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  • Jason on 2 Peter 2:4
    Were the angels that are spoken of in 2 Peter 2:4 the same angels that are spoken of in Genesis chapter six and were theses angels part of the two third that were cast out of heaven with Lucifer??
  • Mishael - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:4
    The Law and The Prophets AKA

    Moses and Elijah
  • 2 Peter 24 - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:4
    Find the Search box. Highlight your scripture. Scroll down to the Commentary Box:


    Wesley's Notes for 2 Peter 2:4

    2:4 Cast them down to hell - The bottomless pit, a place of unknown misery. Delivered them - Like condemned criminals to safe custody, as if bound with the strongest chains in a dungeon of darkness, to be reserved unto the judgment of the great day. Though still those chains do not hinder their often walking up and down seeking whom they may devour.

    People's Bible Notes for 2 Peter 2:4

    2Pe 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned. In order to show that judgments on these wicked teachers are sure, Peter cites examples. Even angels when they sinned were subjected to punishment. But cast [them] down to hell. The sinning angels were cast out of heaven. The word rendered "hell" is not Gehenna, but Tartarus, a Greek term used for the place of future punishment. Delivered [them] into chains of darkness. "Pits of darkness" (Revised Version); possibly dungeons of darkness gives the idea. Compare Jude 1:6 Both passages point to a time when angels sinned, fell, and thus became angels of darkness.
  • Gene - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:4
    1/3, not 2/3....
  • Enduring Hardships with Family - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:20
    You may have a move in your future...

    Even good Christians oppose themselves and people they love. (Mom)

    You take over your Christian walk. Can't anyone else do it for you. Just say "I appreciate your concern" and then make your exit.

    Did you do as described in John 3 ? If so, then you are born again; and the Holy Spirit came alongside to be a daily part of your life. He...is your Teacher; Comforter. If you're veering off course, He will alert you.

    Any voice that accuses you and attacks your faith in God; is Satan. You must put on your armor, Ephesians 6, pick up your "Sword" which is scripture you have hidden in your heart; and run Satan out of your life. If you need a bigger sword...keep adding Bible into your armory every day. The demonic are invisible but you can tell when they're around: they accuse, they tear at your personality and any way they can, tear you down. You have no need that anyone teach you but The Holy Spirit: which is the Spirit of Jesus Christ. He will undertake your learning if you ask Him to. Give him all the confusion and the wounded spirit and ask Him to heal you completely.

    Generally I suggest you would watch Charles Stanley videos on YouTube; but I'm going to add to that, videos by Charles Capps. He teaches on the Authority of the Believer. Both are fatherly Teachers. You'll enjoy the sermons. Greg Laurie teaches a lot of younger people. You might check out his sermons too.

    You have suffered a breach but you are healed of that NOW in the Name of Jesus! Receive it now.

    Every time you hear the Accuser; cast him out in Jesus name. Pray for the Lord to undertake your mom's comments. Forgive always! This releases God to be at work in her life. You don't have to do a thing. Give it to Him.

    Find some Christian friends to Bible Study with. It makes for a lot of joy and fun. :D

    How's your spaghetti skills? Mishael
  • Mishael on Spiritual Warfare - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:20
    Go on YouTube and watch some videos on spiritual warfare, that's all you have to type in. Listen to some by Derek Prince. He's very calm but he can sure make the demons run!

    Sounds like you have more than one person ought to have. Read Ephesians chapter 6. Principalities and Powers are invisible but they manifest in mean ways. That's how you know they are around. You need to get more Bible into you to win against these things that afflict the children.

    Schizophrenia is a demonic spirit. It may be working in sync with a familiar spirit (infiltrates and follows families). Learn from Derek how to run these demons off. It's the Holy Name of Jesus they must bow to.

    You have to learn this. Jesus cast out demons every day of his ministry. Read the Gospels and see how Jesus did it.

    Write me back later and tell me how it goes.
  • Andrea McCallum - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:20
    Thank you Mishael for your advice .

    I used to listen to Derek Prince a few years ago , very calm personality

    with power in his words.

    You have confirmed what i have always thinks about schizophrenia " there's indeed a demon behind it "

    I therefore make my believe known to the healthcare here in Paris they think I myself may needs help.

    I do read the Bible a lot , it so strange i realised that I'm forgetting all that i read , most times as soon as i start praying

    I started yawning and tattering can't find my words .

    Something seems very wrong to me.

