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  • Becki marsh on 2 Timothy 2
    Thank you for allowing me to read the Bible. Google has never let me in for years. I went offline when my husband died. When I came back, I forgot my password. I'm 74 and can't recall things like I used to. So hope you mind letting me continue here, from time to time. May God bless you and your families.

    Sincerely, becki marsh
  • Kathy Baldwin on 2 Timothy 2
    I read something about the birth of Christ, It inferred that at that point women became more than second class citizens. Because Mary did exactly what God wanted of her....Would like some input on this,


  • Chris - in Reply on 2 Timothy 2
    If someone aligns themselves with the feminist agenda of today, then yes, not just Mary, but most of the women in the Old & New Testaments of the Bible, obeyed God, served Him well & faithfully reared up their families & may have appeared as 'second class' people. But that was never the case: this has always been the God-ordained Plan for mankind, for its happy & blessed existence & a full expression of familial love & cohesiveness.

    Then someone steps up to the plate & announces that women are being suppressed, disadvantaged & treated in a sub-human way & this needs to be rectified. And I agree to it, if women are being treated as such, then errors made in the past need to be corrected. But in her obedience to God, which also reflects a wife's relationship to her husband, a woman can do no better than to remain humble before her God which demonstrates her love & devotion to Him & a spirit ever keen to hear & do what He asks of her. And this must also be the desire & act of every man towards God, whereby as his wife subjects herself to him, he likewise shows her (nay, showers her) with much love & care.

    So I've never viewed Mary as anything less than what God expected of her & what she willingly did & gave of herself to Him. That's a picture of a beautiful relationship of love & trust, but the carnal world only sees that which God has ordained, as skewed & of great disadvantage or mistreatment to women as a whole. Just my thoughts.
  • Robert littlefield on 2 Timothy 2
    wow I have never seen so much of a ruckus over the only Bible passage in Gods word telling you how to study it....Oh your cutting up the bible...NO IM Understanding the different events in it..I have lost some good friends over this really is a sad thing ...
  • Rob on 2 Timothy 2
    2 Timothy 2 v 24 , 25 , 26

    This are people that appose them selves and are teachable . I hardly thing false teachers fit this category.
  • Steven on 2 Timothy 2
    God's will be done
  • Terasa on 2 Timothy 2
    what does the word Bonds mean in verse 9?
  • Jesse - in Reply on 2 Timothy 2

    Paul begins the verse by saying wherein I suffer trouble. He's been put in prison for being part of an "Illegal religion." He says I suffer as an evil doer. He's in prison like a criminal, even unto bonds; That word bonds is the Greek word for chains.

    Here it is: but the word of God is not bound.

    There's an old saying that comes from this verse, you can bind the messenger, but you cannot bind the message.

    There were many testimonies of people who were imprisoned for Christ, and who suffered for Christ's sake like Paul, and the gospel just spread like wildfire.

    Can you imagine the first imprisonment, when they chained Paul to those soldiers, and people were coming and going all day long, and Paul was talking about Jesus Christ, and you have to wonder who's being held prisoner here?

    Remember Paul and Silas were in jail in Philippi and there was a big earthquake, and the Philippian jailor thought all the prisoners had escaped, and Paul said don't kill yourself, we're all still here.

    And he said sirs, what must I do to be saved? What must I do to know this kind of God that you know?

    God put them in prison so that the prisoners could hear the message, and so the jailor could hear the message, and the jailor's family could hear the gospel message.

    We feel bad, and even complain when our life is limited, and when we can't do what we want to do. And yet the history of the church, so many martyrs, and so many people who have suffered for Christ, lost their lives for the sake of the gospel.

    So always remember this. They can bind the messenger, but not the message!

    In fact, if they put you in jail for being a Christian, they're doing themselves a great disservice, because you can just spread the gospel to everyone that's in jail!
  • Vincent - in Reply on 2 Timothy 2
    Or, simply put, bonds = chains, shackles, cuffs etc.

