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  • Sanobia on 2 Samuel 11
    self control or self destruction?
  • Allan Kalepa on 2 Samuel 11
    Sin will always catch us when we fail to be on duty at the time we are suppose to be. King David decided to remain in Jerusalem when it was time for the kings to go out for war.
    Self control and faithfulness to God is paramount. Uriah demostrated this in this scripture and never shared in the sin of the king and his wife.
  • Timothy Wayne George on 2 Samuel 11
    The bible does not hide the faults of its heroes, but we see that David a man after God's heart falls into gross sin. If it could happen to David, then it could happen to us. David repented of this great sin, yet he suffered the consequences of his sin. We must not blame God for our temptations, but do what Jesus did when tempted which is to quote scripture then we will be victorious.
  • J.R. on 2 Samuel 11
    Such is the nature of man. Even from the beginning right after the fall of Adam, everyone knew good, and evil. It was inherently in mans nature. God saw this, that was one of the reasons he caused the flood. We are all just men, striving to do our best and what is right in the eyes of God. We all falter in our lives, that cannot be helped. So you see David, one of God's favorite, do something so under-handed...I tell people all the time, if you actually READ the bible, there is alot of stuff in there that is not as friendly as we would like to believe.
  • Jeff on 2 Samuel 11
    eh verse 4, he could just sleep with any1 & cheat?
    OMG if and this super disappointing how can a great man people revere, can intentionally kill Uriah in cold blood, so he could get his wife. No one told me this in bible camp.

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