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  • David on 2 Samuel 11
    Lately, after reading the scriptural passages and reading the posts on this forum I find myself thinking of my own life. This is me, and I pray no one on this platform thinks I am pointing fingers at everyone else.

    I thank the Lord for everyone who takes the time to post their thoughts and encouragement for all who come to this forum. The Lord be praised for His long suffering and mercies to me and all who seek Him. I know I should not sin, but when I repent my God is a Loving and a Forgiving God. Thank you Lord for your Word. 2 Timothy 3:16, 17. For your Holy Spirit in me and all who are yours. Ephesians 4:30.

    Although it seems as if we are losing the battle, fret not, we win the war! As we used to say in school, I know because I read the last chapter of the book.

    May the Lord bless all, and may we all follow hard unto the Lord God Jesus Christ.

    Pray for those in Authority and also the lost.

    July 2021
  • CHARLEY on 2 Samuel 11
    Proverbs 7-27 her house is the way to hell,going down to the

    chambers of death.our sin will find us out, sin destroys but

    jesus sets us free. repentance is key to sexual sin flee from

    it .
  • Eric Lopez on 2 Samuel 11
    Oh no not David! I hope we don't get to see his fate like Saul. Once chosen by God and then forsaken. Temptation is a hard one.
  • Sach - in Reply on 2 Samuel 11
    Eric Lopez ,you are an absolute star ! You have taken me on a rollercoaster of a ride as i experience the books of Samuel through your excited commentary ,please dont stop ,i look for you every time i look on here , may God bring you closer to Him every day and may He fill your heart with His truth and love .
  • Blossom on 2 Samuel 11
    I would like you to explain isa 3 for me
  • BSP on 2 Samuel 11
    Verses 1,2~David did not go to battle, but he stayed home. When he stayed home temptation arose and he gave into it. We want to be busy in the work of God and not be idle.
  • Alex on 2 Samuel 11
  • Chitente on 2 Samuel 11
    No sin or iniquity is too big for God to forgive .The grace of God is so infinite that God later called David His friend after he had confessed and was forgiven .Oh how Great is your name Jehovah. Psalms 108 v 1.....
  • Stanjett - in Reply on 2 Samuel 11
    There is one sin that God will NOT forgive.
  • April on 2 Samuel 11
    Ah,Oh No,David,We have all fell n2 temptation,temptation has come in many forms and is different unto each individual,I am glad we can repent,it is so important,for even if only 1 person repents,there is a AMEN from the KINGDOM,the savory sweetness that prayer brings unto the nose of the LORD,filling his nose and heart with happiness when his children repent,wether it be action,thought or verbal.
  • BSP on 2 Samuel 11
    Verse 14: We see how hardened David's conscience had become. He had Uriah carry his own death sentence.
  • A disciple on 2 Samuel 11
    Anne; maybe you've seen these kinds of things; I sure have! Once sin takes hold, and the man changes his whole way of thinking and behavior, there is such a moral spiraling out of control that seems to never take an end; unless of course, the Lord intervenes to send His messenger to convict him; if perchance he might humble himself at the Word, and really repent. David's conversion was a miracle!
  • Anne on 2 Samuel 11
    This chapter reminds us that sin may seem personal but look at the effect it can have on lives of others.
  • Lu2677 on 2 Samuel 11
    Yes, David sinned, adultery and murder,( 2 Samuel 11). 2 Samuel 12 David knew God was displeased with him, he repented. Nevertheless, God punished David by causing his new born son to be sick and die. Then God blessed David with another son; Solomon. And God loved Solomon.
  • A disciple on 2 Samuel 11
    Hi Irene; I was looking over some older posts, and I saw this one you wrote about complacency. Despite my previous answer, I do completely agree with you. "But David tarried still at Jerusalem." It is a lazy and indifferent spirit that seeks to lull us away from and out of our intense urgency and diligence in the Spirit. As a Prophet, our precious brother David knew better; but didn't look out.
  • Peter A. Okebukola on 2 Samuel 11
    This chapter narrates a very bad side of David- coveting a neighbour's wife.
  • Alex Mattathil on 2 Samuel 11
    David Slept with her
  • A disciple on 2 Samuel 11
