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  • Afolabi olatunde on 1 Kings 2
    a lot of lesson to learn in chapter, David unforgiven spirit regard Joab and other. We can see Solomon too was nursing those instruction to deal with his father enemies.
  • Rosemary Gumede, bless you for reading God's word, you are really not reading the bible, but actually the bible is reading you. I have heard pastors say this, and it is true. Please go to You tube and type in pastor Reg Kelly Table In The Wilderness and find his message Face In The Book , he gives a plan on how to read through the KJV Bible. It is a very good plan that he outlines here.
  • Trent Mueller on Genesis 1
    Hi, if you search 'genesis 1:28 hebrew replenish' you will see several articles explaining this. Replenish just means 'fill up'. It was a stylistic difference in KJV, because in verse 22 is the same word, but that was translated fill instead of replenish. There's other instances of fulfil and other variations that aren't necessarily from a different Hebrew word.
  • John Foo on Genesis 1
    Genesis 1:28 Replenish means to refill..... Genesis 9:1 ... similar Noah was told to replenish after the flood...there was already something before, but got wiped out by the flood, hence refill....not just fill.
  • Cheryl Talone
    God's timing is always perfect, even though we don't always see it that way. He said it therefore, it is so. ISAIAH 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
  • Teresa on Psalms 117
    Even with the problematic chemicals in tap water, God is helping me find clean water every day. I trust in His provision daily.
  • Richard
    Whats meant by the word curseth in the bible? does it mean swearing?
  • Adam
    Hi Richard, I interpret curse words or profanity or swearing as curses. Many verses talk about watching our tongue that it is like poison and can harm others. Curses are wishing harm or bad on others. Modern language profanity is the same as it's an attempt to wish bad harm on others. It also says to not swear. James 5:12.
  • Richard
    Right thanks, i had an argument with my mum when i was younger i swore out loud out of anger and it says that he that curseth mother or father let him be put to death does this mean for me?
  • Adam
    Hello, Jesus died on the cross to cover our sins like that. Though we are to try our very best to follow the law and do what's right according to the Bible's teachings, the fact is we are sinners and are imperfect and will continue messing up. The Bible says to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness genuinely and as a Christian follower we are covered by grace. 1 John 1:9
  • Deborah on Psalms 44
    The psalms are beautiful and very deep at times
  • Vanessa on James 1
    do not think those that are well to do deserve more respect then a poor person, knowone is above anyone. Respect all and seems the uppity need lessons on this, today they want to create more poor with their own greed. God help them when they knock at the door
  • Vanesa on James 1
    a double minded man, you cant walk in the middle, it's doing the works of God by telling the truth, and preaching the whole word of God in this good book, do not preach cherry picking. some like to lack the word of hell, but that road is wide and the road to our Father is narrow, you want to love thy neighbor by leading them in truth, and take care of the poor. widows and fatherless
  • i so appreciate the commentaries and disscussions of all, i have gleaned greater insight of understanding the symbols of smoke and clouds indicating His presence n glory. just as pertinent the discussions. May GOD continue to bless your ministry. i have been a belever and follower of Jesus 4 47yrs now. I have found the answers to what i been seeking over the years.
  • Nancy de marcay on Romans 1
    if jesus is savior and lord it is your choice to obey his precepts. he will judge your heart. you can't bargin with him. he wants obedience. it is not easy living on the straight and narrow. that's why we have grace...undeserving grace. he will judge--get ready. do you have a doubt--don't do it. whatever it is. forgive me, I'm partial parallelized.
  • Obbie Beal on Matthew 25
    verse 31-33, on that great-day, the process of separating the 'saved' from the' unsaved' will be so simple.
  • Linda on Psalms 59
    Reading this scripture and every scripture makes me feel just like I am having a closer talk and walk with God and His Only Begotten Son Jesus.I want to get to know them before I meet them.And I want to live on God Green Earth, just like I am already living in Heaven. And it makes me want to get on with my shout and tell everybody who God is and what He is all about.
  • Fran on Psalms 23
    Wilbert, I m sorry for your loss of your love one. Just keep reading psalm 23rd scripture, it soothes my soul and well being and it will do the same for you Peace!
    has the world fully known Christ and fail to believed Him?
    Like as he said remember the days of noah i belive noah spend time preaching about the coming of the floord but they did not belive as there was no such thing like that so as of today people dont belive there even god but let hope they turn back to him
  • Adam
    Not everyone in the world knows Christ. Some may be familiar with the name but have heard false information about Him and don't really know Him. Some do know Him, but fail to turn to Him. God knows our heart and is the judge.
  • Maryann on Psalms 37
    You have a great heavenly father who cares about you and who never sleeps, but protects,controls,and handles rest and patiently WAIT on Him who is the GREAT I Am. God's plans are always the best..REMEMBER...He shows up in the last hour just to TEST our FAITH...SMILE!
  • Sandra on Psalms 37
    Thank you for that encouraging word. God is faithful! He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is not a man that he can lie. Glory! Hallelujah!!
  • Roxanne on Psalms 37
    Thank you! I certainly needed that. Psalms 37 the best anxiety medicine EVER!!
  • Obbie Beal on Matthew 25
    Verse 1-13, only 50 percent entered into the marriage, 50 percent did not make it in. 14-30 someone wasted her his talent Life Free or slave, Life from Jehovah GOD is the talent foundation, what we do with our Life is a personal-chore never-the-less I shall give an account to GOD that day. And I will not be able to blame nobody for what I did or did not do with my talent life.
  • Jj on Psalms 118
    The Lord is truly my helper man will let you down God will pick you up.To God be the glory for the things he has done. I can go on and on he s been that good.
  • Pamela Hirsch
    I think Anorexia Nervosa is satanic, because people suffering from it report a 'voice' which tells them not to eat. Many people die from it and we know that satan wants people to die and go to a lost eternity before they believe the Gospel and trust Jesus for salvation. So Anorexia Nervosa may be one of the methods satan uses to achieve this. do you agree?
  • Kevan Alexander
    What kind of God would send someone to hell who is suffering from an illness which they are not responsible for? Not one I would respect . That would be an evil act.
  • Adam
    Hi Kevan, I would like to politely challenge the assumption that an illness or death is 'evil'. What is that belief based on? God created people- they disobeyed and brought a curse on themselves, including disease, death, birth pains, thorny bushes, etc. Compared to eternity, life on earth is absolutely minuscule and every one is going to die and real Christians will go to a far better place.
  • Pamela Hirsch
    My friend thinks that it is wrong to make animals suffer. She will not even take medicine if it has gelatin on the outside of the capsule. I know she thinks that the sacrifice of animals in the temple to cover sin until Jesus shed His blood to pay the price for our sins is cruel and wrong, so I think that is why she cannot accept the gospel of salvation by faith in the blood of Jesus. what to do?

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