Acts 1:8 Inspirational Image

Acts 1:8 Inspirational Image

"But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."
Acts 1:8 (KJV)

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"God have mercy on me"
"What a great responsibility we have with that amount of power, and the privilege to be able to use the authority in JESUS name, just think about it."
"And the Holyspirit will teach us about God"
"Nothing like be born again ....I had the Holy Ghost for 35 years of my life am now 63 years's your ticket to heaven....and your power to live in this mean world we live in...Sin is every where....The Holy Spirit help you reframe form sinning. God Bless don't stop praying until you receive it. Because Jesus will give it to you if you ask Him to."
"Glory be to God the only way. you can have power is through the holy ghost"
"Praise God !! Thank you father for all that we have received and are getting ready to receive !! We give all praise and Honor unto you are King !!"
"I Approve This Word Message In God's Amazing Love, Mercy And Grace , Your Servant And The Nations Apostle James Winfree Sr,"
"Thanking God for HIS Power!"
"Amen! In Acts chapter 1 our God shows us a prophetic message of our our knowledge of God's word and his timeline might not add up to our expectations. The apostles knew by God's word that the kingdom would be restored someday unto Israel. But our Lord told them it was not their immediate ministry to see that conclusion: they were told to "wait" Truly in this generation now, that we live in, we shall see what those mighty men of God asked about that day! Here comes our God!"
"Amen!!! 1000% To The Lord Our God Powerfulness Its True And Its Real!! Act 2:38 Is The Way!!"
"Whew, I pray for hope to be the best example I can be, cuz I fall alot."
"God forgive me,wash me,clean me and refill me with fresh filling of ur holy spirit and bless me with power so that I can fight the good fight of faith"
"I was @ my mother and was getting ready for the day, I began to tell my mother how good GOD has been to me, I turned on radio station(singing), I pulled up Prophet Nathan Simmons praying, next thing I know I was praying alone with him and GOD stepped in. I began to not look @ my situation and began to call out family members one by one name by name. I began to really want help for my family members, I began to think of every way GOD has blessed our family. The children, teenagers, young adults & parents. Rebuking sickness and death. The Holy Ghost took over me. At one point I tried to control what and how it disclosed verbally but ASAP GOD said "I got this"....Jesus cam and visited me"
"AMEN and AMEN! Another verse that is staring Christians in the face more and more from the precious word of God. Christians ARISE and GO! SET YOUR MINDS ON THINGS ABOVE!"
"Amen! Thank God for the Holy Ghost!"
"Have you recieved the holy ghost since you believed"
"I read this bible scripture in my christian chat room today on Paltalk Scene ... One Lord One Faith One Baptism."
"I speak life in you n strength to be about our fathers business. Pray for all that is in need of deliverance. Amen"
"It will be so good to anoint with the HOLY SPIRIT and we should thirst for it .We should rejoice coz as per Acts 2:17 He will pour out HIS Spirit on all flesh.Without the help of the spirit we can't do anything by ourselves."
"Mat 5:14a Ye are the light of the world… 16a Let your light so shine before men… John 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. Amen :)"
"Praise God for the power of the Holy Ghost! And thank God for the evidence that I've got it! Read Acts 2:1-4!"
"....yeah! He has been a helper, a teacher, a comforter, a councellor etc. Thanx b 2 God 4 the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. 'Sweet Spirit of God, i adore U'."
"After. That's when the greatest commission begins. Therefore I believe that if anyone is eager to do the work of the Lord should be endued with the Power from above, if not should wait. Glory be to God. After that, what!!!!! That's when ye become witness not by theology only, not by men but by the Holy Ghost. I am not against theology because it is the one enabling me to communicate with all of you but is not a passport to become a preacher. If it was by theology apostles were better because they knew Christ personally. God bless you. This applies to us and our children and to them that are afar to whom the Lord our God shall call. Amen"
"Beloveth! The word of God is loaded, power as of old,power from the sanctuary not our muscularity, power dat make every imposibility to become posible, unstopable and unquenchable power... Please let the HOLY SPIRIT be your watchward"
"I approve nothing, may the word prove me in this word, I agree."
"Pray that the Lord continue t0 show His mercy."
