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  • Yvette on Acts 14
    I am amazed of what these apostles went through to proclaim the word of God. As dedicated as Paul was persecuting the church, he professed the same zeal worshipping God. God knew his worth and potentials and knew that would live an exemplary life.
  • Christian Nwator on Acts 14
    The kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking but persecution,trails and tribulation,but in the midst of all these we must endure with patient humility knowing whom we have trusted,that he is faithful and true.we must desire to preach the word first and the Lord will grant signs and wonders to be wrought trough you.Mark.16 20.Do not look for miraculous power elsewhere to do the work of God,preach his word,worship and praise him and He will confirm his presence with wonders.Don 't give up in the face of adversity for says "I will not leave you or forsake you
  • Samson Emmanuel on Acts 14
    I learn this morning in this study that i should not be proud of myself whenever God uses me and perform his miracles, but it is very unfortunate today that some so called men of God today use to be proud of themselves simply because God is making use of them by manifesting his power in them.
  • Mwadziwe Samy on Acts 14
    I love the way Paul and Barnabas behaved when the people of Listra came to give sacrifices to them. Thats the way true servants can give glory back to God.
  • Sharon Franklin on Acts 14
    Acts is powerful book very interesting In learning a lot
  • Daniel mashego on Acts 14
    it encourage christians to be faithfull, couragious, determind to optain the promise of God. Application of faith.
  • Calvin on Acts 14
    In chapter 14, I see the longsuffering of the evangelistic trail. This is not surprising, but to be expected. If God was longsuffering towards us, how much more will that be expected of us? Keep walking the walk.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Acts 14
    The Lord told the disciples that in the world we would have tribulation, but to be of good cheer for he had overcome the world. When Paul was stoned, it was at this time that he had his vision of being caught up into the third heaven in II Cor. 12
    Thank God that we must through many trials, and tribulations enter into that blessed kingdom. The disciples praised God they were counted worthy to suffer for his name, and we should do the same. These light and momentary afflictions are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us. If we suffer with him we shall also reign with him. So thank God for trials, and give him the glory.
  • Richard on Acts 14
    read Tyndale's New Testament 1526 and 1536, he gave his life for his translation into Ebglish
  • Melinda on Acts 14
    I love it. It holds the plan of salvation. Jesus taught the apostles and they held true doctrine. Acts 2:38 is a real experience. I received the holy ghost at age 15.I'm 55 now! Been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ! Hallalujah!
  • Les Noll on Acts 14
    You are right on Tamara If we give God the Glory and say(whats next Lord) He will promote us and prepare us for another crown to lay at his feet
    Obedience makes Perfect Praise to God he moves in our Love For Him
  • Tamara on Acts 14

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