2 Timothy 1:7 Inspirational Image

2 Timothy 1:7 Inspirational Image

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

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"Amen...I am so thankful for all the Lord has given me starting with my Salvation! This has been a couple of tough weeks in my life & I am so grateful the Lord will never leave me nor forsake me."
"Most people do not realize that fear is a spirit. It must be dealt with immediately and cast out. God bless!"
"My son relied on this verse when he was in high school and had 12 surgeries in 3 years. He would be scared and remember. He would "go under" quoting this verse in his head. So glad God brought him through all of those uncertain times. We still praise the Lord even though the last surgery was 10 years ago."
"Needed this words today thank you"
"One of our family's favorite verses!!"
"This is part of my childrens bedtime prayer."
"Thnk u Jesus fo e spirit of luv in Jesus' myt name & a very big Amen"
"With Jesus we're on the winning side. Amen"
"Your still in my thoughts and prayers <3"
"Amen :) actually heard that verse today in church. God is so good."
"Amen 1 of my favorite scriptures."
"Dear Lord, please heal me of my fears."
"Even so come LordJesus!"
"Fear not, for lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."
"Fear only comes from the devil."
"Halleluyah! I have victory in Christ Jesus. Amen"
"Have to repeat this all the time have bad panic attacks it works thank u jesus"
"I claim a sound mind ,power and Love in Jesus name, Amen"
"I need to hear this over and over again!"
"John the Baptist lived it and died believing it and refused to denounce God."
"Love this verse. And Yes God Has it all under control."
"Perfect timing for me. Thank you"
"Salamat panginoon.."
"So thankful for the power of God's love to us... Sometimes the distresses of the world seem to overwhelm us. Then I remember that God has total control...."
"Thank God..and praise His Holy name.!!!"
"Thank Lord in Jesus in name"
"...And of love...for without love we can not see the Lord.."
"<3 POWER & LOVE <3 Thank you Father! You give the best gifts *muah*"
"Absolutely love, love, love it!"
"Ain't that it!!!"
"Amen and i thank you for posting this."
"Amen and I think It is about time America use that power that God gave us."
"Amen I thank God for a sound mind"
"Amen praise da lord!"
"Amen! Praise the Lord! :)"
"AMEN, Praise be to the all powerful God."
"Amen, this msg came just on time."
"Amen, we are victors in Christ Jesus all our fear is gone. Hallelujah"
"Amen.i shall not fear even in the darkest valley"
"AND I STAND ON HIS PROMISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Be bless prince"
"For GOD hath not ,give us the spirit of fear, but of power ,and of love , and of a sound mind. 2 TIMOTHY 1 vs 7"
"God is in control !!!"
"God may tat true spirit work in me."
"GODS thinking neurones"
"Good reminder that anything else isn't from God."
"Great confirmation as God had given that scripture to my daughter, He is a better father and He loves his children, Praise God"
"Hallelujia and amen"
"His word(s) lives on................"
"How great is out God. Amen"
"I agree but if this election doesn't happen soon I think i will ......"
"I give thanks 2 the Lord all mighty 4 His love endures 4 ever"
"I have quoted this many times..."
"I love my King James"
"I need this verse almost daily"
"I needed this tonight"
"I oftentimes discouraged but I really thank God for given me power, love and sound mind to overcome fear..amen"
"K J V and there is NO other.!!!!!!!"
"Lord, thank You!!! I needed to hear that!! Praise Him!!!"
"Need that reminder for sure"
"No cause 4 alarm"
"No fear, cos I'm a child of God."
"Now if we would just use what we were given!"
"Oh yes what a powerful spirit he gave us,lets love this God people."
"Oh yes, with the love of God in my heart all my fear is gone"
"One of my favs."
"Perfect Love casts out all FEAR!"
"Praise God,He gives us da best."
"Praise the lord forever more"
"Sapagka't hindi tayo binigyan ng Dios ng espiritu ng katakutan; kundi ng kapangyarihan at ng pagibig at ng kahusayan. 2 Timothy 1:7"
"Standing on the 'WORD'......"
"Thank god for his blessings"
"Thank you endlesssly, oh Lord........"
"Thank You Lord! needed that."
"Thank you. Needing reminder."
"Thanks to u my king"
"That is one of my favorite scriptures. When Sam was sick I kept the Christian radio station on (WJS0) I was really fearful about many things. The man with night music read that scripture and I knew it was for me that night."
"That statement gave me a piece of mind. I needed that thanks"
"That's right, amem"
"The devil is a liar !"
"The holy spirit is GOD’s presence is us. There is no reason so ever therefore to be afraid. That holy spirit is power to strengthen us when we get weak or when we need greater action, love to move us to care for others, and wisdom to lead us best action. It is in us, so all we have to do is to obey the word of GOD to have that power and love and wisdom to be manifest…"
"The mind of Christ for all who believe and recieve for HIS GLORY HONOR AND THE PRAISE OF HIS NAME!!!!"
"The power from GOD.amen"
"Therefore nofn 2 fear cos God is on the throne"
"This has been my verse on many dark nights! Thank you Father!"
"This is Beverly's favorite verse in the New Testament."
"This is huge..verse with power...that is needful in the days we are now living in America"
"This is so true, amen."
"This was the first verse I memorized. Love it!"
"This word is so apt.THANK GOD."
"We are not in Bondage"
"We have power and love and a sound mind thank you Jesus! :)"
"What a lovely father."
"Yaweh u are great and Almighty"
"Yes.....a good reminder daily!!"

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