Acts 5:29

“Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.”

King James Version (KJV)

Other Translations

Then Peter, and the other Apostles answered, and saide, Wee ought to obey God rather then men.
- King James Version (1611) - View 1611 Bible Scan

But Peter and the apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than men.
- New American Standard Version (1995)

But Peter and the apostles answered and said, We must obey God rather than men.
- American Standard Version (1901)

But Peter and the Apostles, answering, said, We have to do the orders of God, not of man.
- Basic English Bible

But Peter answering, and the apostles, said, God must be obeyed rather than men.
- Darby Bible

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.
- Webster's Bible

Peter and the other Apostles replied, "We must obey God rather than man.
- Weymouth Bible

But Peter and the apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than men.
- World English Bible

And Petre answeride, and the apostlis, and seiden, It bihoueth to obeie to God, more than to men.
- Wycliffe Bible

And Peter and the apostles answering, said, `To obey God it behoveth, rather than men;
- Youngs Literal Bible

Bible commentary

Wesley's Notes for Acts 5:29

5:29 Then Peter - In the name of all the apostles, said - He does not now give them the titles of honour, which he did before, #Ac 4:8|; but enters directly upon the subject, and justifies what he had done. This is, as it were, a continuation of that discourse, but with an increase of severity.

People's Bible Notes for Acts 5:29

Ac 5:29-32 Then Peter . . . answered. Peter's defense asserts (1) that God must be obeyed rather than earthly rulers; (2) God raised up Jesus whom they hanged on the cross; (3) exalted him to his right hand; (4) to be a Prince and Savior, to grant Israel the opportunity to repent, and to obtain forgiveness; (5) that they were witnesses of these facts, and so was the Holy Spirit.

Discussion for Acts 5

  • Irene123
    Acts 5:39 - I thank Jesus He could use Gamaliel. He wasn't saved, and neither was Cyrus, King of Persia, but God used him in the rebuilding of the Temple. What a merciful, Glorious God we serve. He doesn't use these people because they are 'good', i.e. living for Him); He uses them for His people's benefit. He uses them for His own Glory.
  • Irene123
    It was good to hear from you. Yes, our song leader loves the new songs, and very seldom uses the old ones. But, oh my! does he love the Lord! To get us 'going' in the song service, he almost preaches.' C'mon saints; lift Him up, praise him'! And that does it - every time. And as we sing the voices get stronger and stronger! The tears just run from my eyes; I love Him so. 'Amazing Grace' is sung.
  • Bruce
    Irene: Amen! The power in The songs of Old. Lifting up Our Savior, there would be Testimony after Testimony. Sometimes that would be for the whole service. Oh what a Savior! The Church I was at,refuses to sing the old hymns. The Pastor said the new songs are just as good---? Just to hear, The Old,Old Story of Jesus and His Love.
  • Irene123
    Bruce - You just got to my heart; the old song, At the cross (yes, and did my Savior Bleed). 'At the cross, at the cross, where I first saw the light, and the burden of my sins rolled away; it was there by faith I received my sight, and now I'm happy all the day.'
    And, "Have a Little talk With Jesus, tell Him all about your troubles, He will you when you cry, He will answer by and by."
  • Bruce
    Jason: in the Greek it says stake or cross. The statement you're making came from a believer turned Atheists. Trying to destroy The Church. He to said he's a historian. Stake,plank,tree: makes no difference,He was lifted up,He paid for Our sins. What about yours? Only by The Blood of The Lamb is there Salvation! At The Cross,at The Cross when I first saw The Light. The Lord Died on a Cross for me!
  • Jason
    Im an historian of the Bible to much of a surprise to most people Romans never used the cross beam for quite some time after Christ death so Jesus died on an upright stake/tree the Greek word stauros if you are a Christian this should make a huge difference to salvation you want to worship in truth

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