"That 's right Chiles Tan ,that's the difference between a Christian & the cults .The Holy Spirit ! Praise His Holy Name ."
"Acts 1:8 was a promise."And when the Day of Pentecost was fully come....suddenly there came a sound from heaven as a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all [oikos: the family of God - the temple where the Spirit now dwells]...and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost [pneuma: the Spirit; the breath of God]..." Acts 2: 1-4 He has come....He is come...and He continues to come. "He was, and is, and is come.""
"Exactly the message that was preached at my church a few hours ago"
"God is good and his endures forever amen."
"Holy Ghost Power!!!"
"How many of us go to the uttermost part of the earth? Not many, but that's ok because God needs you in your neighborhoods too."
"I need you Holy Spirit. Come and have your way in my life"
"I thank the Lord for His grace and mercy on us!!!"
"Lord empower us to work 4 you"
"Love you Jesus Amen!! <3"
"Massive amen to this!!!!!"
"Please my precious LORD GOD..please melted me, formed me , and used me in anyway you see it fit, Thank you LORD GOD Jesus Christ."
"Praise God in the Highest! I love you Lord!!"
"Recieve the Holy Ghost!! Acts 2:38"
"Tank God for z word nd tank God am a christian"
"Thank for Gods words every time."
"Thank God for our Comforter and Guide who leads us into all truth!"
"Thank you Lord! !"
"Thank you. I found the verse for to day. These posts help strengthen my faith. God Bless You. Keep spreading the Good News."
"Without holy spirit,u cannot recieve is better 4 man 2 first ask 4 holy spirit in order 2 recieve power and other spiritual gifts"
"...and unto the uttermost part of the earth. That means me! All the way to Spokane, Washington! Thank you Jesus because just reading Scripture sometimes makes it sound like it isn't for me. Amen and Praises unfailing!"
"A true believer of d LordJesus has rhe Holy Spirit.amen."
"Acts 2: 1-4 is fullfilment of that promise."
"Ameeeen!!! I thank you my Lord oooo."
"Amen l received and l thank YOU GOD for YOUR WORD of Promise"
"Amen may you always have God's spirit with you"
"Amen ooooooooooooooh"
"Amen! Please continue to read chapter two of Acts 1 thru the end. It helps to understand the plan of salvation."
"Amen!! I'm a testimony to that!"
"Amen!! just like firer shout up in my bones."
"Amen. Awesome!!"
"And they recieved on the 50th day of Pentecost. The message was preached last Sunday, Do You Have The Holy Ghost? I do just like Jesus said I would, by his evidence as he gave the utterance."
"Come precious Holy spirit"
"Elder Gibbs preached this verse Sunday night about 10 young people got filled with the Holy Ghost."
"For me it means to have that pwer 1st we have to baptized in JESUS name and to recieved the Holy Spirit!"
"Glory!!!!!! Thank u Lord for giving your Spirit to take us through and to Stand:)"
"Glory, glory, glory!"
"GREAT COMMISSION instituted!"
"Holy spirit breath on us afresh ijn"
"I am in."
"I enjoy the New Testiment"
"I have received in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN"
"I pray for the Holy Ghost to come upon me"
"I read dis yesterday...amen"
"IT IS vital to keep our eyes open and our perspectives firmly grounded upon biblical truth.As Christ admonished us, let us intelligently watch and read between signs on what happen around us and always be in an attitude of praise and prayer.Let us ever be mindful and vigilant while the end draws nigh."
"It's only by Gods grace that we receive His power and authority as being His servants here on Earth as God works in us and through us to reach out to those who are as lost sheep"
"Its so powerful"
"King James Bible Thai Version : ??????????????????????????? ????? 1 ??? 8 ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ??????????????? ????????????? ?????????????????????????. ????? AMEN"
"Let the power come...... Amen!!!!"
"Let's not be ashamed to proclaim the gosgel of our father in heaven for He has given us the power to do so when we accepted Him as our Lord and personal saviour. Remember Jesus said if you are ashamed of Him here on earth, He shall also be ashamed of us before His father!"
"Lets start d witness aspect now"
"Lord give us the strength and will to witness for u indeed."
"Lord let it be unto me according to your word, Amen."
"Lord,more grace to tarry. Amen!"
