Additions to Esther Chapter 13 Discussion

  • im good with the salvation you gave to israel
  • Verses 1 7 are known as chapter B in some translations and are inserted into chapter 3 between verses 13 and 14 Verses 8 to 18 are known as chapter C verses 1 to 11 in some translations and are placed after chapter 4
  • Alfie Bravo Ramos on Additions to Esther 13
    I Insist and I hope as an evangelizer that the Deuterocanonical or others might be called those 12 books of Deutercanon is Apocrypha wouldn't be forgotten and its because that 12 books added in some of the old testaments would have an importance altough that books in addition might be important to us.Not because of Martin Luther,the 12 Deuterocanonical Books will be used especially in other sectarian religions!!!!!
  • The interesting thing about it to me are the prayers that were recorded. After reading the book of Esther, I had always wanted to know the prayer that they had prayed to God. I wonder why the writers didn't include them. Prayer and fasting are powerful. I'm glad that the Bible says, "Study to show thyself approved unto God..", the key is unto God. This reading might be insignificant to some and rightly so because they might not be anointed to understand the things that God bless me to understand. Also, I read one commentary that stated that the book of Esther is a book that doesn't mention God. That's a matter of opinion. Be blessed.

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