    I am now listening to Derek.

    Have a Blessed night.
  • Mishael - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:20
    Listen to some Charles Capps too: Authority of the believer. We have to know we have authority over demons.

    Every time they start to manifest; if you're not alone get in the parked car and start binding by using their names. Speak out your authority. Mention the holy blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    There's a demon that masquerades using Jesus's name. I'll try to find that list of demon names in the Bible.

    I don't know if many doctors would have knowledge of this. You can make calls and try to find a deliverance minister affiliated through a church.
  • Glenn Brooks - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:20
    Andrea has indeed received a correct reply from Mishael on Spiritual Warfare; demons are the cause of many problems. For many years I was always curious about how the devil works. Yet I was wise enough not to play around with it. Several things influenced my mind and made me much wise. The devil is not to be played around with. In the end he will get the best of us. About 27 years ago I was so tired of being a christian that was filled with doubts. So finally after listening many times on tape to a Salvation Army preacher stop a song right in the middle and then quote a bible verse that I decided to use that verse and challenge God. Yes challenge , because I believe God can not lie. The bible verse was Jeramiah 33.3 "CALL ON ME AND I WILL ANSWER THEE AND SHOW THEE GREAT THINGS THOU KNOWEST NOT" God answered after 6 months. Led me to a Church that has the most truth. Now thru a correct study of daniel and Revelation I see clearly. All doubts are taken away. However to further increase my knowledge I bought a book for $20 and the man who wrote the book can also be watched freely on youtube. This book describes a man who was starting to dance with the devil but God intervening and thru bible study the man was saved . The book is ; A TRIP INTO THE SUPERNATURAL BY ROGER MORNEU. Another great book , not so much a trip into the supernatural but amazing just the same was written by a German Officer during ww2 . Amazing how God protected both him and his wife/children who were at home.