"May D Sprit of Holy Ghost cum upon me In Jesus Name"
"My fathers words are truth."
"My prayer today,is for the holy spirit of God to continue to direct our lives in Jesus name Amen."
"Now we are the sons of God. . ."
"Oh!our helper!comforter..!we long 4 u."
"One of my first memory verses"
"Our reedeemer!"
"Our work is to spread the gospel n do th soul winning in jesus christ name."
"Perfect timing! missions conference month :-)"
"Please pray for me as I pray. I pray that God bless and protect everyone reading this now."
"Praise God for the holy spirit...amen bless love"
"Should not have to memorize scripture. Should come from the Holy Ghost in remembrance. This is if you abide in Christ by reading his Word! Amen :)"
"So get out there and get to witnessing the love, grace, and mercy to Christ Jesus. It's what you're called to do. Each believer is called to testify unto Jesus name."
"So thankful for our missionaries who take the word where we can't go!"
"So thats what happend to me!!! :-) 15 years ago, I really thought having fiath in The Bible or Christianity was for the weak minded, gullible! I didnt ever want anything to do with it. But as life happens, I found myself asking Jesus to be my Lord and Savior! Now I share Jesus word every chance I get on facebook or out in life!!"
"Such a great promise!"
"Thank GOD for the King James Bible the only Bible I will read the others add to or take away from the word."
"Thank you Father for the rare and precious gift of the *HOLY SPIRIT* <3"
"Thank you holy spirit,AMEN"
"Thank you Jesus for the Holy Ghost that I received just like they did on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4)!"
"Thanking God for His Word made flesh - Jesus, and His written Word that is quick and powerful and a two edged sword dividing between spirit and flesh and bone and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart!"
"That power was given to the 12 apostles & they did what they were supposed to do. How about us?"
"The Baptism of the Holyghost."
"The calling is nearly upon us brothers and sisters ALL who repent in jesus is saved.xx"
"The Great Commission does not come with out EQUIPMENT - the HOLY SPIRIT!"
"The Holy Ghost has come upon us and we have received His power!!!"
"The Holy Spirit will help witness about Christ."
"The one book that will never burn in a fire. Amen"
"The only place you can find the real truth now days or any day,It will change your life as it did mine."
"The sweet Holy Ghost of that's power. :-}"
"The tird person of the triune Godhead?????There is no such thing in the Bible."
"The uttermost parts of the world will lead you to some most interesting people. We serve a big God."
"This is the promise of father unto his children."
"This never happened and awaits the time of the tribulation to be fulfilled. The uttermost parts of the earth were never reached by the original Apostles because Israel fell a few chapters later and their program was completely shutdown in Acts 28:28. They also made an agreement with the Apostle Paul that the 11 Apostles would go to the circumcision (Israel) and Paul to the heathen (Gentiles or uncircumcision) thus shutting down this great commission before Israel ended."
"To be able to be zealed for one precious day.Glory to God."
"To confess, "I am a Christian" is enough to reach those near you to search for the "Christ". Our God, Jehovar Jire, does communion with us through the Holy Spirit. Be blessed"
"To get your ducks in a row read this with Hebrews 12 to find the Cloud that can cleans you"
"Try to check 1st corinth 1:1 chk this out to GOd be the glory"
"Unless you submit yourself to Him."
"We are in Christ! Hallelujah!"
"We are supposed to but rarely happens. That is what he. Has said to do. Amen"
"We are with him Holy Spirit thank you Father in Jesus Name Amen"
"We must be a witness to Jesus Christ, and tell ppl the good news about Him. the Lamb of God that took away the sins of the world."
"What a great teacher, companion, evangelist and the linking buddie btwn us nd God"
"What a powerful scripture! :)"
"What power is He speaking of ?"
"When you love god the father you know his love for you."
"Where ever you are, you are a witness."
"Without having the baptism of God's Holy Spirit there is no power to defeat the enemies, for with Him we are given power to endure and overcome all things! Amen!"
"Witness i shall"
"Yes and I pray for the same that God does have mercy and on us hod bless"
"Yes Glory To GOD And Thank You JESUS Amen. *+"
"Yes Lord.."
"Yes, and one of the most mis-interpreted verses in the bible"

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