Amos Chapter 5 Discussion

  • BSP on Amos 5
    Verses 21-24-It wasn't what was offered to Jehovah God but it had to do more with the motive of those offering sacrifices.
  • Randall Randall on Amos 5:26
    What the Lord is saying, is that all shall know him through his death as the new covenant and not that of the old. But by only the death of Jesus shall anyone have a relationship with the father. Not by old ways and works. God Bless!
  • Les on Amos 5:26
    It still greatly amazes me to this day that the Jews, in spite of all the Lord's help & blessings bestowed onto them, would even contemplate engaging in abominable activities such as worshipping Moloch! Why people can't understand why God would make null & void the first Covenant and thereby cease having the Jews be the chosen people is beyond my understanding. The Lord sought a more righteous people to be His chosen people. Therefore, He sent His Son to this Earth to die for our sins. And, whosoever places his or her faith on Christ's great & awesome sacrifice on the Cross will become one of God's chosen people, albeit that person be either Jew or Gentile. Mind you, a Jew can still be a part of God's chosen people if he or she repents from his or her unbelief. and places his or her full faith on Christ's sacrifice on the Cross.
  • Chris - in Reply on Amos 5:26
    Les, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Had Israel recognized Jesus as their Messiah, according to the prophecies that went before Him, then they would not be in this spiritual darkness they're in, clinging onto the old commandments of God plus their own added righteousness, to be acceptable to God. They expected a conquering Messiah that would save them from the Roman oppression, but they missed recognizing the Lord of Glory Who came to save them from sin's penalty. They still wait for him, but how they shall weep when they see the One Whom they pierced ( Revelation 1:7) coming in His Glory & Power.

    But for those who have come out of Judaism & turned to Christ, how it must bring joy to the Lord's Heart to see their response. And also for each one of us 'gentiles' "who having not seen yet have believed" ( John 20:29).
  • Randall Randall - in Reply on Amos 5:26
    True. But for the Bible Gods word to be true, it is the way it is. They will have another chance when Jesus comes again. God Bless
  • Chris on Amos 5
    If you mean the disciple Philip, then the Scripture ( Jn 1:44) says that he was from Bethsaide, in Galilee & part of the Roman Empire at the time. The disciples Andrew & Peter were also from the same town.
  • James on Amos 5
    where were philip born
  • Mishael on the Moon on Amos 5
    Gee, that photograph the moon mission astronauts took out the window, showing earth was a ball is a FAKE?!?! I want my money back.

    If it's not solid wouldn't it float away like a balloon?
  • Andrew Kingsly Raj on Amos 5
    Extend the Hand of Christ

    In this chapter we see Amos morns for Israel as they believed their wealth and religion made them secure while suppressing and victimizing the poor. In making application we see that many today follow in the same path of preaching prosperity while ignoring and suppressing the poor. Today our focus should be on Ministry or Service to restore the poor, needy, and sin sick showing them the way to a better life is Jesus-Christ. How about you? Do you Restore the needy or are you too busy to help others who find themselves in sins pit? Let us learn from our text today and the warning of Amos to extend the hand of Christ who find themselves in a pit due to their sin.
  • Andres Donet on Amos 5:8
    How Amos knew about Orion and the Pleiades?
  • CARLOS RAMIREZ TREVINO - in Reply on Amos 5:8
    Andres, if you Google Ancient Astronomy, Astronomy in Ancient China, etc. you will discover Astronomy is a science that was developed and known to different cultures as far back as 5,000 years or more. The Chinese, Mayans, Aztecs, Middle Easterners, you name it, they were all well versed in Astronomy.

    There is a difference however, between Astronomy (which is the science) and Astrology (which is an esoteric practice). Astronomy is based on mathematical calculations, physical laws, and scientific fact. The Pyramids in Egypt were built using precise mathematical calculations about the movement of stars, planets and constellations. Although in different places around the earth they had different names for constellations, the Mayans and Chinese built structures, architectural and engineering wonders of history that reflected that knowledge.

    All of these cultures worshiped the order, reliability and predictability of the movement of stars. The earliest writings we have are the Sanskrit from India and the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh. Even in these writings we find evidence of their knowledge of the universe, mathematics, science, physical laws. They used them to develop calendars. They were able to calculate precisely Equinox and Solstice, seasons and rotation of the earth.

    So, Pleiades and Orion were nothing new to Amos or Job. The rest of the world was well developed by the time of Amos, who lived approximately 750 - 800 years before Christ. Alexander the Great lived in the mid 300's before Christ. Julius Ceasar 50 BC, the Pyramids of Egypt 2,500 years before Christ. Noah lived 3,000 years BC. It is believed the Book of Job appeared 600 years BC. But the story itself is of someone that predates that time. Job is, of course, a precursor of Christ suffering and resurrection. But from Chapter 38 on, we see how Job had a developed understanding of the Universe. Moses lived approximately 1,500 years BC.
  • Chris - in Reply on Amos 5:8
    Andres, I had to do some researching for your question as the answer cannot be found from Scripture. So trying to make a long research paper simple, this is what I've found & hope it is of some use to you:

    Both in Job 9:9 & Amos 5:8, mention is made of those star constellations. So the problem we have is: how are these stars with these names, known by these OT people? The answer is apparently that they hadn't called them by these names in the original language, Hebrew, but those original words were also known differently in Aramaic/Syriac & these are what we are seeing here.