    Bonds is another way of saying one is held in captivity i.e. bound and in jail like Paul is in the passage.
  • Frank Colwell on 2 Timothy 2
    how will B seated on the left & right side of GOD when we get to heaven ??
  • Kanyeyizire precious - in Reply on 2 Timothy 2
    whoever God chooses
  • Cathryn on 2 Timothy 2
    the census 2020 iz coming up , If the Lord will we shall live. 2 timothy 2:4 to me really stands out and i'll tell u why for me personally i chooze to decline even partaking in the census becuz i dont trust it, becuz we az believerz in Yeshua Hamashiach should alwayz keep our focus on him and know that we fight not against flesh and blood our warfare iz a spiritual fight well thats how i c it and im just saying 4 myselfe i do not trust man nor do i feel right about even taking part in this world's so called census. but watever otherz do and chooze 2 do izn't 4 me to say. im just saying how i feel about partaking in wat go'z on in this lyfe.
  • Keaton Watson on 2 Timothy 2
    Isn't it a blessing when you stuggle with something and somehow God always brings you the right answers? I needed this in my mind and God always opens up my eyes to see it.
  • Bill Bats on 2 Timothy 2
    Paul's strength in supporting Timothy is. Great. Timothy is my favourite disciple. I try to have an inner Timothy to be braver and trust in the lords grace and to live through. That grace. For without Jesus my life would be empty.
  • Patty Tozi on 2 Timothy 2
    If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless. James 1:26. So let's use our speech to bless and encourage, not to curse, slander.or gossip. Walking with God is helping others less fortunate. Teach as Jesus did when He walked this earth. Use your words today to Bless, encourage. Show your LOVE.
  • Lilian on 2 Timothy 2
    To conquer evil is to do good stand still and know that Jesus is the son of the living God thank you Abba Father for your word
  • Nimrod Christ Nimrod on 2 Timothy 2
    2 Timothy 2:3 "Thou therefore endure hardness, as a GOOD SOLDIER of JESUS CHRIST!!!"
    But not only endure hardship, but CONQUER hardship!!! Paul states in verse 8 that GOD raised JESUS CHRIST from the dead. Thus CHRIST not only endured the hardness of hypocrites and the evil cross, but with FAITH in Our FATHER GOD, CHRIST with GOD CONQUERED the hardness of hypocrites and the evil cross (Revelation 1:18).
  • BSP on 2 Timothy 2
    Verse 15: this shows the importance of personal Bible study because we can’t correctly teach someone else something that we don’t understand ourselves.
  • Kathy Baldwin on 2 Timothy 2
  • MATHIAS EGESA on 2 Timothy 2
  • Walter on 2 Timothy 2
    I agree w/you about staying in the Bible first. There's nothing wrong w/other books per se, but only after being grounded in truth. For example, there are some wonderful books on how to have a God pleasing marriage that I have read, but, as w/anything else, it needs to be filtered through the Scriptures first. As well, I have met folks who read other books solely to argue against the Bible.
  • Bruce on 2 Timothy 2
    W.I.Bill: It's Just Reading The Word of God. Ask The Lord for Understanding. Without The Spirit Living with in: You will never Learn. You Need Salvation First. Given a New Heart:All Things Will Become New 2Corinthians5:17. You will Know Impossible not to. Don't read other books, or commentaries.Turnoff TV. Stay in The Bible( I use KJV Concordance) I Talked with Lots of Pastors. Most Don't Study
  • William Ivey. Bill on 2 Timothy 2
    I don't understand or missed it somehow "rightly dividing the word of truth" Can vou help!
  • Lilian on 2 Timothy 2
    The Lord knows who are his He is a good Shepherd and a Sheep who follow the Shepherd will know his voice. Jehova Jireh the Lord my Provider praise you Jesus forever amen
  • Lance Ivery on 2 Timothy 2
  • Bob on 2 Timothy 2
    According to gods word,if you have a living husband you have no right to be with another man unless he ,your first husband is dead,if you do you are an adultress,But there is grace for those who did not know any better! Please read marriage and divorce, by william Branham,its strong but scriptual all the way, May Gods grace be with you!
  • BSP on 2 Timothy 2
    Verses 3,4~As a soldier of Christ we must take our share in suffering adversity. This certainly calls for courage and endurance.
  • Josepg on 2 Timothy 2
    I believe... it is a Map for a Man to help Him become the MAN HE REALLY IS SUPPOSE TO BE....AMEN
  • Geraldine Cole on 2 Timothy 2
    Praise Jesus
  • Sarah M Williamson on 2 Timothy 2

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