    It isn't always complacency that causes a fall; but we should rather recognize the weakness of the flesh, as not able to stand against the wiles of the devil. David was a great man of God, as was Peter; but through the weakness of the flesh they sinned; and we should better take instruction and warning, rather than pontificate. Pray that you enter not into temptation; is God's way to victory!
  • Irene123 on 2 Samuel 11
    V. 1 - David didn't become 'weary' from battle; he became - complacent, because God had ALWAYS done for him in his every endeavor for God. So he listened to satan, 'Your men can handle this without you'. And he then saw what satan planned for him to see. And Solomon, the product of this union, did not turn out well at all. God 'used' Solomon for HIS purpose - because He knew his 'true' heart.
  • Angie on 2 Samuel 11
    David was supposed to be a man of God and he messed up. His flesh betrayed him. He plotted and schemed against his own servant. He took the man's wife then killed the man. Today the same thing happen.
  • Vannetta on 2 Samuel 11
    Sin will have you so blind that you cannot see your judgment right in front of you. In verse verse 25 David said" the sword devour one as well as another". God's judgment to David in II Samuel 12 verse 10; the sword shall never
    depart from thine house. Learn to be careful of your actions it not only effect you but your whole family. Let the holy spirit lead and guide you in righteous..
  • Tony on 2 Samuel 11
    I think David not fulfilling his purpose.. being King and leading his army into war, then he wouldn 't have made the mistake he made
  • Daughter of Pastor Shaw on 2 Samuel 11
    First , I am so blessed to have found this website and have a chance to read the word and engage in conversation on interpertation of it. Second, The message at church on sunday was inrefernce to when we say sorry and forgive me... if we mean it from the heart or just speaking. Hence wha it appears David did whe he asked God forgiveness and to spare his sons life and take his. Also God can forgive and does when we are truelly asking and mean it. My thoughts are as follows for Joab.. he was not in the wrong he did as the King told him, this was David 's sin. Also, nothing about David 's lust for Bathsheba says Love... hence, lust. He did have an ideal mind, and should of been in battle and his lust drove him to sin. His sin caused death to several undeserving fellows and heartache to families, we can assume. However.. there vould be more stories inside that we are not aware of. Each man who passed may have sinned like David and ended up in that place.. we do not know.. Question, was Uriah staying in Davods house and not going home because they war or becuase he knew what David did and he was plotting.. battling right from wrong thoughts toward his wife and or David?
  • Beverly chaney on 2 Samuel 11
    to me its the matters of the heart,I don "t care what position your is in your, heart matter to God
  • Joseph Odongo on 2 Samuel 11
    2 samuel 11 demonstrates to us that an idle mind is the devils workshop.If king David could have been in the war then I could have not seen Urias wife taking bath.We need to keep our spiritual man busy I also thank God for He is God of forgiveness.We learn that repentance is the key to forgiveness.
  • Joe on 2 Samuel 11
    What about Joab 's role in this? He delibertly used tactics going close to the wall to put many men in harms way and several were killed not just Uriah. Did he sin? Sure, David sent the order, but should not Joab just have let God 's will be done?
  • Randy on 2 Samuel 11
    Sis Mc,
    I agree with your outstanding commentary on this chapter.
    Bro. Randy
  • Sis. Mc on 2 Samuel 11
    I see Uriah as a humble man for God and his fellowman. David was open to temptation because he wasn't where he was suppose to be, on the battlefield with the other kings. If we proclaim to be the Church, we should be on the battlefield. If we were on the battlefield, we would be able to accept the way of escape given to us by the Lord. I thank God for letting us jknow by David, a man after God's own heart, that He is a forgiving God.
  • Sharon Norman on 2 Samuel 11
    As I read and meditated on this chapter, I realized this would be the perfect example for Ministry. We all know that David Loved God and God Loved him however that wasn't enough to keep him for lusting after the flesh. That sin and his selfish desire was so deep that he killed to get what he wanted. I'm working on a message Trapped By This Thing Called Love. I'm grateful for the Holy Spirit pointing me in the right direction. Blessings.
  • Lillie on 2 Samuel 11
    Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.

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