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How to Use Google AdWords

Advertising on is managed by Google AdWords. You may contact them and request ad placement specific to this site through their website or follow the instructions below. It's the most cost efficient way to advertise, because you only pay for qualified clicks, not for impressions. You may view example ad placements here.

7 Easy Steps to Place Your Ad on this Website

1. If you've never used Google AdWords, you will first need to follow their directions on creating a new account. Then click 'New Campaign' button...

2. You want to choose 'Display Network' - which is a part of.

3. This screen is just for completing your Campaign details. Follow Google's help instructions if you need, otherwise, Save and continue.

4. Now, you want to create your ad. The overall campaign holds the ads and you can create multiple ads within. On this page, you want to click 'Use a differerent targeting method' then choose 'Placements' in the drop down menu.

5. Enter the URL '' into the search field and click Search.

6. You now want to locate the '' placement listing. You can hover over to see the entire URL. You then click the >> arrow to the right of the listing to add that placement. (Advanced users may scroll down and find more listings which are more specific to which pages you wish to advertise on.)

7. Now that you chose your placement, you want to make the text of your ad you wish to display on this site. You simply follow Google AdWords instructions from here and if you have technical questions, the AdWords team has representatives that can help you via email or phone.

Advertising on this site is easy and very cost effective, as you only pay for the actual leads you generate who click your ad.


Advertisers may Contact Us for further advertising inquiries. You may also view example placements here.