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  • Bocuan Rapopo for verse 7
    This verse is very helpful :)
  • Okonda Simon
    This was a show of gratitute from David to his friend Jonathan. Jonathan held his trust to David even to the extend of openly jeopardising both his life and position as the heir as next king to Israel. Even long after death of Jonathan, David could be trusted even in death!
  • Deborah Wagner Thompson
    This passage let me see, I don't have fight back the pain
  • BSP
    Verse 7-David showed loyal love to Jonathan even after his death by showing loyalty and kindness to his son Mephibosheth.
  • BSP
    Verse 1~David was looking for an opportunity to show kindness. We should do the same each day.
  • David
    verse 1 tells us David done this for Jonathan's sake,when the normal would have been for a king to destroy all the heirs of the previous king David shows eternal mercy on Mephibosheth and gives him a place at the King's table. God the father has mercy on "dead dogs" today, v 8 for Jesus sake.We too can have God's mercy and forgiveness as once being the enemies of God to the children of God!!!
  • BSP
    Verse 9: We see that King David took action to make sure that he continued to show loyal love to Jonathan even after Jonathan had died.
  • Pat
    Our God keeps a record of or acts of kindness through generations. And God is restoring to us our Land, Wealthy Kingdom Living Life Style and he is doing it Suddenly. Adonai has changed our circumstances for us and generations to come suddenly. FOR WE ARE THE HEAD ... WE ARE ABOVE... WE ARE POSSESSING THE LAND ... NOW
  • April
    This chapter is 1 that does touch my heart,for David to still remember Johnathan even though he isn't physically present,he continued loving Johnathan beyond the grave through his son,the pact went deeper then just David and Johnathan,he loved him as he did himself,there4 I believe his family was like David's family,he tried to love them and honor what Johnathan did for him even after all Saul did
  • Gamaliel
    One of my fave passages in The Word. It shows the heart of the king towards His Covenant!
  • Pavyoung
    There's not a "FRIEND", like Jesus. In our weakest moment, yet are we made strong. All because of the pressure Blood of Jesus Christ that was shed out on Mt. Calvery, on that Old Rugged Cross. Even, before man-kind consider himself to be a "Friend" of His's. This is God's Son Jesus Christ, in whom God is well pleased. To God Be Glory Now and Forever, In Jesus Name We Pray. "AMEN!
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    This is a classic case of promise fulfilled and "the evil that men do lives after them; the good oft interred with their bones". David and Jonathan had a pact to be like brothers. David was true to this pact and showed kindness to Jonathan's lame son. The good that Jonathan did in not allowing Saul to take the life of David is now paying off.
  • Rachel
    God will not forget His promises. He will take care of what belongs to Him. God could have healed Mephibosheth but He kept him for His glory. God wants us to know that in spite of our lameness when we are His -we shall remain at his table and no one can decide how we will eat or be treated because we belong to Him for His Glory!
  • Gamaliel
    How did Mephibosheth come to this end even though he was the grandson of the king? Don't allow the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lust of other things keep you from producing the optimum yield available to you. Realize though that even in that case we have a God King who still wants to show His kindness to us from the covenant He made with Abraham. Flow!
  • Betty Sue Harshbarger
    David made a covenant with Jonathan ill remember you, David never forgot that covenant . many times we say we will stand by a friend or brother or sister , yet when it comes time to remember what they have done for us we forget . like Peter at the table with JESUS . but one thing for certain Jesus will never forget , Jesus said ill never leave you , never forsake you.
  • Verlena Seals
    David reminds me of God. God does not forget our labor of love. David didn't forget the kindness that Jonathan showed to him.

    I'm so glad that God knows us by name and not our physical condtions.

  • Shelly
    Mephibosheth lameness represents my imperfections yet God Loves me sooo deep.
  • Osei asante
    oh, how wonderful is our God. that he looks beyond all of my faults and blesses me. I am always remember by God. Stop seeing all that is wrong with me and accept his love for me.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    2 Samuel 9 COMMENTS 5 02 2015 8:20 PM This chapter king David shew kindness for Jonathan sake. Mephiboseth blessed. 1Sam.18:3 Ch.16:1,2 1 Samuel 20:14 Ch.4:4 17:27 1Sam.12:19,20,24 1 Samuel 24:14 Ch.16:2 16:4 19:29 16:1-4 19:33,36. Lord, Thank you for the kindness ever given to us. Titus 3:3-4. A-men.
  • Elder larry mounts
    it is a story showing us a lot about our self and how god works. you and I are both lane in our feet,in the fall of adam we are crippled in sin, god shows us kindness for jesus 's sake. and I 'm very thankful that we will always be able to slid our cripple feet under the table and eat from the kings table.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    2 SAMUEL CHAPTER 9 1 12 15 In this entire chapter truely that king David shew a kindness into the house of king Saul, the anointed of the LORD. for Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul. 1 SAMUEL 18:3 . And Mephiboseth was blessed from king David for he did continually eat in king 's table. David, the king is truely kind and good for the spirit of God was in him. A-men.
    Mephibosheth remained crippled throughout his stay at the Kings house. He was blessed by David to eat continually at his table. My question is was there healing available for Mephibosheth?
  • Kaye
    The principles of sowing and reaping never fails. Jonathan was a blessing to David, and in due time God honoured his faithfulness by returning a blessing to his Jonathan son. It is always wonderful to see the way David remembered kindness. It is no wonder he had a heart that was so submissive to God.
  • James
    See verse 1. Your good deeds will sure speak for you no matter how long it may take.If you are not alive to enjoy it definitely,your children will benefit be remembered for good.It is my earnest desire that you will be remembered for good while you are alive in JESUS name.AMEN. Also,take note that "no condition is permanent ". Remain a blessing to a people and there will be beautiful result in good time.
  • Ernest Graves
    Its amazing how David asked is there any left in the house of Saul, not only did he get his answer. But Ziba found it necessary to tell David of the physical limitations of Mephiboseth. Althought men are quickly to point out each others flaws, God is so gracious to reward us for our brokeness.......Mephiboseth fell on his face and did reverence! And said,Behold thy Servant! Wow! However, Ziba did not find it necessary to be humble before the KING!
  • Tabby Nyambura
    My future is greater than my current situation.
  • Solomon Moyaba
    This really show dat, we mustnt hold gradges to our enemies. Do good and stay so good. David he was the man of God who has God 's heart. The same with us, we are God 's enemy as we dnt abide by his pricinples, but he is still show love to us. He will never foresake us. Let us do the same as God and David.
    Those that trust in the LORD are like mount zion which cannot be move but abide forever. As mountain is round about Jerusalem, the LORD is round about his people henceforth and forevermore, AMEN. I TRUST IN THE LORD
  • Emmanuel
    David was truly a man after God's own heart. It will only take a man that fear God to want to show favour and kindness to the son of a man who try to kill you. I am not surprise that God love David so much. What we learn from the verse is that, our life must be completely dedicated to God and making the fear of God rule our heart should be our priority.
  • Lillie
    Still to me it amazes me how anointed David was, because through all that he was still honoring Saul...

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