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  • Oyebowale samson for verse 16
    The ark of God proves the majesty of God over humanity
  • Trump150
    The lord bless the house in Jesus name.
  • Isabel for verse 14
    I love this Bible verse, because our gratitude should reflect in our daily walk with God even if circumstances or obstacles get in our way.
  • Mavis for verse 14
    David was over joyed after offering his sacafrice his sin offering of forgiviness which was received by God and seeing that God did not strike him down as he did Uzzah who would not have dance if i was there me to would kick up this too call for a shout David used every fiber in his body to give God the praise
  • Richard tembo for verse 14
    whatever we do for the Lord we should do it with all our might and we should not be shy of on lookers. David danced he didn't care who was looking at him because he was king all eyes were on him but he concentrated on the Lord our God
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 14
    King David shows his gratitude to Jehovah by dancing before the Ark of the Covenant, in the linen ephod, the attire of priest, and he gives us a pattern as ministers how we are to serve God. My daughter loves to dance, as the team captain for her drill team, and I shared this scripture with her, and told her to dance before the Lord with all her might. Paul told us that whatever we do, do all to the glory of God. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

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