Acts 17:28 Inspirational Image

Acts 17:28 Inspirational Image

"For in him we live, and move, and have our being..."
Acts 17:28 (KJV)

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"We owe EVERYTHING to Jesus Christ! He who formed us out of the dirt of the ground and breathed His spirit into us. That is when our bodies received a soul. Body + Spirit = Soul"
"In Him alone is our Hope, In Him alone is our Strength, In Him Alone are we justified, In Him alone are we saved. Love this hymn"
"Amen! Praise God, He Reigns!!"
"We need to sing God's praises every day."
"Amen! In Him we live,because He is our life.In Him we move for He is our ability and strength,In Him we have our being,because He is our Spirit Person that lives or dwelleth in us."
"Amen!! Praise God Smiling"
"Amen, thank u lord for the breath of life."
"Him "His" I AM capitizing every h that reffers Him in my kjv bible! love Him? so show the reverance and repect!"
"Him should be capitalized, right? Amen."
"In HIM!!!"
"Oh yes AMEN."
"Without God, our Creator, we wouldn't exist. We owe Him our all."

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