Oak. (1.) The expression in the Authorized Version of Josh. "19:33, "from Allon to Zaanannim," is more correctly rendered in" "the Revised Version, "from the oak in Zaanannim." The word" "denotes some remarkable tree which stood near Zaanannim, and" which served as a landmark. "(2.) The son of Jedaiah, of the family of the Simeonites, who expelled the Hamites from the valley of Gedor (1 Chr. 4:37).

"Oak of weeping, a tree near Bethel, at the spot where Deborah," "Rebekah's nurse, was buried (Gen. 35:8). Large trees, from their" "rarity in the plains of Palestine, were frequently designated as" landmarks. This particular tree was probably the same as the palm tree of Deborah (Judg. 4:5).

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Definition of Allon:
"an oak; strong"