is in Christ serves our Father, understand each other and respect each other, our goal is the same to enter into the gate and Bow before the King
  • Vanessa on Romans 14
    Paul was speaking of the Jews and the gentiles in their customs of beliefs, we should not condemn how anyones worship to the Lord, keep festivals, or what anyone eats, or drinks, if we keep the sabbath or go and work with our hands, Christ came and fulfilled the old laws,but it is wise not to judge another on how they choose to serve the Lord, we are all servants to the Lord our God Amen God bless
  • Irene on Romans 14
    Amen! Thank you Lord Jesus
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 14
    26-27 is given by Jesus to us to be taken into consideration. Note: Jesus is on His way to the cross thereby providing Salvation to the world, never-the-less on this particular day Jesus give to us two of His standards that must be taken into consideration, as it relate to Salvation.
  • John jarocinski
    are we body of christ or bride
  • Teri on Matthew 19
    matthew 13:13...Isa 42:20 and etc...but lets not get into disputes, but instead 1 Thess 5:11!
  • Margaret on Revelation 21
    Rev 21: 1 the fire that consumes the wick is the same fire that purifies the earth. The New Jerusalem is a real prepared place for a prepared people. We have to study the Bible with prayer and a open he heart to receive what GOd is saying to us. The Bible will interpret itself if we just study it not just read it. Who better to say what it means that the person who spoke it. Be ready. He comes
  • Ivy Johnson on 1 Peter 2
    I am so happy to read this Chapter in I Peter: Also the Commentary: I experienced a near death situation: started June 17 18TH: no justice: even from the police: neighbour lied: bothers me: Day by day: daily Scriptures: sermons: were just building me: up Spiritualily: God Was speaking to me: I have to talk the talk: and walk the walk: He did it: I can do it also: not alone: He is with me! AMEN
  • Kimberly McCain on 1 Peter 2
  • Lievin NSUKA on Genesis 9
    The same God who gave Adam and Even herbs for food Genesis1,29 has now given them animals for food Genesis 9,3 ... I believe that now that Jesus has come, we are led by the Spirit of liberty, eating meat or vegetables is a matter of preference. Only, let everything be taken with thanksgiving, not to become a stumbling block for weak brothers 1 Corinthians 8:9 .
  • Frank Lee on Isaiah 7
    Jesus appeared, then vanished and returned. His appearing was greeted with disbelief and mockery, for the most part. Having overcome death, and seeing the sin permeate every sq. Inch on earth, he disappeared and reported back to his Father. "OMG! There is noone on earth who understands what they are made of! The Father has created live humans from dust, and they rebel against him completely.
  • Brighton ochieng on Proverbs 31
    Jesus is coming to his poeple
  • Rucker on Leviticus 18
    Leviticus 18:22 Lets you know that it is and abomination according to God if a man lies with another man like he does a woman.
  • Bayode t.f on Psalms 86
    His mercy over me is great, and will always answer my petitions
  • Bayode t.f on Psalms 86
    The mercy of god towards men is great, and he will show it whom he loved .
  • Jackie on Psalms 127
    David know the the Lord was his refuge and his portion and the Lord loved him so he would keep him even when was in the cave are any where else our Lord is a great savior and Lord
  • Jackie on Psalms 127
    David put his trust in the Lord and asked for him to show him the way truth and the light that his spirit would dwell in him and that he would keep him from all harm.
  • Stanjett on Revelation 1
    Hmmm, I thought this was to comment on revelations 1-1 I see lots of comments on other parts of the bible but none on revelations 1-1 So, I will comment: John wrote what Jesus told him to write. It is the revelations of, and by Jesus Christ as the first sentence says in 1 1. So we know that it is true. It was given to John on a Sunday the Lords Day
  • Stanjett on Mark 7
    And they bring unto him one that was deaf, and had an impediment in his speech and they beseech him to put his hand upon him. I had a impediment of speech until I was about 10 years old. One day riding with my Dad on a large sled with bales of sugarcane, being pulled with our mule. I fell off and a stub or stick sticking up in the ground went into my mouth and split my tongue. N I spoke plain.
  • Stanjett on Mark 3
    1 And he entered again into the synagogue and there was a man there which had a withered hand. Every time I read this, I pray that God will heal my withered hand, which I've had for years. Maybe one day he will. Meanwhile, I will do as Paul who had a infirmity, keep praying.

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