2 Samuel Chapter 22 Discussion

  • Dawn kemp on 2 Samuel 22 - 1 year ago
    I will trust in the Lords always. God you are my strength from day to day. I just want to thank the Lord for what he had done in my life I am nothing without him. Thank you, God, for your blessings in Jesus' name amen
  • Streetpreacher on 2 Samuel 22 - In Reply on 2 Samuel 22 - 1 year ago
    This is what King David does in the two psalms at the close of 2 Samuel. Second Samuel 22 records David's reflections, penned at the outset of his reign as Israel's king.105 The first seven verses of chapter 23 are a second psalm; this one is perhaps David's last psalm. We are told that this inspired reflection at the end of his reign as Israel's king contains some of his last words as Israel's king. Together, these two psalms of David give us his inspired appraisal of the hand of God in his life as the King of Israel, from the outset of that reign to its closing days.

    As I have already said -- and as you can see from most translations -- the words of reflection in our text are Hebrew poetry, two psalms if you would. In fact, 2 Samuel 22 is virtually identical with Psalm 18, with very minor variations.

    These psalms of David are songs. Second Samuel 22 is actually the longest of David's psalms: 106

    In form and content.
  • TOM on 2 Samuel 22 - 1 year ago
    Your comment...i love this web s
  • Street preacher - In Reply on 2 Samuel 22 - 1 year ago
    In the East objects are carried in the bosom which Europeans "carry in the pocket. To have in one's bosom indicates kindness," "secrecy, or intimacy ( Gen. 16:5; 2 Sam. 12:8). Christ is said to" "have been in "the bosom of the Father," i.e., he had the most" "perfect knowledge of the Father, had the closest intimacy with" "him ( John 1:18). John (13:23) was "leaning on Jesus' bosom" at" "the last supper.

    Our Lord carries his lambs in his bosom, i.e. has a tender, watchful care over them ( Isa. 40:11).

    I truly believe the Lord had an angel walk your little one to your room. It's precious and terrifying.

    My 4yr old and I were swimming in a creek on the 4th of July when he was 4. He was with the grandparents and he saw me. I was sitting in a limestone slide. He took off running for me as I let go and went over the little falls into 5' of water. I turned just in time to see him go over the falls. I pulled him up immediately but I saw the terror in his face. I wasn't going to let him be afraid of water. We sat on a raft by the bank until he quit crying. I said I will always save you when you fall. He was never afraid of water again.

    Our daily prayers for our kids, go with them.

    Especially these days we have to protect them from addiction to internet; no matter how much they protest.
  • Louis Logwood on 2 Samuel 22 - 1 year ago
    If we would realize how great our God (Jesus Christ) is . According to Ephesians 4:5 1LORD,1 FAITH, 1 BAPTISM. There would not be so much confusion in who God is. There is over 2000 different religions? Why ? There is only 1God 1 Lord 1Faith 1baptism . What I am trying to say is we believe the Bible like we should and stop following traditions. There wouldn't be so much confusion in the Church organization. The confusion should be out in the World. Our Lord is Jesus Christ, Our faith is based on the Apostles doctrine. One baptism Acts 2:38 Than Peter said unto them Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Than we can thank God who he really is. David I really believe in this chapter knew God is one , and one Lord. That's why He had such a great relationship with God before trouble came he knew God. Than when we get in a place of trouble we know what our God - JESUS CHRIST CAN do, He's my Sword my shield,my deliver. I want tell a testimony that happen awhile ago. In a large city of 850,000 people. We went out to eat, than came back to our Hotel . Our daughter and her family stay at one end of Hotel,were the stairs is. My wife and I at the other end. So about 15minutes pass by ,we our about to lay down. I hear a small tap at the door. ,I was by the door already,

    I look at my wife and said to her did you hear that ? I answer it ! I said who is it ? This little voice said it's me! I opened the door,to my surprise its our youngest granddaughter . She looked frighten,so we said were's your Mom ? My wife took a look outside the room,Hm no one there. So we thought they dropped her by to get some rest. My wife took her back to our Daughter & Son n Law room. Didn't realize she slipped out. From that moment they were in shock thinking what could of happened. My wife came back to our room & told me that they were all asleep,she WALK out.We gave God praise for his MERCY!
  • Adam - In Reply on 2 Samuel 22 - 2 years ago
    Here is a page of verses on the subject:


    God's view through these verses seems clear. Does it seem clear to you?
  • John anonymous - In Reply on 2 Samuel 22 - 2 years ago
    Jacob aka Israel had 2 wives and he made babies with both women. Each woman had a handmaid and Jacob made babies with them as well. Jacob had sexual relations with 4 women and made at least 13 babies. Two of them were not his wives.

    Abraham made a baby with his wife Sarah's handmaid.

    The prophet Samuel's mother Hannah was one of two wives.

    The God of ancient Israel approved of such things; even if you don't.

    The law of Moses says a man must make babies with his brother's widow if they didn't make a baby before he passed.
  • T. Levis - In Reply on 2 Samuel 22 - 2 years ago
    2Samuel 22,

    Acts 13:22,

    David obeyed his father 1Samuel 16:11, 1Samuel 17:15,17,18,

    David protected the sheep, & defended Israel, risking his life 1Samuel 17:34-37, 1Samuel 17:45-52,

    David served even though he was anointted king , 1Samuel 16:1,13,21,23, John 13:3-15,

    Jesus being the perfect example.

    This Psalm says 2Samuel 22:1, is when GOD delivered David from death by king Saul's doing. If we go into scripture of that time. King saul had promised David his daughter in marriage at, 1Samuel 17:25, please read 1Samuel 17, through- 2Samuel 1, to get understanding of what David went through from Saul, he had one wife at the time he was finally given one by Saul that Saul later gave to another man. Abigal was the widow of Nabal.

