2 Samuel Chapter 24 Discussion

  • Ron on 2 Samuel 24
    In 2 Samuel 24 1 who is telling David to take count of the Israelites?

    And in 2 Chronicles 21 1 Who is giving David to take count of the Israelites?
  • Chris - in Reply on 2 Samuel 24
    Hi Ron. Those are two good portions of Scripture you've given for us to consider (btw, I think you meant to write 1 Chronicles 21:1).

    To answer your questions properly, we must first know that God is neither the Author of sin, nor the tempter of mankind to sin. James 1:13-15: "Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death."

    So, to your passages. Clearly in the second passage ( 1 Chronicles 21:1), Satan is said to have "provoked" David to sin by numbering Israel. Yet 2 Samuel 24:1 speaks of the LORD having provoked David. To make sense of this, we can also recall Exodus 7:13,14 (& others verses like it), where "God hardened Pharaoh's heart" refusing to let the Israelites leave Egypt. We can also look at Job 1:9-12, where God gave Satan permission over Job's family & possessions. In both Scriptures, God doesn't incite or cause one to do evil, but brings about a situation where He removes His absolute control. And we can say the same for ourselves: when confronted with a situation to sin, God can either prevent us from committing sin or allow us to determine what we will do with it - we have a mind (& the Holy Spirit, if we're believers), to choose our path.

    When we bring those two passages together, we see that God "moved David". God did not force him to do wrong, but steered him in that direction of decision & allow his better judgement to not pursue such sin. Even Joab warned David about doing this & later David realized that he had done wrong, his heart was smitten & he repented (v10). With Job also, Job did nothing wrong, but God allowed Satan license to provoke Job to sin - but unlike David, Job did not. Satan is our enemy to entice us to sin - not God - God allows the tests - we have to choose rightly.
  • Curtis Holt on 2 Samuel 24
    Why is it that whenever the Jews are counted it incurs the wrath of God? Don't the present day Jews partake in a census as do most nations? What if any repercussions do they suffer?
  • John T on 2 Samuel 24
    I would expect David's decision was reminiscent of the census that Moses conducted in the Book of Numbers prior to Joshua's sanguinary assault upon Canaan. David was probably planning to extend the lands conquered by Joshua (and promised to him in the Book of Joshua), but the Lord took offense, instead attacking Israel with a plague. When the Lord came in the flesh, he was named after Joshua, but was a man of peace and preached love and brotherhood of men, not war. Perhaps that is our message to be gleaned for these scriptures. Maybe it is time to "beat our swords into plowshares", to get our own national houses in order and stop trying to expand into others'.
  • David Ward - in Reply on 2 Samuel 24
    To often it is not the act of repetitiveness that causes our pain. But the act of pride. David realized his error in numbering the men immediately. We need not depend on our own might when we belong to God. The battle is not ours to glory in but it is that God has delivered us. So we give the glory to God in spite of our on military might.
  • Ivy Johnso on 2 Samuel 24
    We are all born in sin, shaken in iniquity. You do not have to teach a toddle to do what’s wrong; however, it will take you a lifetime to teach that child to what’s right. We are all disobedient. Christians are sometimes the worst. We know what God requires from us; however, we refuse to submit to His Authority. Stuborness is a sin. I am preaching g to the Choir. these days, it is more rampant.
  • Aaron on 2 Samuel 24
    What was the fault of David in numbering the people was that God have seen that David now starts believing in is might which was his people, this was wrong according to the Lord because David should have realized, that all the power comes from the Lord not from himself or his people.
  • BSP on 2 Samuel 24
    Verse 17: David acknowledged his sin and he took responsibility for his actions. We should imitate David in this way.
  • Lily on 2 Samuel 24
    As in those days, will be again; because of "their" disobedience
  • Mbongwa S. Hlanze on 2 Samuel 24:17
    If people may know and understand that this verse says no blame must put on someone, only on self, that God may deal not worse with the sheep only the shepered,s leader s .
  • Thelma Clair on 2 Samuel 24
    Sometimes bad things happen to us because of something somebody else does all those people plague and don 't know why they died
  • Rose tiras on 2 Samuel 24
    At least David realized there is plentious mercy with God than with man
  • Salomo on 2 Samuel 24:3
    It seems Joab understood God 's purpose about this matter of numbering people!
  • Salomo on 2 Samuel 24:2
    It is a call of attention for us, to watch our ego, David besides of giving thanks to God who cared the people he wanted to know how many people were under his kingdom! But the king of Israel always was and is God! watch your pride and become humble!
  • Akani on 2 Samuel 24
    Dear Cloyd Jones
    You need to be His child. As a father speaks to his child, so will God speak to you when you pray to Him. He will reveal His will for your life.
  • Bob on 2 Samuel 24
    Yes, indeed. Praying is the best way.
  • Trent on 2 Samuel 24
    Pray and seek Him. Ask for wisdom.
  • Terome Knight on 2 Samuel 24
    The question is Why Do I Do What I Do When I Do What I Do? The answer is I AM
  • Brenda on 2 Samuel 24
    Hi Cloyd Jones
    You need to pray, and ask God for enlightment. Ask Him to reveal to you what it all means.
    I pray that you will have the answers that you seek.
  • Cloyd Jones on 2 Samuel 24
    I was in the Old City of Jerusalem Israel in 7-15-2010.
    Something happen to me I dont understand.
    What do I do to understand God will before the close of my life?

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