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  • Cliftine Shields
    We are to turn from our wicked ways and obey him.
  • Anne
    A warning to those that are concerned only with their own comforts and luxury living and not concerned about the things of God will be the first to go into captivity. When calamity comes, their hearts become so hardened against God that they do not want to give Him praise in any thing.
  • Ann
    We are to help others and not think about ourselves all the times.
  • Linda brundidge
    I think that we could learn alot from it if we just study and ask God to help us understand
  • Rhonda for verse 5
    I don 't understand it
  • Bob K.
    Prosperity that enveloped the royal family and prominent members of society but did not trickle down to the poor. It is this uneven distribution of wealth in the 18th that set the atmosphere for the social crimes that Amos so violently abhorred.
  • LINDA WILLIAMS for verse 10
  • Brenda for verse 10
    The verse was difficult for me to understand. The other translations were very helpful. I need to pray more and ask God for understanding before I read His Word.
  • Friday Ogiri
    we who are shepherds must feed the flock in accordance with the word of our chief shepherd (lord Jesus)John 21:15-17. But today many shepherds have turned themselves to princes in self enrichment and oppression of the flock.

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