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  • I, even I, am that Michael Isaac Dale:
    These are all counterfeits. Not one in the flesh can speak the words of GOD, my Holy Father, but Jesus Christ. The wicked fabricated all manner of falsehood waiting for the coming of Jesus, even Christ being raised again from the dead, yet confess not that Jesus Christ is come. Nevertheless, this present evil world will end just as the last world. For it is written, The scripture cannot be broken:
  • Thelmadenson
    I enjoy reading the chapter letting us no what was going to happen when God come back. You need to get your life together on earth. While you have a chance.
  • D W L
    There were two thieves that died on their cross one on each side of Jesus. The one on the right repented and Jesus said today you will be with me in paradise. He other one mocked him. Jesus said to repent or perish.
  • Silverio
    I am always trying to follow in my saviors Jesus Christ footsteps hard to do but will never stop pray I will be ready at the end judgement day I still remember the word of our Lord Jesus my peace I give to you ,why can't the live in peace we are all brothers and sister's
  • Bible reader
    ACTS 2:38 is not an option but is necessary for salvation!
  • Michele
    Yes it is Necessary and essential for salvation and without it people can't make it to heaven.
  • TC
    The essence of Chapter 2 is the gift of the Holy Ghost to enable us as witnesses, yet many today deny it's existence and power, it is the promise Jesus made when he promised to pray the Father for another to also give us power even miracles for witness and glory to God's power today in the church. Why do they have to show Oral Robert's films to show miracles in today's church? May God awaken us!
  • Lee
    When Peter was asked what shall we do in acts2:37 Peter did not just tell the people to just believe and accept the Lord. Peter told the people in acts 2 :38 to repent be baptised in Jesus name and they would receive the HolyGhost.i obeyed this scripture in October 1990 .That has been the best thing to ever happen to me.i have had had a lot good things to to happen to me, but that tops them all!
  • Tom
    The 3000 baptized were Jews that were in Jerusalem for the Jewish pentecost.
  • Claude cloutier
    ACTS 2: 31 CHRIST WHENT TO HELL !!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE !!! KJV error, in modern translations the word chosen is hades or grave, the place of the dead . KJV translates sheol,hades,gehenna all three to HELL. What is GEHENNA ? location, large BURNING City DUMP just OUTSIDE JERUSALEM . What About in hell ? Why is the devil tormenting his followers , why it should be the christians . CONFUSED !!
  • Fred
    We have been redeemed and saved from sin and eternal damnation through the shed blood of Christ on the cross! We must understand that there is no other way to receive this grace but through faith. Hell is a place where souls will go who do not believe! This is evident all through scripture. To think God could allow such a thing has been and still is a stumbingblock in the church. Christ loves us
  • Bruce
    There is No Remission for Sin Without The Blood of The Lamb(Hebrews 9:11-28) Washed by The Blood(Revelation1-5)Then You are Clean Enough for The Holy Ghost to Move in(Mark 1:8) You Will be Changed(2 Corinthians 5:17) Impossible Not to Know. You Will Tell Others what Christ has Done in Your Life and How They Can be Saved. Without The Call of The Father Impossible( John 6:44) A Tug on Your Heart
  • Richard Boyd
    Repentance and remission of sin shall be preached in his name among all nations begining at jeursalem, lk 24:47 was Gods plan spoke by Peter in Acts 2:38, acts 4:12, your not saved if you failed to follow what the apostles exhorted, If you care about where you will spend eterenty, acts 2:38 is the only way to remit sin
  • Jessica
    An example to the modern day church but we have gone off.
  • Debra & Alton V
    The moon is suppose to turn into blood, or so appear to be so tomorrow night. 01 20th, 2019. Although all the signs are here still people are foolish do not see the end is near. God wI'll return. Those who disbelieves are in for a shock the day Jesus comes back God rids the evil throws it all back into hell. I just hope my feet are clean enough to walk across th e golden streets of glory.
  • William R McCourtie
    No one can come to the Father unless the Holy Spirit draws him. (para. KJV) That's why the time to commit and accept Christ as one's Savior is Now. Men will try to escape and even curse God but will not repent because the Holy Spirit will not be drawing men in the day of judgment. Receive Christ now while you have time.
  • Teri
    was there a time before the HS was given, like the O.T., there had to be people saved? And those who were are part of the dead in Christ, that will be resurrected on "that day."
  • David
    The ones speaking in tongues were Peter and the other 11 Apostles (the Galalieans). The people that had came to Jerusalem from these different countries heard them speaking their languages and asked, how are the Galalieans speaking our language . There were others in the upper room as well but only the Apostles were Galalieans. Women were there such as Mary the mother of Jesus and Marthaetc...
  • Min/Wendell
    Mathew 28:19 the command was given. Acts2:38, the command was carried out. Baptism is in the name of Jesus Christ. The doctrine to be preached and taught is the Apostles doctrine Acts2:42
  • Richard Solis
    Acts 2:38 is the answer, the experience of scripture is true, if Jesus Christ saved the 120 in the upper room, that same experience is the same for us today, if we will believe the scripture as it says, note Cornelius the Gentile, are we not gentiles? God has gathered both the Jews and Gentiles into one fold. Glory to God!!
  • John Stribling SR
    This is good food for the soul thank you
  • Bro Minister wint
    Act 2:38 is an example for us to follow, we cannot say that we do not need to repent of our sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ as the apostle Peter declared on the day of Pentecost when they were filled with the Holy Ghost about 120 of them. If they had disobeyed the Lord Jesus command, He was have corrected Peter before sending him to Cornelius house in acts Chapter 10.
  • Christian
    chapter clears up mystery of organizations that speak in tongues. miracle was all were able to hear the Word in their own language so they could understand what was being said. the enormity of what they had done in crucifying the Son of God, and wanted to know what they should do, Peter told them in Acts 2:38 repent and be baptized for the remission of sins shall recv. gift Holy Spirit. same today
  • Michael Vines
    ACT discuss the details of tithing and offering
  • Christopher Esema
    Please stop scoffing. Like days of Naoh.People scoffed. The sun turn to darkness and moon becoming blood happened at same. Bible was pointing to this UNCOMMON eclipse of the sun. Jesus is coming
  • John madden
    Not the hell that the false teachers of the word of faith movement, teach, there Jesus was tormented in hell, by the devil and demons,
  • Redeemed
    To anyone that posts comments on what they read. If someone has posted something that may not be exactly how you see scriptures, instead of attacking them, take another look at what they are saying and in prayer and love look for a way to help clear up any misunderstanding, so that the person hears God through the conversation not you.
  • Redeemed
    When the scripture says that others heard this and were in doubt saying what does this mean, it sounds like the people were confused, so God had Peter there to tell these and the ones that were mocking that these could hear , these are not drunk as you suppose, to clearly define yes the wonderful works of God in Christ and to shut the mouth of the enemy that was coming out of mockers.
  • A disciple
    Redeemed (cont.); Of all that is written here about how the multitudes were amazed and wondered; why is it that Peter (in the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit) singles out the ones mocking, to begin to testify? It wasn't to "clear up the confusion," about "spiritual" drunkenness! That is an irreverent and (forgive me) idiotic suggestion! The point is "THE WONDERFUL WORKS OF GOD" in Christ!
  • Redeemed
    I believe that is exactly what i said, the verse was not in any way saying that the Holy Ghost gives one the actions of a drunkard. Maybe with everything running together it was hard to decipher that. Not sure but the Lord knows what I meant.

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