2 Samuel Chapter 10 Discussion

  • Lorraine Magarian on 2 Samuel 10
    Even when King David sincerely wanted to send his condolences to the other king, his reputation as a warrior was so great, that the princes didn't believe him! Not an unreasonable reaction against a fearsome foe!
  • Mishael - in Reply on 2 Samuel 10
    David want ousted by anyone. The Kingdom passed to Solomon before David's passing.
  • Chris - in Reply on 2 Samuel 10
    Hello William. According to 1 Kings 2:11, King David reigned a total of forty years; seven years from Hebron & thirty-three years from Jerusalem. Before David died, he appointed Solomon his son (son from Bathsheba) to take his place as ruler ( 1 Kings 1:28-40). So Solomon was anointed ( 1 Kings 1:39) as King prior to David's death & wasn't ousted.
  • William Westenberger on 2 Samuel 10
    How long was David King before he was ousted by his son?
  • Eric Lopez on 2 Samuel 10
    Why would Hanun disrespect David when he was only showing kindness? 7 stages of grief? Anger? Was he thinking I don't need your pitty?

    Curious to find out in next readings.
  • April on 2 Samuel 10
    A part of serving father is to have COMPLETE faith in him and all he does,as well as being obiedent,it is through this that lets us feel his love,power and even Grace and Mercy,and our temples can be used for what he pleases,but when we vacate these things,then father cannot be with us,Glory be to Father,HE sent his only begotten son 2 die for EVERYONES sins,and now its up 2 us 2 follow n his name
  • Irene123 on 2 Samuel 10
    What God did then, in being with David and defeating HIS enemies, not David's, David was the tool God used to defeat HIS enemies. Just as today - no one laughs at, despises Christians; it's their God they don't care for. A true Christian shows GENUINE love to ALL people; no one can despise GENUINE love. It's the repentance, leaving their sin, they hate, i.e. hating God. Jn. 14:15.
  • Olalekan Fowodu on 2 Samuel 10
    God is great, what He did then can be replicated today.
  • SANOBIA on 2 Samuel 10
    i love how the the LORD inwadly fights battles even for his children today. Amen.

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