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  • Anyaele Emmanuel
    Going through 3John, I understand that what Diotrephes did in his days has been happening today in our midst. But to do good work is what every Christian must be looking forward to do.
  • Cecilia for verse 2
    i think the healthy soul comes before a healthy body the word of god says seek ye first the kingdom of god and all these things shall be added unto you
  • Sidney
    Can one be 51% saved?
  • Adam
    It's my belief that if you genuinely repented of your sins, accept Jesus as Lord and you're actively following Him then you're saved. I believe it's either you're saved or not, a binary yes/no, not inbetween. Luke warm people are not saved. Revelation 3:16. However, God's grace has no limits. No sin is too great- except blasphemy- people have killed in the Bible who became influential Christians, like Paul. I also believe God is a fair judge and we will be rewarded according to our actions, so I think it's likely there are levels of reward within heaven and levels of punishment in hell. That is my own personal opinion.
  • Kathy
    We are not to treat our fellow Christians like Diotrephes has. We are not to set ourselves above the other. It takes every member of the body of Christ to make the church. We are all important, no matter the position. We are to live our life as Christ would have us, loving one another, treating each other with respect, and most of all, putting God first in everything we do.
  • Antera lopez
  • Jeremiah
    Although 3rd John is the smallest book of the bible it holds a lot of truth and wisdom within the wrods.
  • Valora
    The Bible is the REAL truth.
  • Walter Waller
    Good encouragement is found,also we need to keep our eyes open to things going on around us, who knows the things we might see.
  • BSP
    Verse 5~One way we show our faithfulness is by the hospitality that we extend to others and especially our fellow brothers and sisters in the faith.
  • His Purpose
    Only to often we become the only Bible people read, Thus it behooves us to walk in grace and Love with all that is in us. It is one thing to hold a position in church that should be considered an honor in service to those around us, and all together another thing to set ourselves above those in whom we serve as it appears Diotrephes was doing. the Gospel plainly teaches to walk in Love .
  • Girl4JESUS
    Verse 1, I Love Truth that is good
  • BSP
    Verse 4: Parents want their children to walk in the truth and do what is right. This takes hard work on the parents part in order to instill Bible principles in their children at a young age.
  • Tikki
    I find it interesting that John referred to himself as an "elder".
    In the book of revelation the "elders" who were in heaven (spiritual realm-Revelation 1:10). Ended up having to cast their crowns down at the feet of him who was worthy (Jesus-Revelation 4:10)
    The apostle Paul was the greatest apostle, due to the fact that he received the good news via the spirit of truth , by revelation (Galatians 1:12).
  • Daniel J Smith
    Tikki, I agree that Paul was the greatest apostle of all, but for reasons other than the fact that he received the "good news" by revelation. Surely the apostles that were by Jesus' side during his ministry, and received the Gospel directly from him, would not be lesser apostles because they received the Gospel directly from the source, rather than receiving it by way of revelation.
  • Brian
    Insight this just sounds like it was Diotrephes that did not receive John's words, not the church. He was on a power trip and considered it HIS church the way it appears. He was apparently out of control in many things (verse 10). I'm guessing John set things straight when he got there (verse 14).
  • Insight777
    V9- the church would not receive Apostle John. They did not want to listen to John and responded with malice towards the truth of Jesus that John preached. John said he would remember this excommunication V10. John said follow good not evil. Could this be an inferior church that Paul established? Paul said his church was considered inferior because he caught his followers with guile (evil).
  • A disciple
    Insight; When I read this, I'm stunned that someone pretending Christianity could be so out of mind and without a conscience, to dare to do this to the very Apostles themselves! But having gone through something similar myself, I can say; I know the kind John writes about: and it isn't something that just recently showed up in the world. How does anyone in any age make himself God's mortal enemy?
  • Insight777
    V10 is important. What church has the right to cast out anyone! If a follower of Jesus, no one is denied the right to speak the gospel or listen to others that have a different interpretation of Bible parables. Jesus died because of blasphemy. He was cast out being denied the freedom of speech. Listen to each other respectfully to discern what the correct Bible symbolism is and find truth. Love is
  • Brianna vs. 11
    A very good scripture for parents and children. Sometimes, I see children who play violent video games. The parents think "oh it's just a game", but over time that game desensitizes the children to violence. They may even begin to imitate it. If we teach our children to entertain themselves with up building recreation, then it will be easier for them to imitate GOOD, not BAD.
  • Irene123
    To MZ Doris - I like what you said about 3rd John 1 a yr. ago.
  • BSP
    Diotrephes was ambitous. He wanted the first place and this caused him to reject authority and counsel.
  • GeraldineCole
    Praise the Lord Jesus he is so Good to us All. Amen
  • Ronney Weaks
    1st cornthian 2:10
    For the Holy Ghost search all things,
    Thank God that he see everything.
  • Jose Santisreban
    AMEN! All Praise Be To God!
  • Dermot David for verse 11
    Those who live a righteous life are bold as lion and they are spiritually and physically sound.
  • Mz Doris
    In summary, we believers should always stand on "truth " which comes from the Word of God. We should never think of ourselves as superior because there is only one superior authority which is God. We should not become one using a lot of words that attack the "true Word " and not living according to the love Jesus shown us when he presented himself as propitiation for our sin. We should be willing to accept all that repent into fellowship not withholding God 's Love nor God 's Truth.
  • Lilian
    Jesus himself is a word of God. And the word was with God. All scriptures are given by the inspiration of God. We must accept God 's words and obey them. Jesus is the only mediator between man and God we must believe in Jesus as the Son of the Living God whom he shed his precious blood to us in order for us to be saved and have life. We must be Born Again in Spirit and not in the flesh. Without Christ in our life we cant do anything. If we delight ourselve to God first all things that we need will be added. Our God is a promising God and a loving Father to his children. Jesus is the only way the truth and the life no man comes to Father except thru him. Our job is not to figure out how Jesus feed us with heavenly manna and how Jesus bless us and protect us on our everyday life. His goodness and mercy is always follow us. Our job now is to believe in him. Jesus loves you and he will never ever leave you nor forsake u. Just believ Jesus forever until rapture. Amen
  • Daisy Porter
    I love to read books of John it out so much in heart and soul learn to love forgive my sister and brother
  • Gerbelg
    Mot...If you are truly Born-again then your heavenly Father hears your plea. If you are not, the He only hears a repentative pray. As for me a few years back, I was not obedient to God. I was living a life that I thought was God 's plan. But not giving over my whole being back to the God. The Holy Ghost convicted me and showed me that I was just not giving back All. I asked my heavenly Father to forgive me, and please take away everything that is hendering me from your blessings. And I truly meant everything that I said and believed that God heard me! Since that very moment, God has blessed my marriage, my family, my career and so much more. But remember one thing...God doesn 't owe us anything, but His promises! God 's word states that if we Do Not have Charity we have nothing! So give yourself back to God and then to others! Do not expect anything from God, just trust and obey His word.

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