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  • Vanessa
    maybe someone could help me with this, they will say well we spread your word throughout the nations , as we watched them destroy your word in our nation, and corrupt the children, we waited on the Lord to clean it up
  • Vanessa
    I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they have despised the law of the LORD, and have not kept his commandments, and their lies caused them to err, after the which their fathers have walked, how many of us are standing up and shouting for God in the world we live today, you cant separate Gods words in any form, I cringe when they even justify politicians, you cant walk 2 paths
  • Obbie Beal
    where applicable above (chapter 1- 2); the nations or cities mention above received the wrath of GOD; both the gentiles and chosen people. The sins of each of these nations / cities was viewed by Jehovah /God and the rest is history; now 2018 is about to viewed by Jehovah / GOD. Thank GOD for forgiveness of sins SALVATION and mercy. WOW! WOW! WOW!
  • A disciple
    As we read these things we tremble. We know that the Judgment of God against those kind of people and their abominations applies to EVERYONE who does the same things. The kind of times themselves are a witness against them; but they do not take it to heart! The Word of God is a witness against them; but they despise and reject the Bible, and make war with everyone who lives by it! How long O LORD?
  • Ndagije
    God pronounces the judgement to moab for disobidience.vr1
  • Anonymous
    "Spiritual Missed Management " The Lord shine the spotlight on this young man Amos. As the Lord shines the spotlight , we learned he was a day laborer. He is just an ordinary man.Amos is the channel to the supernatural. God can make you a channel to the supernatural. God has made him a seerer. God can places seerer in our lifes.He can see things 2 years before it happens. I. The Grace of God.....vs 10..... 1 I brought you up out of Egypt. 2 Lead you in the wilderness. 3 I gave you. 4 I raised up your son. II. Mans 1, vs 3 Spirits of the unsaved. Spirits of cudility. You cannot trust the unsaved. vs 11, 13, their are people in the world that is just violent. ch 2 vs1, Moab is an just injustice person. Guilty of being unjust. The Spirit of Scarlity. It is never enough. They disobey the word of God. vs6,
  • Joyce
    IF we help poor people for selfish gains its a loss self righteousness does not reflect to the image of Jesus
  • B J Manuel for verse 8
    Historically it has been the truly poverty stricken who were more open to God for strength and consolation than even the general population. They did not have the revenues of the world to buffer them from the harsh extremities of living. There were no special protectorates for the poor except the laws of God and its faithful adherents. There were those persons in Amos chapter 2 who pretended to uphold the law (or at least to be religious), yet were themselves guilty of pouring contempt upon the rights of the poor and thus indirectly showing contempt toward God. Throughout the Bible and especially the Old Testament there are numerous blessings promised to those who ministered to the needs of the poor. It proceeds even into the New Testament and especially where Jesus proclaims, ". . . Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matt.25:40) It would seem to follow then that it is so much better to have stood for the rights of the poor and to have sustained them than to have manipulated their lives and possessions for personal or corporate gratifications. This consideration seems especially significant in the light of the constant observation of God into the affairs of all people.
  • Lorral W.
    Amos 2 makes me wonder, how long will the LORD wait before He really judges America? I don't long for this day, but surely we are no better than Israel.

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