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8/24/2014, 11:38am by "rev g d v wiebe ssc.ph.d": The Lord is glorious in His saints.O come let us adore Him!

8/12/2014, 9:43pm by "george": God has given us all we need through His Devine power.That we may live a Holy life through our savior Jesus Christ.

8/08/2014, 6:12am by "dharam": Thank God for his promises that are real and true. We should be thankful also that we have a nature change the moment we made Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

8/08/2014, 12:35am by "Olabode": God has great and precious promises for his people according Jer 29v11 that the thoughts he thinks toward us is not the thought of evil but of peace to give us an expected end. This promise and others will be fulfilled if and only if we set our eyes on the things above heavenly things not the things below worldly things .

11/26/2013, 4:36pm by "Susan": Remember that the veil is rent in Christ. When we repent, we are baptized into the body of his death, so that the body of the sins of the flesh might be destroyed. Henceforth we walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. This is a faithful saying. We will all experience this through the spirit, and it is liberating!!

6/06/2011, 7:02pm by "THOMAS": I seek only the truth through him only. I am only a voice with his purpose in mind.

1/09/2011, 5:47pm by "ben weaver": Wow! V. 4 is a great and precious statement informing us of "exceeding great and precious promises" by which we can participate in the great and precious nature of God. Knowing (experiencing) Jesus our Lord(V.2) is the only way that we have access to the all things that pertain to life and godliness. These priviledges are apparently not endowed directly on believers, but available to those who actively obey in pursueing them. Being in Christ, voluntary humility to degrade ourselves as worthless, seems not to be productive or pleasing to God. Personalizing and actively receiving the promises with thanksgivingseems to God, seems to be God's plan for us. "Without faith it is impossible to please God"(Heb. 11:6). Let's go find the promises.

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