    So in Hebrew, Orion was known as 'Kesil', which means 'foolish' because they viewed this constellation as a picture of 'a tall & strong man chained for his folly'. For Pleiades (the view of Seven Stars), was originally known as 'Kimah'. Then in Syriac, it was referred to as Pleiades.

    Therefore, with Amos, as a Prophet of God, his writings reflected what was given to him to declare to Israel. And this included these stars which he may not have been entirely familiar with, but declared them (Kesil & Kimah) which have since been translated in the Bible to be the Orion & Pleiades. With Job, we're unsure of his knowledge about these stars, whether from Divine inspiration or from others who may have already named them. So a bit of uncertainty here.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Amos 5:8
    ANDRES: There are 2 scriptures in JOB about both constellations:

    Chapter 9:9 and 38:31.

    You will enjoy reading Job. Near the end God reveals many scientific things. If your Bible has the center column; the letters and numbers point you to other scriptures or prophesies sometimes. It's fascinating reading.
  • Stanjett on Amos 5
    18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light. Even so God, come.
  • JP on Amos 5
    5:18 reminds me of people I have talked to and all they are interest is the book of Revelation and do not care about what the other 65 books have to say.
  • Obbie Beal on Amos 5
    In the chapter above the HEART OF GOD (things GOD LOVE and the things HE hate) is clearly seen; and yes we also see the wrath of Jehovah / GOD. ( Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me). WOW! WOW! WOW!.
  • BSP on Amos 5
    Verses 21-24~Jehovah God did not look with delight upon the sacrifices of the people. They were not worshipping him in an acceptable way and their motives were not pure.
  • BSP on Amos 5
    Verse 14: We must search for good and not what is bad. This will require effort because we are surrounded by badness.
  • Emanuel Fernandes on Amos 5
    If I stay DAILY IN WORD N PRAYER ITS DIFFICULT. TO BE DRUNK WITH THE WINE OF HER FORNICATION. you need to set your affections on heaven and not on earth
  • A disciple on Amos 5
    Ann; Again, Scripture has to be taken in the context it is written, and understood with sound thinking. Not all continue in sin with desperately wicked hearts! Those terms were used about a specific kind, because of their impossible to cure defiance! God has commanded us to walk in truth and righteousness; that's why we repent and are converted; and all for which He has died on the cross for us.
  • Ann on Amos 5
    Romans 3:10 says, As it is written; There is none righteous, no, not one:
  • A disciple on Amos 5
    Steve; You asked, "HOW DO WE KNOW?" By using discernment! So much careful defending of the unholy and lawless these days; the righteous falling all over themselves to treat everyone like equals, and act as if they don't see anything filthy or perverted in their "chosen" lifestyle! The verse you shared is for us not to let hypocrisy give them opportunity to blaspheme the Lord and tear us to pieces.
  • A disciple on Amos 5
    "Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time." (finally) If the Lord has seen that there's no more reason to send His servants to speak with people, nor anything else He can do to persuade them to repent; then the time has run out, and we have to let God finish the matter. God has called us to be His ambassadors of peace until its no longer possible to make peace.
  • A disciple on Amos 5
    "Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time." (cont. 2) Now for the good and honest heart to live among the those who will have none of that, and are set in their hearts to live like there is no God, and no day coming to give account to Him; we must have an acceptance, however unhappy, that God Himself has to have regarding such; and know when to let them be.
  • A disciple on Amos 5
    "Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time." (cont.) The apparent indiscriminate casting of the seed into every kind of ground, may be seen by some as a waste of time; but it shows God's willingness for all to receive the love of the truth and be saved; and so too the fact that every one CAN indeed be a good and honest heart if they would; BUT THEY WON'T!
  • A disciple on Amos 5
    "Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time." There comes a time when God ceases to speak to people. Some people's hearts are so beaten down past feeling by sinning, the Word cannot ever penetrate. Some refuse to do the work to prepare their heart for the Word to enter in a meaningful way. Some foolishly think they can be all in the world and like the world.
  • A disciple on Amos 5
    BSP; 21-24 cannot be taken out of the context of the whole word here: it wasn't just about sacrifices, but about an unregenerate unrepentant heart that still persists in its religious appearances (HYPOCRISY) while the inside is full of the pride and filth of the heathen. In Ezekiel God showed how He knows what's really in the innermost chambers of our minds and all the things men think are hidden.
  • BSP on Amos 5
    Verses 21-24: God was concerned with their motive and not so much with their sacrifice. If we offer sacrifices to Jehovah God without the right motive or attitude, they will not be acceptable to him and he will not be pleased with them.
  • Irene123 on Amos 5
    V. 8 - is so beautiful; if people could just SEE it ...............
  • Wayne on Amos 5
    The word of God is given for this day. The day of the Lord is not hiden from you .know that it is mercies and of love for you in this day of which God speaks. A sign is given and who has sought it out?

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