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  • Disciple of Christ Jesus on Amos 3:3
    We are to be One Spirit Mind in Christ in the Trinity , how can you walk with the Lord unless you Agree with His Holy Spirit Mind Tongue's Manifesting Sound Doctrine to Rebirth your Spirit Mind , Praying with out ceasing , In The Spirit Mind in Christ , when your Soul Prays , man's carnal Mind is not subject to Christ Holy Law . Neither can be . God Bless . so darkness Dont over take your Soul
  • Leslie A Ford on Amos 3:3
    Have you all never experienced the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ? You sound so full of hurt and betrayal. I know it all too well. The loneliness, the years of loneliness. But, never give up on love. Faith, hope, and love in the Spirit of God not young
  • Nadine Boles - in Reply on Amos 3:3
    im currently reading the bible. However, the language is somewhat confusing. Is the a site that explains verses in todays comprehension. I really enjoy reading the bible, however again, Im have problems understanding the contents.
  • Danielle Heurtelou on Amos 3
    Great bible verse
  • Danielle Heurtelou on Amos 3
    Great bible verse
  • Bruce A Peterson on Amos 3:14
    Beth-el was a major worship center in Israel, a rival to the temple in Jerusalem, which was the capital of Judah. The prophets criticized of this site for its pagan practices. Jeroboam I, the first king of the northern kingdom of Israel, caused a golden calf to be erected and worshiped here. 1Kings 12:25ff.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Amos 3:14
    Beth means house and el (like Elohim) has a reference to God so Bethel means House of God literally.

    Genesis 31:13 I am the God of Bethel, where thou anointedst the pillar, and where thou vowedst a vow unto me: now arise, get thee out from this land, and return unto the land of thy kindred.

    Amos 3:14 That in the day that I shall visit the transgressions of Israel upon him I will also visit the altars of Bethel: and the horns of the altar shall be cut off, and fall to the ground.

    Bethel did have much apostacy at times.
  • Andrew Kingsly Raj on Amos 3
    Walking Together

    In this chapter we see the people of God going in an opposite direction from the Word of the Lord causing a separation in their walk with the Lord. In making application we see today that if we chose to act contrary to the Word of our Lord we will fail to walk together in fellowship with our Lord. How about you? Do you obey the Word of the Lord? Let us learn from our text today and the example of Israel to understand that two must agree, if they are to walk together.
  • Nars A Stevens on Amos 3
    will God reveal the pre-trip rapture to anyone????
  • Luis Bernia - in Reply on Amos 3
    If the fig tree that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24 represents the nation of Israel, then the rapture might take place within our lifetimes.
  • Chris - in Reply on Amos 3
    No. We're not told when that time of the Rapture of the Church will take place, but that Christians should be watchful & living careful lives. John in 1 Jn 3:2,3 speaks of the time when Jesus appears, we shall be changed to be like Him. And that everyone has this hope in him (i.e. looking for His Coming & our being with Him forever), purifies Himself (i.e. by dwelling on this wonderful event to come & as such living each day for Him).
  • Chris on Amos 3
    Why do you feel that this Bethel Church is a pagan church Are you trying to connect the name, Bethel, with the idolatry that took place there (1 Kings 12:32) Please don't leave the Church you are now attending, if they properly teaching from the Word & Christ is the centre in everything they do.
  • Davene DuBois on Amos 3
    i'm attending a christian baptist church, but i have found out that their sister church is Bethel, and the bible says do not worship at this pagan church. i want to now leave and seek another church, because of this, I've
  • Tanya Gilbert on Amos 3
    When a person walk they take one step at a time. If two people walk side by side, it doesn't mean that they are moving in sinc with one another, they both walk differently. One might walk on his toes, the other on his heel. but if they are walking in the same direction, then they are in agreement, taking the same path.
  • BSP on Amos 3
    Verse 7 shows that Jehovah God uses human prophets to make sure that his will is revealed.
  • A disciple on Amos 3
    Dear Stan; That's why we must keep our hearts fixed on Him who sits at the right hand of God, who is very soon coming for us. This is NOT our Country, nor our World; and though we do pray for the good of the people of this place; we also understand that the things will only get worse as men increasingly despise and reject the Saviour Jesus Christ and disobey His Words. Hang in there, Brother!
  • Stan on Amos 3
    In the last days both believers and non-believer will be given in to itching ears. A bowl will be poured out a bowl of delusion were good is evil and evil is good. Look at all the things that are an abomination to God word that is happening. Look at how man is protecting and defending the evilness. His wraith will be like Sodom and Gomorra. We will destroy ourselves from within.
  • Lonnie on Amos 3
    It's sad to say but the United State is in the condition , the word is being preached but people still want to do things the way want to do them without God doing can we walk with the Lord except we agree God help us all.
  • Sb on Amos 3
    I think that we in the united states is just what Amos is describing we need to repent as a people and return back to the Lord .Jesus Christ is real and he is the head of my life.
  • Adebayo Daniel Tubosun on Amos 3
    The secret of God is made known to Man through the Holy Spirit.
  • Don - in Reply on Amos 3
    and His spirit is only given to those whom He have a covenant with....ISRAEL
  • Andrew on Amos 3
    I believe God was giving them a chance to repent, God want a relationship with his people Israel. If you are going to talk it you better walk it. Being in a relationship with God, you have to be in agree with the word of God. And live it. You can't be in a friendship, without being in fellowship with God. (A Relationship). I trust God with my life, I put my life in his hands. Jesus is my Life.Amen
  • Jennifer on Amos 3
    God is very clear about his word!
  • Don - in Reply on Amos 3
    His word is only clear to his people, not to all other nations, they are spoken to in dark sentences and parables. to them it is not given to understand, but to you it is given.
  • Jennifer Harvey - in Reply on Amos 3
    Absolutely! I agree!
  • Anonymous on Amos 3
    It means if we embrace the false notion that usa is a christian nation, the opulent "ivory" houses of the rich that have been bought by robbery and violence toward others continues, then all of usa will be destroyed and only a few peopke will escape
  • DADA on Amos 3:3
    this verse depicts the intimate relationship between Israel and Yahweh,the contex is depect the exodus journey where Yahwe made a covenant with Israelites
  • Abel Subramony on Amos 3
    The word of GOD is revealed through the prophets.The same prophetic word we receive through the holy bible.It tells us we must abide by this word or else we will bring suffering upon ourselves and our GOD will not answer our prayers until we repent and submit to GOD.
  • Faith on Amos 3:2
    This scripture CLEARLY spoke to the flesh Nation of Israel israel judah ,natural children. And,not the adopted, and redeemed Israel remnants of the natural family with people of all nations races reborn thru the salvation of Jesus Christ baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Thomas on Amos 3:3
    It is better weather you are in a marriage or business partnership to trust the Word of God. Lean not on our own understanding, but lean on the promises of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ that He will never leave nor forsake us.

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