2 Samuel 20:25 MEANING

2 Samuel 20:25
(25) Sheva.--This officer is called Seraiah in 2 Samuel 8:17. Nearly all the officers mentioned here are the same as in 2 Samuel 8:16-18, where see the Notes.

Verse 25. - Sheva. He is called Seraiah in 2 Samuel 8:17.

20:23-26 Here is the state of David's court, after his restoration. It is well when able men are appointed to discharge public duties; let all seek to perform those duties, as faithful servants to the Son of David.And Sheva was scribe,.... Either the same with Benaiah, or he was dead or removed, and Sheva was put in his place, see 2 Samuel 8:17,

and Zadok and Abiathar were the priests; as before; See Gill on 2 Samuel 8:17.

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