    A Thousand Shall Fall: The Electrifying Story of a Soldier and His Family Who Dared to Practice Their Faith in Hitler's Germany.
  • Peter H Burgess on 2 Peter 2:5
    After several decades of Bible study, I have discovered two areas where it becomes all but plausible. The rash vow of Jephthah and the scenario of the troubled waters in the NT. The scriptures do not condemn Jephthah but rather exonerate him in Hebrews. Most theologians fail to fully explain the two passages and so I have posed the question to see what you may do with these strange passages. I have some idea but would welcome a second opinion. The blessing of our Lord be on you and yours. Dr. Peter H. Burgess
  • Jim on 2 Peter 2
    When Jesus told Peter that he would deny him thrice, Peter didn't under stand until after the fact. Satan have over two thousands years on us Christians, to make everything he or his kind say sound believable. Don't get itchy ears and fall into these lying people wedd. Remember satan is the father of lies. In reference too Peter 2: 2
  • Alex on 2 Peter 2
    comment by Alex on 2 peter 2 v 22 When we are bornagain we birth a new man which is the H.G. CHRIST IN US.But our OLD man,our old Adamic nature is made white also,BUT he answers to the dog that returns to his vomit,the sow that returns unto her mud etc.Thats y Paul said sin revived and i died,it was his oldman that revived saul but his newman was PAUL that cd not sin but his old man cd still sin,Paul was in bondage a place where 2 ways meet as the donkey and her colt but no condemnation to them in Christ Jesus.Our old man answers to the dog that returns to his vomit,the sow that returns to her mud but our new man is Christ in us that cannot sin,we are involved in a warfare,kingdom against kingdom our old man is rank with satan thats y jesus refers to peter as satan, Peter's oldman was in rank with satan Thats y jesus said outta of the hearts of man proceeds all manner of evil,mans carnal mind is truly evil satanic,our carnal minds is meggido a place of war. Thats y the scripture is saying let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.But ya gotta realize that we answer to the donkey and her colt that was tied up in a place where 2 ways meet b/f the kingdom came when they put their garments on the colt ( th H.G. )Thats y we are not perfect yet we are still tied up in a place where 2 ways meet the flesh and the spirit.
  • Steven on 2 Peter 2
    Yes there are people that despise all manner of authority. From the president, government, law enforcement, employers, etc... 1 Timothy 2:1 tells us to pray for ALL MEN especially those in authority. God calls for us to intercede for them. And while we are at it pray forgiveness for our own sin. We all must give an account for ourselves, not for Trump, John Doe next door, or anyone else, but self.
  • I am - in Reply on 2 Peter 2
    The anointing of God, my Holy Father, teaches that the president, government, law enforcement and employers of the world are men chosen of men, having no authority over the humble walking after the Spirit in Christ. It is written, Now we know that what things soever the law says, it says to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God.
  • Verse 16 " Dumb Ass" Lolll but seriously I love the Bible on 2 Peter 2
    I really love the Bible, you just gotta love it.
  • Obbie Beal on 2 Peter 2
    WARNING to those SAVED: verse 1 false prophets and teachers.., verse 2 many shall follow ..., verse 3 they will make merchandise of you (pimping you ...), verse 4-9 Jehovah / GOD reminds us they may get-by with wickedness for a season but they will not get away. verse 10-22 we are given a detail description of how artfully these hell-bound people work to trick many into hell / the lake of fire.
  • Karl on 2 Peter 2
    I don't need to read my newspaper anymore... just 2nd Peter! It's all pretty much described right there. Very, very sobering stuff.
  • Brittany Green on 2 Peter 2
    2 Peter 2:14 makes a lot of sense, in regards to false religion. It also convicts me, and shows to beware. It seems like the "an heart they have exercised with covetous practices" is multiteired. In context, he is speaking of a routine pattern of sin, specifically, with adultery, idolatry, and gainsaying. Yet, there are also theological practices that lead to seared consciences.
  • BSP on 2 Peter 2
    Verse 5~Noah not only took on the task of building the ark, but he also shared his faith with others and tried to warn others. Noah cared about the lives of his family and others.
  • BSP on 2 Peter 2
    Verse 19~Others may try to encourage us to disobey God and claim that it is too restrictive, but the very same ones are slaves to many harmful practices.
  • Servant of God on 2 Peter 2
    Peter rails against the establishment, calling out the hypocrisy and warning of the dire consequences. He cites the OT and warns those who were once following the teaching about returning to worldly life. Bad stuff, for sure. But this must be taken seriously and without falling back for the stakes are high and eternity is a long time to suffer with the non-believers. God is Spirit. We are too
  • Jeffrey Edwards on 2 Peter 2
    This is a timely chapter for the days that we live in. The church is being pressured to accept blatant disregard for God's word by watered down truths, and is being infiltrated by false teachers of God's word. Homosexuality not only is accepted by some churches it is somehow preached to be acceptable! I've not seen this taught first hand but I pray for those who are snared by this spirit.
  • BSP on 2 Peter 2
    Verse 9: Focusing on Jehovah God's past acts of deliverance and how he has been loyal can help us to build our faith in him.
  • Lu2677 on 2 Peter 2
    2 Peter 2:12 "natural brute beasts;speak evil of the things they do not understand".I would like to add to my other post. The people this verse is describing are also false "Christians". A false "Christian" is not necessarily one who is a backslider,but one that attends "church" out of tradition of family or for show. One who professes to know God, but doesn't, this person goes after worldly things
  • A disciple on 2 Peter 2
    I think its important to read the Epistle as a whole, and to consider all its parts in that context. As we read in the first part that we are made partakers of the divine nature and furnished with all we need to overcome and never stumble, when we earnestly and diligently do all the things to ensure and confirm our calling of God; then set next to the kinds of opposition and contradictions of men.
  • Lu2677 on 2 Peter 2
    2 Peter 2:12 God calls them "natural brute beasts, that were made to be destroyed, speak evil of the things they understand not and shall utterly perish in their own corruption." He is speaking of the unsaved, false teachers/preachers, and those that fall away from grace. They are predestined for destruction=made to be destroyed. Destroyed=eternal torment in hell.
  • Lu2677 on 2 Peter 2
    2 Peter 2:20"For if they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled there in, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than that the beginning." Escaped=saved, through the knowledge=saved by grace,through faith,and then are overcome AGAIN by unbelief and sin, they will be worse off than they were before saved.
  • Mae on 2 Peter 2
    I feel that this chapter is a warning to non believers as well as hope to the believers. Also, to them that heard and believed and fell away, are as a dog going back and licking his own vomit. We are drawn away because of our own lusts.
  • BSP on 2 Peter 2
    The Genesis account shows that Jehovah God specifically commanded Noah to build the ark but we read of no command for him to preach. Noah was a man of principle and he did not need a command in order to be a "preacher of righteousness" as verse 5 refers to him.
  • Wayne on 2 Peter 2

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