    Looking at the lineage Abraham & Israel possibly set the example of multiple wives, which was trouble to them, in Genesis, yes Isaac appears to have one wife. It didn't go well with David's household. These are examples also to cultures that believe in multiple wives.

    Adultery is sin against someone else's spouse. If one or both are married to someone else. Etc.

    I believe the scripture is pointing out David's innocent claims about being upright in his own mind because he didn't take revenge, jump the timing of his kingship, nor kill Saul when he had the chance. Please read, 1Samuel 24,

    Hopefully these are all helpful
  • Hanna on 2 Samuel 22 - 2 years ago
    I don't understand how David claims that his actions were upright before the Lord yet he had all those concubines and had kids with all these different women.
  • David on 2 Samuel 22 - 2 years ago
    Thank you Lord for Your Words of grace that you give to me and all who are saved to worship and glorify you. May we walk in Your integrity and praise You consistently.

    Let us put on the new man, according to scripture, and put off the old man, according to scripture.

    Bless all the brethren and those in authority to govern with godly wisdom.

    God bless all the saints around the world. August 2, 2021.
  • S Spencer - In Reply on 2 Samuel 22 - 3 years ago
    Here's more to like Iko.

    2 Samuel 22:1-3 (KJV) And David spake unto the LORD the words of this song in the day that the LORD had delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul:

    And he said, The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;

    The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence.

    Are there any quotes in the New testament you like as well?
  • Iko samaila bitrus on 2 Samuel 22 - 3 years ago
    I love 2samuel chapter 22 vs 47
  • Sunday Levinus Alaka on 2 Samuel 22:33 - 4 years ago
    2 Samuel 22:33

    "God is my strength and Power: and He maketh my way perfect".

    In the midst of all my weaknesses and errors, He enbles me, by His Grace, to perform all the duties and to bear all the trials of my Royal Station, so as to act in comformity with the principles and requirements of a theocratic ruler.
  • DeborahGutman on 2 Samuel 22:7 - 4 years ago
    I. Love. This. Scripture cousin has always been true in my life does one where Davis said a psalms I think 56 For this I know when I cry out to God my in in me shall turn back in the gate and that has always works for my life when I break down and cry out to God he has heard my cry and he has show me the answer wait upon the Lord and you will see he will answer here
  • Bob J on 2 Samuel 22 - 4 years ago
    I am on day 89 of Bible in a year reading. 3/29/20 Corona Virus causing the world to shut down.
    People quarantined, no churches open and yet I am strengthened by the word of God.
  • RADFORD FULTON on 2 Samuel 22 - 5 years ago
    good stuff
  • Ivy Johnson on 2 Samuel 22 - 5 years ago
    Born-Again-Christians: who are: living: obeying: serving: yielding: etc: to GOD: should have the power to keep Satan under their feet: God has given us that power: we should not sing the chorus only: it should be a reality in our lives: I am preaching to the choir: we are so caught up with everyday problems: we hardly have time: much more to spend QUALITY time with GOD: we are always rushing:
  • Ivy Johnson on 2 Samuel 22 - 5 years ago
    I am thanking, praising God today for sparing my life 15 years ago today. I feel like a modern day King Hezekiah.Only to realize that one of my Scripture reading is 2nd. Samuel 22:20. This is not coincidence. It is God’s Goodness of reminding me of King David’s struggles, and victories. What an example, King David is. For God to call Him a man after His Own Heart. Thank God for this Scripture.
  • Michael Nkosi on 2 Samuel 22 - 5 years ago
    He perfects us through trials
  • Godfrey Obioma on 2 Samuel 22 - 6 years ago
    David recognised his inability and weakness that without God he could not have been able to defeat his strong enemies.Our enemy the strongman is stronger than us but Jesus Christ the man of war,is stronger than the man.Hallelujah.
  • Satish storytellor on 2 Samuel 22 - 6 years ago
    lord i lift your name on high amen
  • BSP on 2 Samuel 22 - 6 years ago
    Verse 3~ Jehovah God is like a rock in his steady and unchanging standards. We can always depend on God and trust in him no matter what changes in our lives.
  • Adele L Hayes on 2 Samuel 22 - 6 years ago
    Yes, He does make our paths straight perfect, we're the one who mess things up
  • Baiyeshea Augustus Abiodun on 2 Samuel 22 - 6 years ago
    The verse is reminding me that God Alimighty is the all in all without him we are nothing. And in him we have our hopes, strength and powers reassured. Thank God my way has been made straight and perfect in our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • BSP on 2 Samuel 22 - 6 years ago
    In this world we face daunting trials and circumstances, but we can find our strength in Jehovah God. He will help us to have the power we need to cope and he will guide us in the best course to take in life.
  • Lilian on 2 Samuel 22 - 6 years ago
  • Polycarp e.n. on 2 Samuel 22 - 7 years ago
    I lack words to describe what our God is. David tried in this chapter but not all. God has been better than the best. If I call Him truth, trust, assurance or hope, I have not started. He is everything at everytime.
  • Peter A. Okebukola on 2 Samuel 22 - 7 years ago
    What a joyful praise of God by David.
  • Ritzie on 2 Samuel 22 - 7 years ago
    Ain't nobody like Him!!!!!
  • Shelly on 2 Samuel 22 - 7 years ago
    Reading the word of the Lord is great and encouraging The great work that God has done for his people no other could have done and none other can do. I just give God thanks and I will bless Thee O Lord with a heart of thanksgiving I will bless Thee O Lord He hath done great things He hath done great things He hath done great things bless His Holy name. Amen Praise God...

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